Cleaning Glove Comparison

having trouble figuring out which

cleaning gloves are best for you stick

around and I’ll show you how to choose

the best cleaning gloves for your

cleaning jobs Lok lovelies its melissa

maker here from clean my space and i got

a great question from home in twenty six

one of our subscribers and he asked hey

Melissa can you show us the most popular

cleaning gloves and do a comparison

between them great question you know why

there are so many gloves out there when

I went to pick some up today there was a

wall full of them at the store that I

went to let’s go through the most

popular cleaning gloves and the pros and

cons between all of them as well as what

jobs you would use them for the first

glove we’ve got is the most commonly

found rubber dish love this is stretchy

it’s durable you can use it to clean the

kitchen you can use it to clean the

bathrooms it’ll pretty much cover most

clean jobs that you need to get

accomplished all the while protecting

your beautiful hands and band and

Carrodus and jewelry the thing I like

about rubber gloves is that they go

halfway up your arm and you can even get

ones that go higher and they form a bit

of a seal so that water doesn’t get down

the gloves and it also has a little bit

of texture so if you need to hold on to

something it won’t slide out of your


anytime you’re doing wet work as is

referred to in cleaning industry aka

kitchens or bathrooms you should be

wearing a glove because you need to

protect your hands you’re using cleaning

products too much water will definitely

dry out your skin and that’s pretty

annoying some people like to have two

pairs of gloves

perhaps a blue pair for kitchen and a

yellow pair for bathrooms that way

there’s no cross-contamination and if

you choose to have one pair of these

gloves which is cool all you would have

to do is clean in between uses so once

you’re done in the kitchen soaking in

the sink with some hot water and if you

drop’s a dish soap or a little bit of

vinegar get all the bacteria off clean

it nicely hang it to dry and then you

can use them again the only con I has

with these gloves is the fact that

make your hands smell a little bit

rubbery however you’ve got your hands

protected so you’ve gotta weigh the pros

and cons these are pretty darn good

gloves they last a long time they’re

inexpensive and I highly recommend it

for wet work kitchen and bathroom

cleaning now the second clean glove

you’ll come across is this one it’s like

a butler’s club or the glove that Mickey

Mouse wears the reason you want a cotton

glove like this is to do delicate work

for example handling antiques silverware

China art something like that where you

don’t want to get finger prints the only

thing I would caution against when using

a cotton glove of course is the fact

that it makes things slippery so you

have to be extra careful it’s not

waterproof and it really doesn’t do

anything by way of protecting from germs

in fact it’s cotton so it will pretty

much carry and pick up anything that it

comes across the great thing is when

you’re done using them you could throw

them in the wash and use them again I

love the fact that these are reusable

keep this in mind when you’re picking up

a cotton glove it’s really only for

handling delicate items and doing light

cleaning tasks the next glove that we’ll

talk about is the latex glove we all

know and love this one right you’ve

probably seen this before in your

doctor’s office dentist’s office

restaurants people like using these

gloves because they do protect from most

chemicals as well as fluids liquids and

anything that’s carried in them so for

example if you’re cleaning up saliva if

you’re cleaning up feces blood anything

like that these are good to use I would

suggest using them for regular cleaning

for a couple of reasons first of all

they’re disposable and the fact that

you’d be thrown away gloves every single

day it is heartbreaking secondly they’re

not long enough to cover your arms so if

you’re doing wet work your arms are

going to get soaked as well many people

have latex allergies latex is a protein

and if you’re allergic to it not a good

situation if you’re wearing a latex

glove further they are powder and take a

look you

my head is all chalky now and if you do

have even a latex sensitivity the powder

actually carries the protein to me it’s

not really a good clean blow but if you

do need to handle something where

there’s been like a bodily fluid

situation these are good to have so

maybe having like a couple pairs on hand

is great but not using them on a

frequent basis for cleaning now let’s

say you do have a latex allergy you have

a couple of options you can get a

nitrile glove which is pretty much the

same as latex it’s just a different


it’s about as stretchy about as durable

and about as protective as a latex glove

there are some minor differences I’m not

going to get into the science behind it

but all you need to know is if you have

a latex allergy and you do need to use a

glove like that to handle bodily fluid

issues you can pick up a Nitro latex

gloves and nitrile gloves both come in

powder and non powder so depending on

how sweaty your hand gets you might want

to pick up powder this here is a vinyl

version of that same glove it is a

little bit more slippery than the rubber

gloves the latex of the nitrile now the

good thing about vinyl is that it’s very

very durable I mean it’s a synthetic

it’s hard to permeate this and this is a

good alternative if you did not want to

get latex or nitrile gloves

and finally we’ve got this heavy-duty

vinyl glove look how big it is and it’s

also polyurethane coated this is

something you would use if you’re doing

a heavy duty job like cleaning the eaves

cleaning your basement moving stuff

around in your garage cleaning out your

garage that kind of stuff

they’re also texture coated you can see

here so they’re not slippery if I need

to pick something up it’s going to stay

in my hand not slide out this is not a

good household cleaning glove and short

it’s got this cotton lining so if you

get it wet it’s going to be soggy and

nasty I do suggest having a pair of

these gloves around because those

heavy-duty household jobs always come up

these are also machine washable which is

great because you do have that cotton

lining and that’s very helpful

especially for sweaty hands home in 26

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