Cleaning & Organizing A Desk (Clean With Me)

Is your desk or work space getting out of control? Chad’s facing the same challenge – so this week we’re going to help clean and organize his desk – Clean With Me style!

We are going to clear away the clutter, organize the papers and clean the desk and all the trimmings. We will also talk about cleaning a laptop, monitor, mouse, keyboard and even a plant!

well hello there I’m here in Chad’s

office and I gotta tell you it’s looking

a little bit a little bit on the messy

side it’s got papers and pens and all

kinds of stuff so I figured I would just

do a quick clean with me video showing

you how to clean up a desk we’re going

to do a bit of cleaning and a bit of

organizing here’s what you’ll need all

purpose cleaner electronics cleaner

compressed air rubbing alcohol

general-purpose microfiber cleaning

cloths these are of course

makers cleaning cloth and a glass and

electronics cleaning cloth and a

cleaning toothbrush not for your max

wave number one is clearing off the desk

you guys know I have a three way process

that I use and instead of doing it the

way I normally do I’m adapting it for a

desk cleaning and I’m going to clear

everything off this desk and you might

be cluttering on the floor and by doing

this I’m going to expose Chad’s entire

desk so that I can actually clean it

effectively for him I’ll leave some of

the electronics on so most of the other

stuff is coming off now even I’m making

snakes I forgot to clean this stuff off

over there on the left usually in my

three way process I always cleaned from

the left to the right so that by the

time I get to the right there’s nothing

there but you know guys even I’m

fallible so there you go I was feeling

to unplug those electronics so I just

dropped them down the side of the desk

okay everything’s clear we’re going to

get into wave number two which is

cleaning so here I’m just spraying the

desk down with all-purpose cleaner I’m

being careful not to spray any of the

electronics and I’m wiping using the S

pattern and if I’m cleaning something

like this speaker I’ll lift it up and

clean it over an area that hasn’t been

cleaned yet like the floor or another

part of the deck I’m mixing up my

electronics cleaning solution and this

is equal parts water and rubbing alcohol

and you’ll see that I’m spraying my

cloth and then tap

and off of my hand that’s just to remove

any excess moisture and then I’ll go and

clean the monitor using a pattern

continuing along working my way from

left to right then I’m laying down a

towel because I’m going to need the desk

to clean the laptop but I don’t want to

have to reclaim the surface so this is a

really good trick if you’re short on

space you’ll see here I’m just spraying

my electronics cloth with some

electronics cleaner and I’m wiping down

the front in the back of the laptop I’m

going to use my cleaning toothbrush to

get into those ports and remove any dirt

or dust then open it up again and just

give the monitor a to wipe down yeah

that monitor really needed some

assistance for the keyboards tip up to

monitor and give it a few good spritzes

with your compressed air and then just

use that dry toothbrush to brush between

the keys and get any debris out this way

it will fall on the towel and it’ll be

nice and clean then I just spray my

clock again and I give the keyboard and

the mouse pad area a room dude wipe and

now it’s done next up the lamp I’m just

going to give that a quick wipe too over

the top

next to the keyboard yes this was growth

like half a meal came out of this thing

so I’m tipping it up and then brushing

it from top to bottom

with my dry cleaning toothbrush then

I’ll spray it top to bottom with

compressed air and everything kind of

just falls out again pretty gross

experience but worth it and just wipe

the keyboard down using your electronics

cloth and your electronics cleaner

pretty simple I’m going to move this

cloth over to the other side of the

table and I’ll give the mouse pad and

the mouse itself a really big wipe down

nothing special just using that same

cleaning product the mouse itself you

can use your cleaning toothbrush to get

into those little crevices you’re going

to see all of it gon come out its kind

of its gross but again very worth it all

of this stuff is worth it you can handle

it you always want to brush down

whenever you’re doing with cleaning too

you never want to rush back in to your

item always let everything fall down on

that towel I’m going to dust this plant

and it’s really simple I just sprayed my

cloth and I’m kind of supporting the

leaves with one hand and giving them a

quick little wipe whip wipe thing down

with the other I don’t know what the

move is called then I’ll just use

another cloth to quickly wipe the

planter and now these desk top

accessories I’m just doing the same

thing giving them a quick wipe down over

that towel then I’ll roll the towel up

I’ll throw that in the laundry later and

put everything back on the desk where it



okay this third wave is just final

touches so now that the desk is looking

pretty good and clean we just have to

figure out how to get everything that I

put on the floor back on the desk you

believe a lot of this for tried to do it

is his office after all but a few of the

items I know he needs I’m going to put

back here’s a lot of pens and stuff in

that little container so I’m going to

make some downsize a bit and I’m just

going you know I love ten so I’m just

going to do him the favor of picking out

the good ones putting them in the glass

and then he can kind of deal with the

rest and figure out how he’s going to do

away with it this is where he keeps all

of his papers so I’m just going to plop

it tapers in there he’s got to deal with

that I’m not going through his paperwork

yeah have fun but for the papers that he

does need to keep on his desk we’re

going to use this little paper tray and

I’ll stick it right under his monitor

and that’s good his desk looks great

it’s significantly less cluttered it’s

much more organized and it’s going to

allow him to the work that he really

needs to do this didn’t take very long

and honestly he told me that it felt so

great once it was done I’m feeling

pretty good he’s feeling pretty good I

hope you guys like this video and let me

know in the comments down below where

you’d like to clean with me next thanks

so much for watching and I’ll see you

next time


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