Clean With Me: Living Room & Dining Room! (Express Clean)

Sometimes we just don’t have enough time (or patience) to get a deep cleaning routine in for a particular room in the house. This is when my Express Clean method comes in really handy! In this video, I’m going to speed clean my living room and dining room, so follow along and clean with me!

okay Chad and I just got back from two

weeks of traveling let me tell you our

house is a little bit upside down after

we go out of town especially for two

weeks so we needed to clean up this

living room dining room area but we

didn’t have a lot of time because we had

to get right back into work so in this

video I’m going to show you an express

clean for the living room and dining

room if you have my book or even if you

don’t have my book at the beginning of

each chapter I go over and Express clean

it’s something that you can do if you

only have a little bit of time but you

want maximum impact so without further

ado let’s clean the living room and

dining room and just a quick reminder if

you haven’t done so already to subscribe

to the clean my space channel and give

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saving time on your cleaning I always

start by opening up the windows and just

getting some fresh air flowing in

especially since we were away for a

couple of weeks the house needed some

fresh air coming about also I was about

26 weeks pregnant here and clearly

wearing mom jeans okay I grabbed a bin

and this part I love because I can just

clean up the mess I start at my 12

o’clock starting point and I worked my

way around the room just collecting

anything that doesn’t belong those

shorts were Chad’s clearly he needs to

do some laundry now I like combining the

living room a dining room together

because the spaces in my home are

connected and they’re both pretty simple

and straightforward to clean and of

course those glasses can’t go in the

laundry bin but do your best to put

everything that does belong in the

laundry bin in there and of course these

items go in the kitchen so I’m just

gonna quickly move them in there I like

working my way around the room so that I

don’t ever skip a space that is really

important that’s why I always talk about

that 12 o’clock

now we’ll do the scan and dust so I have

this little handheld broom which is

super handy I can stick it in my back

pocket and I work my way around the

space getting rid of any dust on any

surfaces this also gives me the

opportunity to fluff up cushions

straighten things up and I’m not doing a

full cleaning here I am just doing a

touch-up so when I see a scan and dust

what I mean is scan with your eyes find

anything that’s dirty and clean it this

isn’t a full blown clean this is just a

touch-up dining room chairs in my house

always get crumbs on them don’t ask how

don’t ask why it just happens

this little handheld broom is actually

really handy I will put a link to it

down below just gonna spray down the

dining room table because you know it

always needs to spray down using the S

pattern and on my dining room table its

wood we just use our gentle all-purpose

cleaner with dish soap and water and

once the tables dry I’m flipping up the

chairs so that it’ll give me easier

access to the floor under the table when

I’m cleaning it

as always I’d love to line up my items

in a parallel and perpendicular fashion

it’s pleasing to the eye it looks neat

and tidy unless of course you have three

mini pumpkins in which case you can make

them look like a pyramid it’s cool and

now I’ll just finish up with floors

again I’m not doing a full-blown vacuum

I’m started cheating here and just

looking for any heavily trafficked areas

and the areas with crumbs using the W

pattern and my handheld vacuum just to

get her done nice and quick to clean my

hardwood floors I’m just using my

hardwood floor cleaning recipe I have a

video link for it I’ve got the recipe in

the book I’ll put the link for you down

below to that video it’s basically water

dish soap a little bit of white vinegar

you want to be fancy you can throw some

essential oils in there give it a good

shake and you’re all good so I use a

flat head mop and I spray a little bit

of the cleaner on the floor using a W

pattern and working in the direction of

the hardwood green itself that way it

helps avoid streaking and I learned this

trick of flipping the chairs up onto the

table when I started my cleaning company

just a much more efficient way to get

the floors clean without having to

rattle your furniture around and that’s

it see it was easy

this took me ten minutes

and the good news is because I had a

plan I was able to tackle so much in so

little time

it’s really important to have your

products and your tools at the ready so

that you’re not wasting time running

back and forth getting what you need and

also like I said having that plan which

is why the Xpress clean is so helpful

you’ll know exactly what to do in that

short period of time and you can really

get to it now of course I have to take

the basket of stuff that I cleared out

from the space and I have to put that

away but that will only take me a couple

of minutes again if I’m focused and

diligent I can get it done really

quickly now I don’t usually do deep

cleans of this space because if I

maintain it on a regular basis sort of

like what I did now the only thing I

really have to do on a more focused

ongoing basis is like heavy-duty dusting

and that kind of stuff and that leads me

to this week’s comment question how

often do you guys deep clean your living

room and dining room it’s not like it

attracts a whole bunch of dirt and dust

so do you focus on it very frequently or

is it something that you kind of clean

on an as-needed basis let me know in the

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