DECLUTTER YOUR BEDROOM: 10 Things To Toss (Ep. 7)

We’re back with another installment of our 10 Things to Toss series—a practical look at how to declutter your home! This week we focus on how to declutter the bedroom by taking a long hard look at some of the “stuff” that we accumulate and just can’t seem to part ways with.

decluttering is a real buzzword these

days but it’s not a fad it’s a trend

it’s here to stay and the reason

decluttering is so important is because

the more clutter that’s in the space the

harder it is to clean and also the

harder it is to feel good in the space

so this is actually our 7 10 things to

toss video we’ve done so well with the

other ones and when I say that I mean

you guys love these videos you respond

so well to them and that’s why we keep

doing them because they really do help

you guys get rid of your stuff that you

don’t need so in this video we’re going

to be focusing on a space that

definitely has clutter that needs to be

dealt with the bedroom and just a quick

reminder if you haven’t done so already

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if your bedroom needs a little bit of

decluttering ever since getting the

pregnant I haven’t really been sleeping

the same so my regular pillows aren’t

serving either way that I’ve needed them


so I’ve upgraded to this crazy snake of

a pregnancy pillow which literally takes

up the whole bed so the other pillows

have had to come off of my bed but they

are still great so I’m gonna keep those

guys until after I have the baby however

if you have old pillows kicking around

and you think you know what I’m

definitely gonna need that one day when

I go on that camping trip or when those

guests come by and you start stacking up

and storing pillows for that particular

reason you’re hanging on to things that

you don’t really need in my opinion when

a pillow has outlived its usefulness you

need to get rid of it not save it for

guests you don’t want to give your

guests an uncomfortable pillow anyway do

you I didn’t think so

this is Chad’s box o socks now he has a

box I have a drawer but in either

iteration there are definitely socks

that don’t belong either they didn’t get

picked up at the singles dance that’s

kind of my funny way of saying they’re

single or they have holes in them and

they’re kind of not useful anymore so

what you need to do is sort through your

socks even the ones that you have

bunched up because I know we’re all into

sometimes we’ve bunch up socks with

holes in them and we think I can get

another use out of them but really like

socks with holes in them they’re not fun

to wear so we need to get rid of them so

sort through all your socks and bunch

them re– bunch them look through all

the singles and anything that has holes

in it or it doesn’t have a partner it

needs to go on a separate pile now for

the socks with holes in them that are

really bad those ones you can actually

get rid of for the ones with small holes

in them are fading at the bottom there

are definite second uses for it and same

goes for the single socks and in fact we

are so passionate about this very topic

that I put a video together not too long

ago about different things that you can

do with single socks so I’ll link that

for you down below now here’s something

I think a lot of us ladies can it get to

you probably have jewelry that we don’t

wear anymore whether it’s broken

entangled like this bracelet that used

to have a crystal in it that fell out

and then got tangled to this thing that

just D colored be colored guys know what

I mean discolored over the years that I

kind of stopped wearing but held on to

because I paid $40 for it and then this

thing which I think in theory is nice

but I never actually pick it when I’m

getting dressed so we all kind of have

this jewelry that lies around and takes

up space but that we never actually use

and the truth is I know that there are

lots of people in my life who would be

interested in something like this now

something like this that’s discolored

perhaps it could be cleaned and some new

life could be breathed into it and for

the broken thing frankly I think I

should just look to get some money for

it there are lots of different things

you can do with jewelry if you don’t

want it anymore you can find someone

else who might really love it you can

donate it to a secondhand shop or if

it’s something that’s precious or

semi-precious you can take it to a

jeweler and see what kind of cash you

can get for it either way get rid of the

jewelry you don’t wear anymore and clear

up space you guys have any shoes where

you bought them maybe because they were

on sale or you really liked them but

they weren’t quite your size or you

accidentally purchased them or even if

you have shoes that you wear but you

don’t think you’re gonna wear again or

that frequently or you kind of like

but you never quite pick them to go with

an outfit it’s probably a really good

sign that it’s time to get rid of those

shoes so take a good honest look at the

shoes that you have in your closet

whether they’re new or worn and ask

yourself with these be the shoes that I

would pick if I were wearing a certain

outfit and if you would pick another

pair of shoes instead of those ones it’s

time to move on from those shoes the

nightstand junk drawer is a commonly

found species in pretty much every

bedroom in pretty much the entire world

we all have that one drawer where we put

things that we think we’re going to need

directly beside our bed but frankly the

majority of stuff that’s in there we

don’t need directly beside our bed we go

through ours a couple times a year

because things just end up there but you

know what the cleaner it is easier it is

to find things and when you don’t have

the mentality of a junk drawer funny

enough junk doesn’t actually end up in

there so I’d actually love to know in

the comments how many junk drawers do

you guys have in your homes I have the

best of intentions when it comes to

reading before bed and that’s why I have

a few of my favorite magazines lying

around as well as books on my nights I’d

table know every now and then I’ll come

across a book or magazine pick it up and

think oh I’m totally gonna read that but

it just sits there because one day that

infamous one day I’ll get to it but it

kind of never do so I don’t know if you

guys go through the same thing but if

you do the idea here is to move on from

any of the books that you already have

read unless of course it’s a reference

book you can put it in a bookshelf and

any magazines that you’ve gotten to

already or you’re definitely not going

to get to put those in a pile there are

so many people who will gladly accept

donated magazines I give mine to my

sister-in-law’s whenever we see them at

family events cuz they don’t go out and

buy magazines they can just use ones I

have subscriptions to or you can remove

your address if you have a subscription

and you can donate it to a doctor’s

office or somewhere with a waiting room

that you know is always in need of

reading material you can take them in to

work give them to colleagues

whatever it is the same goes for books

or if you have books that you no longer

use you can donate them to a library

back when Chad used to have a job I mean

you know before he started working from

home I still cannot believe this but

this guy wore suits and ties every day

and this is the remnants of his tie

collection now over the years I mean

when we first started dating I had to do

a lot of work in Chad’s tie collection

but he actually has pretty good taste so

over the years he’s picked out some

really nice ones but Chad doesn’t go to

too many fancy occasions where he

actually needs ties so I think it’s

about time for him to go through his tie

collection and pick out the ones that he

knows he would never wear anymore I mean


stains are funny things if we try to get

rid of them and we can’t get rid of them

we’re kind of in denial we’re like well

maybe one day I’ll get rid of that stain

or maybe somehow I’ll figure out how to

get rid of that pit stain or ring around

the collar so if you have those

undershirts that are kind of staying

that you’re not really gonna wear and

you would be horrified if anyone

actually saw it in public pick those

shirts out and get rid of them you can

donate them or if you’re too embarrassed

to do that you can even just cut them up

and use them for one time clean rags

I recommend cleaning out your closet

twice a year once when the fall winter

hits and once when the spring summer

hits when you do those change outs

you’re gonna look through all of the

clothes from the past season and you’ll

see the stuff that you haven’t worn or

that you don’t really like anymore and

you can sort of put that in a pile and

move away from it doing this closet

clean out twice a year is super helpful

and it helps you get rid of that stuff

but if you haven’t done that in a while

it might be a really good time for you

to take a long hard look at the clothes

you have in your closet decide anything

that you haven’t worn in the last 12


get rid of that put it in a donation

pile and move on from it I recently did

that in my closet I was doing my

biannual closet change over but I was

also getting rid of stuff that wasn’t

gonna fit

at least while I was pregnant and I put

that in a box and it freed up so much

space in my closet so now when I go in

there to get dressed I can actually just

pick from things that fit me well and

that I like and that is the best part

about getting dressed in the morning

while you’re in your closet you can have

a look and see if you have any old

broken mismatched or wire hangers that

aren’t serving a purpose for you anymore

a few years back when Chad and I did our

initial closet cleaning video we got rid

of all of the mismatched hangers and we

moved on to wood hangers now every now

and then we do find a plastic hanger or

mismatched hangers circulating through

and we’ll just prune it out however once

we did that we noticed our closet just

looks so much nicer and more uniformed

and if you are somebody who gets your

stuff dry cleans you probably have a lot

of those wire hangers and yes it’s a

free hanger but it’s so annoying to

actually work with I find clothes slip

off of them all the time and those

aren’t meant to be actual hangers in

your closet that’s a temporary solution

for something that needs to be hung up

so it doesn’t get wrinkled and that

brings me to this week’s comment

question which is what is the thing

that’s clogging up your bedroom what’s

the thing you’re most excited to toss

let me know in the comments down below

when you see this video I’ll be 20 weeks

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can’t get back to all of them we

appreciate your kind thoughts and your

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