Cheap Small Bathroom Makeover: Organization, Storage & Decor Ideas!

Chad’s small bathroom is in dire need of a makeover – and we have $150 to make it all happen! We are going to focus on making the most of the small bathroom space by utilizing simple, yet effective organizing, storage and decor ideas!

From a new shower curtain to try and baskets which will organize all his bathroom essentials, we are making over this space in a clean white (and a little black) motif!

many of you already know this but some

of you don’t Chad and I have separate

bathrooms and I am right now standing in

his and we’ve been in this house for

seven years and in those seven years

really not much has changed in this

particular bathroom so this week we

figured you would give test bathroom a

little bit of a makeover not only to

come up with better organization and

storage solutions but also you know to

freshen the place up so we’re going to

go through how to make a small bathroom

look amazing on a budget just so you

know we gave ourselves a budget of a

hundred and fifty Canadian dollars and

the goal was to find things that were

equally as beautiful as they were

functional we’ve decided because it’s a

pretty small space that we’re going to

get rid of color and we’re just going

with clean white accents and the

occasional black item thrown in there to

start off with a garbage can and this

one is a nice narrow

garbage can because when you’re in a

small space narrow things make a

difference right now Chad’s got a pretty

big round garbage can it actually takes

up some valuable real estate this one

here is by Umbra and it was nine bucks

next up is this decorative candle holder

that chad is actually going to be using

to keep his toilet paper in usually he

keeps it in a basket on top of his

toilet tank but that is valuable real

estate that can be used for other things

so instead of having a big round garbage

can now he has that narrow slim one and

you can put this cool toilet paper

holder right beside and if you can’t

find this specific one we picked it up

here in Canada you can find something

similar at some sort of home decor

stores no bathroom organization or decor

video would be complete without copious

amount of baskets so we have a black one

here this is a nice wicker one that Chad

actually got as part of a gift

so he’s upcycling this way to go and

this one is going to go under the sink

to corral some bottles and other

products that shouldn’t be on the

counter this one he picked up for three

bucks this little contraption here is an


storage container and basically what you

do if you open your

door obviously in the bathroom you’re so

tight on space it’s a great way to

expand how much storage room you’ve got

this portion over here then hangs inside

your bathroom cupboard and this little

portion here hangs outside your bathroom

cupboard so it kind of hangs like this

this is great for towels little like

little hand towels or face cloths and

it’s also great for a cleaning cloth if

you keep one in your bathroom just to

touch up your counters and sink you can

rinse it out and then hang it to dry

over here next up we’ve got trays and

when you’re buying trays you got to

think about the space that the trade is

going on to make sure it will actually

fit when I interviewed maids work is he

swore that trays were the perfect way to

keep any surface looking clean and

organized but also keep your items

corralled together and displayed

pleasantly so we picked up this tray for

Chad it’s got two compartments here one

rather large it’s great first toothbrush

toothpaste out kind of stuff and one

smaller perhaps for his contact lenses

and this one costs $8 as if waking up at

3:00 in the morning to pee wasn’t enough

of a rude awakening

the next worst part is when you have to

flick the lights on and blind yourself

completely shock yourself out of sleep

so because that is not an enjoyable

experience for anyone the obvious quick

solution for that is a little nightlight

now these are LED lights that go on

automatically they’re cool as in I mean

they’re cool but they also stay cool

because they’re LED lights and they plug

right into the wall so you don’t have to

worry about replacing batteries it’s a

great little way to illuminate a dark

space in the middle of the night this

brush isn’t really part of the makeover

per se but it is something that had

needed for his bathroom now it’s not a

large mascara wand or a super heavy-duty

pipe cleaner it’s actually designed to

go into your drain and fish out all of

the hair that’s clogging it up and right

now Chad sink is running really slow so

if that’s happening to you one of these

will cost you six dollars just make sure

you don’t eat anything beforehand

because you might start to get nauseous

while you’re doing this but all you need

to do is dip this down the drain give it

the old swirl around and then pull it

out there will be a lot of hair on there


your dream will clear up a lot quicker

and if you want to clean your drain all

you need to do is jump a cup of baking

soda down there follow that up with a

cup of boiling hot vinegar run some

water for a couple of minutes and your

drain will now be running beautifully

and will also smell a lot better now the

$3 solution to never having to do that

particular hair removal task ever again

is to get one of these it’s a little

hair stopper for your drain basically

you fashioned this above your drain let

it sit there and it catches the hair so

that it won’t go down the drain and once

your shower or tub has dried up then you

can just pick out the hair and toss it

in the garbage we have those small kids

size porcelain bathtubs in this house

so needless to say the ledge that we

have to work with to keep shampoo

bottles and soaps is very thin that

being said it’s really helpful for each

of us to have a caddy in our respective

showers that way we can keep all of our

items like body wash soap shampoo that

kind of stuff elevated and easily


Chad had this product from Ikea that

used suction cups to stick onto the wall

and unfortunately it never quite stuck

onto the wall in fact there would be you

know loud thuds at like 2:00 in the

morning that would terrify me and the

cat and frankly tried and really it

wasn’t a Robert it was the stupid caddie

in the shower just falling down because

the suction wasn’t working so in lieu of

that thing he found this thing which is

an Umbra product it was 13 dollars and

it basically hangs either off of your

shower curtain rod or right off your

shower head it’s plastic it’s got these

cool metal beaded strings to keep

everything studied and it uses two

sturdy hooks to make this thing hang

wherever you need it to hang so the

longest time Chad has had those slip

resistance stickers on the bottom of its

tub and over the years they’ve kind of

worn off to the point where he basically

has nothing so every shower is a gamble

to protect him from having a situation

in the shower

he decided

pick up a new slip-resistant bathmat and

this one has a very cool wavy pattern

texture which will probably feel

fabulous on the feet the benefit of

having one of these is that you can rip

it out you can machine wash it when it’s

getting a little bit mildewy but it’s

also mildew resistant so that really

shouldn’t happen and if you guys want to

trick for not having those growth mildew

buildup happening on your shower mats

all you need to do is lift it up after

your shower and let everything drain so

that it’s drying independently of your

tub and no mildew is drying up currently

when Chad steps out of the shower he

steps on these two tiny things they’re

little rugs from Ikea they’re pretty

much the size of a coaster and they’re

super flat and uncatted they’re

uncomfortable they don’t absorb water in

a word they suck and he really needed to

up his bath mat game so he picked up

this double set here for $23 it is a

mixture of cotton and bamboo so it feels

fabulous on the feet you can machine

wash these which is great because you do

tend to get really dirty but the

important thing is that they keep

everything safe in the bathroom because

when you get out of the shower dibs or

water so you don’t slip and they also

feel super comfortable underfoot on the

topic of feeling luxurious in the


nothing says luxury quite like nice

fluffy white towels and that’s exactly

what you picked up each towel with eight

bucks he got two of them and this just

makes you feel that much better when you

gather the shower and you can wrap

yourself in a nice thick cozy luxurious

towel freshening up a bathroom with a

brand new shower curtain is a great idea

not only because it looks better but it

is also legitimately fresher shower

curtains get really nasty over time even

if you launder them they can just start

to get gross so we picked this one up is

a really cool black and white design

it’s got these kind of old-timey fast

products on them so it’s really cool

goes with the monochrome theme of the

bathroom and inch advocates so obviously

he loves it which is important we paid

12 bucks for this and it’s machine

washable which is great you still use

with a regular shower liner which we’re

just going to keep from the old shower

curtain and that will be that I’ve got

to say this bathroom looks amazing it’s

a small place but with a little bit of a

makeover which by the way we clocked in

at under 150 bucks and a little bit of

organization wizardry and core solution

we’ve managed to make Chad’s bathroom

feel larger and look cleaner this week’s

comment question is what’s great in your

home needs a little bit of a makeover

let us know in the comments down below

we’re looking to do more videos like

this in 2017 so your ideas will really

help us out you can also let Chad know

what you think of his new bathrooms just

a quick reminder that all of the

products that we mentioned in today’s

video will be linked for you in the

description box down below I’ve got two

other videos for you to check out over

here is a bathroom cleaning routine

super handy and over here five nasty

things in your bathroom yes it exists

you can also subscribe to the clean life

space channel and visit our website thanks so much for

watching and I’ll see you next time

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