Clean My Entire House With Me | Power Hour Speed Cleaning

Well it’s been awhile since we have done a clean with me video – and I have wanted to try shooting a power hour style cleaning video – so that’s what I did! I hope you enjoy 🙂

what’s happening clean my space nation

it’s been a minute since I made a video

and it’s also been a minute since we

last cleaned our house and things are

looking a little shoddy around here plus

we need to film a couple of clean

myspace videos here tomorrow I have

about 60 minutes and I have a GoPro so I

decided to do like a power our style

cleaning video thought we would give one

of these a try now these guys won’t be

doing anything they’ll probably just

remain here sleeping throughout the 60

minutes we’re not going to do Melissa’s

office we’re not going to do the linen

closet definitely gonna do my desk

because it’s a complete mess

so that’s what we’ve got to do these

three rooms plus the bathroom let’s get

to it we’re gonna set the mood with

another famous mmm Michael McDonald

whose soothing voice led me to actually

overexert myself right at the beginning

so just give me a second here to pose

myself and now we can get back to

cleaning a police note I am NOT Melissa

maker nor do I clean like Melissa maker

so in Canadian fashion allow me to

apologize if I do things incorrectly in

this video my starting point is the

bedroom because that well that I just

decided that the bedroom was going to be

my starting point there’s a bunch of

laundry that I needed to do so I also

got that going early on and just like

that lickety-split we’ve done the

bedroom we’re way ahead of schedule plus

it also smells nice in here because

there’s some essential oils going on as

you can see in the humidifier but that’s

it for this room let’s move on to my


I guess now’s as good a time as any to

let you guys know that this room will no

longer be my office come the New Year it

is actually going to be transformed into

a nursery for our little baby girls so

that’s incredibly exciting my office is

actually moving to the basement and I’m

turning it into like a office slash

studio extravaganza down there so if you

guys are interested in having me film

that and make honey do videos out of

those projects the nursery up here and

my office slash studio downstairs let me

know in the comments down below and

there we go that puts my office in good

shape and we will chasse over here to

the living room this is an area where we

spend a lot of our time and actually

it’s not all that messy but this does go

to show how just like a quick couple of

minutes straightening up some cushions

and dragging a vacuum over a floor can

make a room look even more inviting

this is the chilling room that Melissa

and I spend a lot of time in so having

this be an inviting room is really

important to us all right let’s move to

the bathroom I absolutely hate cleaning

my bathroom and that’s why I do not

clean it first I hate starting with the

biggest most impressive job first so I

do some warm-up rooms some rooms that I

know that I can conquer and get out of

the way and then I can tackle my

bathroom once I’m kind of like in the

groove let me know in the comments if

you’re the same or do you actually start

out with the most difficult room next

I’m going to take care of the kitty

litter situation and I’m also going to

take a broom and a dustpan and get rid

of all of the stray bits of litter this

is not a job that I can use any vacuum

for it just doesn’t do a good enough job

and I got to give it up to the old

traditional hand broom and dustpan for

taking care of that job

let’s head down to the main floor and as

you can see it’s pretty much a bit of

the same down here we have to take care

of these cushions because the cats

always sleep on them and they make dents

and like grind their fur into them we

also have all these boxes which needs to

be opened and the stuff put away in the

kitchen while the kitchen doesn’t really

look all that bad it’s in pretty good

shape we are filming a lot down here

tomorrow though so I’m gonna take care

of that nasty sink and the floor but

yeah that’s it down here let’s just

let’s just do it this closet in our

entryway is just a cluttered mess so I

absolutely have to get some kind of

solution in there to tame the jackets

and the shoes and all of the other crap

which just fills that closet





all right that’s enough of that let’s

get back to cleaning I’m gonna light

some candles so there’s a nice inviting

scent I’m also just gonna tidy up and

straighten some things up in here I’m

also gonna vacuum all of the hot spots

that the cats like because it literally

is just take twith fur as we usher in

the evening I assure the vacuum across

the living room floor because I wear

socks 24/7 and Melissa is often barefoot

so clean debris free floors are insanely

important to us so I do spend a lot of

time vacuuming our house and now let’s

tackle the kitchen the kitchen in

general is a place that we tend to kind

of clean every single day so it really

never gets overly out of hand

we also tried to limit the amount of

stuff that we actually have in our

kitchen so therefore it looks kind of

mostly clean and simple and there’s not

too much stuff like cluttering the

countertops and whatnot


there we are a nice clean kitchen ready

to film some videos in now it’s time to

get to these boxes and the contents of

said boxes this is pretty much a reality

for us now we get like five to six boxes

or packages a day this has some stuff

that was being sent to us videos plus we

got ourselves some books because we’re

always giving away books I will put

these in the appropriate place before

finishing up the cleaning


and there we have it 60 minutes 60

minutes I don’t know if it was exactly

60 minutes or maybe a little bit more

I’m not too sure I had to film it but

things are looking shipshape at the

clean mindspace HQ once again ready to

film tomorrow the downstairs looks good

no matter which way you hold the camera

Molly always looking good no matter

which way I hold the camera she’s

sitting there waiting for Melissa to

come home and if we go upstairs will see

that the litter is now nice and clean

and so is this room the front room is

nice and clean well it’s already

starting to get a little bit of cat hair

deposited onto the couch but that’s okay

Paisley you just keep doing your thing

we’ll go over here to my office where I

have a nice clear desk space to take

care of my business and speaking of

taking care of business my bathroom

looks good and finally back to where we

began the poop on the bed thanks so much

for coming along with me for the past 60

minutes thanks for watching and let me

know in the comments down below if you

like this video if you want to see more

videos like this and if you did like the

video be sure to like the video thanks

for watching guys

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