DECLUTTER THE BATHROOM: 10 Things To Toss (Ep. 6)

One thing we’ve learned is that you need to declutter small spaces on the regular to keep them feeling spacious and clean. This is especially true when it comes to the bathroom. So, in this video, we’re going to talk about 10 things you can toss today to declutter your bathroom!

a few times a year I’ll walk into my

bathroom and start to notice things that

just don’t belong anymore and that

reminded me we haven’t done a 10 things

to toss video in a while so to help

myself but more importantly to help you

guys this week we’re doing 10 things to

toss bathroom edition and just a quick

reminder if you haven’t done so already

to subscribe to the clean my space

channel and give this video a thumbs up

if you have at least one thing you can

toss from your bathroom sometimes I will

see the latest and greatest haircare

products video or ad and I run out and I

buy it and then what ends up happening

is I tried in my hair and it doesn’t

work we’ve all been there haven’t we but

then what I do is I kind of show that

stuff away under my bathroom sink and I

think leaving that season it’ll work for

me or maybe I’ll try it in a couple of

weeks again or whatever lie I tell


anyway what you need to do is go into

that area where you Corral all of those

lost forgotten hair products go through

them figure out what’s so good what can

you give away to someone whether it’s a

friend family member or even donate to a

shelter and what do you actually need to

get rid of that is going to free up so

much bathroom real estate and you just

use the stuff on your hair that really

work next up is the medicine cabinet you

know you buy something if you have a

cold or a headache and then thank God it

goes away and you don’t have to use that

stuff again and then the next thing you

know you find the bottle when you need

it the most

and that product is expired so go

through your medicine cabinet look at

all the expiration dates and anything

that is expired put into a ziploc bag

and take it to your pharmacy they have

safe ways to dispose of it dumping it

down the toilet or throwing it in the

garbage is not a right thing to do but

regardless you still have to go through

that medicine cabinet and get rid of

anything that’s expired makeup and nail

polish and cosmetics in general can take

up quite a bit of space in the bathroom

and similar to clothing we tend to wear

20% of our makeup 80% of the time what I

did a while back is I went through all

of my makeup and really had a good

honest look at it and thought what was

the last time you

that particular eyeshadow pallete and if

it wasn’t in the last few weeks then I

just put it in a pile and I gave some of

it to my nieces and some of it to my

sister and they loved it it was great

for them and it was great for me because

I got to declutter a lot of the stuff

that it wasn’t using so if you find that

you’ve just acquired a lot of makeup

whether it was a really fun palette that

you really liked a long time ago or

something that you got for free when you

spent a certain amount of money and you

just don’t use it all that much now is

the time where you can sort through all

of those cosmetic items and give them a

new home there’s always that kind

thoughtful well-meaning generous person

who gets you a gift set filled with

bathroom swag that you’re never going to

use whether it’s bath products and you

don’t take back or if it’s fancy funky

shaving products this is a man thing by

the way not for moi but if you get

something like this and you’re never

going to use it just don’t keep it give

it to someone who you know will enjoy it

there’s no shaving regifter and by the

way for people who actually enjoy taking

bath bath stuff is awesome for them but

for someone who takes a shower it’s like

what am I doing with this so do yourself

a favor go through get rid of all those

weird bath products that you don’t use

or any gifts that you just kind of feel

bad about now’s the time where you can

say farewell now this isn’t so much a

decluttering thing as it is just a

friendly reminder to replace something

thing and that is your toothbrush it

should be replaced every three months

and guess what old grungy toothbrushes

make perfect cleaning toothbrushes so

give it a really good brain you can soak

it in vinegar for 30 minutes if you like

give it a rinse let it dry and now


it’s your cleaning toothbrush and then

you can grab yourself a brand new one

and do it all over again three months

from now okay I have a major phobia of

anything going in my eye in fact when I

go to the eye doctor I have like a panic

attack it’s such a scary place for me so

I cannot imagine wearing contact lenses

but Chad wears them and any time he buys

a new bottle of contact lens solution he

gets a new one of these

and despite my best efforts I cannot

think of too many additional uses for

contact lens cases so what I’ve advised

him to do and all of you guys who get

these new things all the time is to just

ditch your old ones by recycling them

and keeping only your most recent

contact lens case with you and if you

guys have any great uses for them let me

know in the comments down below because

I am actually quite curious what you do

with these things

Chad generously provided me with his

used old loofah for this particular

segment and it’s a great reminder

because this thing looks like it has

completely fallen apart over time and

frankly I don’t know where that’s been

so if you go through your bathroom you

can get rid of any old loofas sponges

pumice stones razor blades or anything

that looks old and dingy and needs a

replacement look I don’t love throwing

things out all the time but for these

consumable items there is a time and a

place to get new ones so have a look and

if they’re not looking so hot anymore

put on your shopping list that you need

to get a replacement for them and ditch

the old stuff free samples and travel

sized items I have a basket of these in

my bathroom and over the years I’ve

created this rule if I don’t use it

within six months I get rid of it

because otherwise it just builds up and

the stuff either expires or just sits

there and I tell myself I’m going to use

it I never actually do so with free

samples as soon as you get them use them

or give them away to a friend a family

member or you can donate them to a

shelter and the same thing goes for

sample size or travel size items you

know this toothpaste was used on a

recent trip but then these two are brand

new so I have a couple of options either

I’m just going to blow through these

when I’m brushing my teeth and take this

on my next trip or the next time I go to

the dentist so I’m going to have yet

another tube of toothpaste then I’m

going to have Lowell toothpaste

collection and nobody needs that in

their bathroom so spend some time going

through your bathroom looking around and

getting rid of anything that sample size

or travel size that you’re not going to

be using within the next six months and

that reminds me do you guys when you go

to a hotels you take little travel sized

items with you and bring it back home

let me know in the comments down below

and now for everyone’s favorite bathroom

accessories the toilet bowl brush pull

it out of its little container and have

a look at it if it looks well you guys

know what a gross toilet bowl brush

looks like it looks like that ditch it

and get yourself a new one let’s talk

about towels and washcloths for a minute

yes they feel good when you get out of

the shower however if you have a lot of

them they take up a lot of space and

over time your towels can drink to high

heaven and I don’t know if this has

happened to you guys but sometimes I’ll

pick up a towel to use it and I just get

this a bad smell and it is gross so what

I suggest is go through your towels find

the ones that have holes that are

shredding that are flat or that stink

and get rid of them you can cut them up

use them as rags or you can even donate

them to a pet shelter that’s what Chad

and I have done several times and to be

honest slimming down our linen closet

from all those towels that we don’t use

breed up a lot of other space for other

storage so give yourself 15 minutes on

the clock and challenge yourself to get

rid of those 10 items from your bathroom

I promise you it will feel so much more

spacious and airy and lighter and

brighter in there and that leads me to

this week’s common question what are

your biggest pain points when it comes

to bathroom towels are they smelly do

they never dry fast enough do they get

holes in them let me know in the

comments down below I’d like to take a

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