Clean With Me: Closet Clean Out & Organization (Pregnancy Edition)

It’s time for another Clean With Me video and this time we’re doing something a little different because being pregnant means I won’t be fitting into any of my regular clothes any time soon – so I’m going to speed clean my closet and declutter some of the non – pregnancy clothing that is doing nothing but taking up space! Follow along as do a closet clean out and organization (and play with Malee)!

all right the time has come I need to

clear out my closet of all the stuff

that does not fit me now that I am

pregnant and now that the spring and

summer is officially over although you

wouldn’t know that given my hay fever

right now anyway

it’s kind of fun being pregnant but I

gotta tell you a getting dressed can be

a bit of a challenge so I figured going

through my closet was a good idea and I

wanted to film it to show you guys

exactly what I’m doing so I pulled out

some items ahead of time and I sort of

folded them up stacked them they were

things I knew just weren’t gonna fit me

I’ve been doing this over the past few

weeks so I’m just gonna lay that out on

my bed everything sort of roughly folded

didn’t really care if it looked too

great because clearly I’ll wash it

before I wear it again and I’m just

grabbing a plastic storage container and

I’ll place these items in there and I’ve

decided to label this with a little bit

of painters tape and a permanent marker

who honestly knows that this stuff will

even fit me afterward but I’m hopeful

all right now ladies remember don’t hurt


the Chad took all these bins to the

basement for me next I’m going through

my entire wardrobe so the purpose of

doing this is twofold number one I’m

getting rid of anything that is no

longer seasonal something that’s not

going to make sense for the fall or

winter here in Toronto I’m putting that

on the bed and secondly if it’s

something that I can wear year-round I’m

pulling it out if I know it won’t fit me

while I’m pregnant

and again I’m trying to just take a

really good guess here some shirts that

I have are really stretchy but who knows

they might not be long enough so I’m

just doing my thing pulling things out

leaving hangers in I’m just getting rid

of the garments at this point because

I’ll fold them up and I’ll put them in a


now anytime I go through my wardrobe and

I do a seasonal change out like this

spring summer and fall winter I always

go through when I say do I like these

garments would I wear the next season or

am I kind of done with them here I’m

going through my drawer where I keep my

Fitness stuff I just gave away all of my

Fitness bras I figure I’ll need new ones

afterward these are my pants and bathing

suits and then this is all of my

schleppy around the house stuff so I

picked out a lot of it that I knew

wouldn’t fit over a big old baby bump I

have to admit it was kind of exciting to

see everything slimmed down and now I’m

going through my cupboard where I keep

all of my spring summer or fall winter

items and I’m doing the same thing I’m

looking through them saying do I still

like them will this fit me and if I

still like it but it won’t fit me I’m

going to store it and if not I’m going

to donate it now I try not to try

anything on I know how these items fit

me if anything I might just hold it up

to my torso to see but honestly I kind

of knew yeah it’s gonna fit me or no

it’s not this is the drawer where I keep

all my tanks and t-shirts and I had a

lot of little ones that clearly will not

be fitting me in fact the black tank top

that I’m using I have a white one of

those and pretty much those are my two

tank tops at this point now I’m grabbing

free hangers from my closet those I’ll

be using to hang up my spring/summer

items or I keep saying that my fall

winter items and just putting those back

in my closet

and because I have the extra space I’ll

just be keeping some folded sweaters in

the cupboard where I normally keep my

offseason garments because clearly I

don’t have to worry about anything being

offseason right now now this is

something I’m really glad that I did

because had I not it would have been

increasingly more difficult to get

dressed I would go through my closet and

try and put an outfit together and then

I’d be spending so much time saying well

this fit well this look good and this

worked for me so going through and doing

that clean out actually really made a

difference and okay so Chad and I were

going out right after this so he wanted

me to give him some outfit advice kind

of funny he was double tasking he was

filming and oh he looks so cute and

changing I’ve noticed a big trend in my

pregnancy wardrobe everything is black

white and gray so although I have a lot

of garments with color you won’t see me

wear a lot of color over the next few

months I just find that the basics black

white and gray are so easy to mix and

match I don’t want to spend a whole

bunch of money on pregnancy clothes I

will be able to rewear season after


malee so helpful also the most excited

about me being pregnant I don’t know

about you guys but when you were

pregnant did you get super congested I

cannot shake this congestion oh it’s so

nice to have a helpful husband alright

this is pretty much my afternoon all day

every day

so don’t mind me but I am thrilled now I

have a lot less stuff in my drawers and

cupboards although don’t judge me I

still have to fold everything we were

actually heading out right after this

video so immediately I ran out of time

but don’t worry I’ll get to it but have

a look at my closet not Chad’s stuff but

mine there’s so much less I must have

gotten rid of 50% of the stuff in my

closet so that’s pretty good right and

that brings me to this week’s comment

question what did you guys do with your

clothes situation when you were pregnant

did you just try to make your regular

stuff work did you ditch all your old

stuff for maternity wear let me know in

the comments down below

oh and now Chad’s going to embarrass me

and put up my terrible crappy dance

moves and remind you to check out two

other videos and subscribe and all the

rest thank you so much for watching and

I’ll see you next time

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