Are You Washing Your Hands Properly?

Is there a right way to wash your hands? Melissa reviews hand washing tips based on the current recommendations from the CDC. She also shares a DIY foaming hand soap recipe!

washing your hands is something we do

every day we wash our hands before

eating before using the washroom while

we’re cooking we teach our kids the

importance of washing their hand it’s

fair to say is something we’re all

pretty familiar with but have we ever

really stopped and taken a closer look

at why we wash our hands so frequently

or if we’re doing it properly or if

we’re overdoing it my name is Melissa

maker and I am the host of clean my

space and it’s my job to hold your hand

through this whole washing your hands

thing and because there’s so much to

cover on this topic

I know hand-washing but it’s true we’ve

partnered with our friend Anna over at

gross science where she takes a closer

look at what it means to be clean and

the role that hand-washing plays in the

microscopic playground that is our

hygiene we’ve all been there it’s cold

and flu season and we end up catching a

cold and tracing it back to something

public transitive into our kids school

or a meeting at work where that very

annoying sick person decided not to stay

home very annoying

the reality is that keeping our hands

clean is one of the most important steps

we can take to avoid getting sick and

more importantly spreading germs to

others this is true from person to

object person to person and ultimately

to multiple people the quick sneeze

while you’re on the subway a cough into

your hand will preparing lunch in the

office kitchen blowing your nose as a

local coffee shop we all do them and all

of these things have potential risk for

spreading germs germs from unwashed

hands can linger on objects get into

food and drinks and in some cases even

begin to multiply under the right

conditions having bacteria on our bodies

is actually really important to having a

strong immune system but watching your

hands regularly can prevent up to 20% of

common illnesses and up to 50% in those

with weakened immune systems such as the

elderly or young children we get it we

need to wash our hands when we’re sick

before we eat after a sneezing fit or

petting a puppy but is there a better

way of doing it

current research tells us that yes there

is a better way of doing it

here it is

always use soap to wash your hand soap

contains surfactants which lift dirt and

microbes from your skin lathering and

scrubbing also create friction which

further helps remove dirt and microbes

remember that microbes can be on any

part of your hand so get into those

hard-to-reach places like under your

nails and between your fingers those

little web areas once again the most

important point here is to use clean

running water when you’re rinsing your

hands and then remember to shut off your

faucet with an on hand part of your body

like an elbow or an arm dry your hands

using a clean towel a paper towel or air

dry them and guys when I’m out in public

I’m a big fan of using good old paper

towel for drying my hands but let me

know in the comments down below if you

prefer air drying your hands or using

paper towel current research suggests

that washing your hands for about 20

seconds is the ideal amount of time to

remove germs so how long is 20 seconds

you might be wondering well happy

birthday the song is 10 seconds end to

end so you can hum that or play it in

your head or frankly you can sing it out

loud you do you just do it twice and if

you want bonus points or if you touch

something rather grimy give yourself a

nice 30 second hand wash and to do that

you can hum the final jeopardy theme

song in your head hopefully you guys

know what jeopardy is classic game show

just a quick note on hand sanitizers

they are all the rage I mean they seem

to have hand sanitizer fans everywhere

these days I was on a cruise ship you

know with hand sanitizer everywhere

they’re in malls hospitals movie

theaters grocery stores in schools

pretty much everywhere you go that’s

public so the deal is these

alcohol-based hand sanitizers are great

they can reduce the number of germs on

your hand but sanitizers don’t get rid

of all types of germs so washing your

hands with soap and water really is the

best way to keep your hands clean and

reduce the number of microbes on them

but hand sanitizer will do it if you’re

in a pinch no clean my space video on

hand-washing would be complete without a

DIY hand soap recipe I mean come on if

you have to

wash your hands you might as well enjoy

the process and save a few bucks while

you’re at it so here’s how to make your

own DIY foaming hand soap for those

beautiful little clouds of hand washing


get yourself an empty foaming hand soap

container to it you’re going to add 1

cup of water 2 tablespoons of castile

soap and this is optional but I love

doing it 10 drops of your favorite

essential oils or a mixer of by the way

if you put 15 drops in now you know how

to wash your hands the right way and

remember washing your hands helps keep

you healthy and people around you

healthy as well so it’s a nice thing to

do I’d love to know in the comments down

below do you guys use hand sanitizer do

you think that we over use hand

sanitizer what’s your take on the whole

thing for me I really a void hand

sanitizer unless I am in an absolute

must use situation otherwise I will

always use soap and water but I know a

lot of people feel differently about it

so let me know your thoughts in the

comments down below and just a special

thanks to Google’s making in science

team for making this collaboration

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thanks so much for watching and I’ll see

you next time

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