Over the years we’ve come across a ton of “life hacks”, and of course, we’ve paid special attention to the cleaning hacks. We’ve tested dozens of them with varying results—some fell flat, while others have become a regular part of our cleaning routine. In this video, we take a look at 6 of those hacks and tell you whether they’re a bust or a winner.

have you ever read or watched a life

hack video or read an article and

thought does that hack actually work

some of them are totally whacked now

sometimes they work but sometimes

they’re just epic failures and it’s hard

to think about people who are putting

out these videos and articles like are

they testing all of the hacks that they

put out one thing you can know is that

we do test our hacks before we put them

out so in this video I am gonna put six

of those life slash cleaning hacks to

the test and we’re gonna see if they

actually work and just a quick reminder

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and give this video a thumbs up if

you’ve seen a cleaning hack or a life

hack that’s meeting you a little bit

suspicious pouring coke down a toilet

bowl well that can seem a little gross

and if you’re a coke fan a little bit of

a waste but some people swear that coke

can make a toilet bowl Sparkle now

according to the Coke website they don’t

think so

coke is acidic which means that it can

breakdown hard water stains but soaked

in vinegar and it’s cheaper and a little

bit less depressing to dump down the

toilet and the other thing is because

coke contains sugar it can lead to

bacterial growth which is something we

don’t want in our toilet and it’s dark

so it can actually create more stating

in your toilet bowl the results guys

clean your toilet with a toilet bowl

cleaner not coke a couple years back we

did 31 days of DIY cleaners as our

holiday gift to the CMS nation and one

of the recipes that we included in there

was a DIY chlorine free bleach so Luke

Lindsey Chad and I went to the basement

to film these videos we had all of the

ingredients I’ll link the video for you

down below lemon and all kinds of other

stuff but you put a whole lemon in there

along with other things you blend it up

you have this disgusting looking slurry

you dump it in a bucket we put one of

Chad’s white shirts in there added some

hot water let it sit overnight and we

were all like there’s no way that this

is gonna work there’s no way but

in the morning when we cleaned it off

launder the shirt that shirt snow white

it worked like a charm so the next time

you see a recipe for DIY chlorine-free

bleach don’t question it it works now an

interesting hack that we came across was

to use compressed air to clean tough to

reach areas so the dirt and windowsills

vents that are dusty that kind of stuff

so we gave this one a test and the thing

is this doesn’t work yeah it gets the

stuff out of the tiny cracks and

crevices the problem is it gives you

like an explosion of dust and dirt that

you will then just have to vacuum up

anyway so well technically it does work

it’s not really saving you time which is

what hack is supposed to do because you

still have to clean up that mess after

plus you also might get some debris in

your eye so we’re going to mark this one

down as it sort of works but I think

there is a better way that you could

accomplish the task we recently did a

video all about uses for hydrogen

peroxide that miracle stuff in the brown

bottle and one of the hacks that we kept

coming across was this magical ability

for hydrogen peroxide in baking soda to

remove baked on and carbonized grease

from cookie sheets and that is a really

big cleaning challenge no questions

asked so we put it to the test we

followed all the instructions we did all

the things but it’s it we scrubbed it

and a little bit came off but not a lot

a lot of people were claiming this

worked like magic and for us it was

nothing short of not magical so rather

than using hydrogen peroxide and baking

soda we decided to use another product

to get a nice and clean you could get

the same results using baking soda by

itself or dish soap in other words it

wasn’t really an effective hack so we’re

gonna say this one was a fail you have a

crusty showerhead that’s not working

properly you might have seen the hack

that tells you to soak it in vinegar

overnight and you might have thought

does this actually work well we have

done it several times at the CMS HQ and

we have spray

the good word to many of our friends

family and lots and lots of you guys the

trick works you take some vinegar and if

you can find full strength vinegar

that’s actually even better you fill a

bag with the vinegar you tie off the bag

on top of your showerhead and you just

let it soak overnight and what the

vinegar does is it has the ability to

break down hard water and mineral

deposits all of the things that are

causing rust and blockages and buildup

in your shower head the next morning

just give it a quick rinse you’re not

gonna have a vinegar smell in the shower

but you’ll notice the showerhead is

running perfectly so if your showerheads

gross definitely give this one a try

here’s a life hack that was around well

before light hacks were a thing it was

just life my grandmother did this Chad’s

mom did this I’m saying that because

he’s standing right over here and that

is cleaning a window using newspaper and

I know this is something a lot of you

guys talk about too

so think about it like this newsprint

the paper that it’s printed on is

actually a dense fiber it’s non lynching

and it won’t leave streaks behind so

technically speaking it’s way better to

use that than something like paper towel

which will leave moisture behind and of

course lint and probably streaks

however the catcher is or the catch I

should say the catcher the catcher does

baseball we’re talking about cleaning

here the catch is the type of ink that’s

used to print so if it’s a certain type

of ink it can leave streaks behind and

that will affect the quality of your

clean and honestly who wants to take the

time to test the newspaper to see if

it’s good like it’s too much work so

what I recommend instead is to use

something like a flat weave microfiber

cloth we’ve got them they’re the mint

green ones but the reason why they’re so

good is because they don’t leave streaks

or marks behind them non linting and

they also don’t have a tarry weave

they’re flat weave just like newsprint

so they won’t scratch either

I’ll police do those down below so the

truth is does newspaper work yeah

technically it does work but there’s a

caveat so decide if you want to do that

or if you just want a quicker simpler

solution Plus aren’t you getting your

news on your phone or your tablet these

days anyway in the world of life hacks

there are winners there are losers and

there are the in-between e’s this has

been an interesting video for us to do

we’ve certainly learned a lot and I like

showing you guys you know not everything

works so you really got to make sure

that you’re being critical when you read

a tip and that’s our job we take it

seriously we always want to make sure

that we’re sharing those very best with

you and that leads me to this week’s

comment question it’s kind of a three

parter so stay with me the first one did

you like this series is this something

we should do again where we test out

different hacks whether it’s cleaning

hacks or life hacks but no baking hacks

okay guys I am so bad with baking the

next thing I want to know is have you

ever tried a hack before and had an epic

failure let me know in the comments down

below and finally is there a hack that

you are just so unsure of that you would

like to see us test you can also let me

know that hack in the comments down

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