DECLUTTER YOUR KITCHEN: 10 Things to Toss Today! (Ep. 5)

One of the best cleaning habits you can develop is decluttering – if you can declutter one room in your house each week, and really embrace the minimalism, your house is going to look so much cleaner! So, this week we’re going to declutter and organize our kitchen to give it that clean and minimal look.

do you ever walk into your kitchen and

just pass by a bunch of things kind of

roll your eyes and then rifle around and

try to find what you really need if that

happens to you it probably means that

there are things in your kitchen that

you could totally get rid of the reason

I know this is because I recently did it

and I thought rate of about 40 percent

of the garbage in my kitchen that I just

wasn’t using so this week I wanted to do

a 10 things to toss video but a kitchen

Edition that way by the time you’re done

this video you can go to your kitchen

spend a few minutes get rid of all the

things we’re talking about and you’ll

see you will feel much better too and

just a quick reminder if you haven’t

done so already to subscribe to the

clean life space channel and give this

video a thumbs up if you have at least

one thing that you can get rid of from

your kitchen first up what about cheesy

or promotional or useless magnets back

in the 80s my mom would collect magnets

with like bakery phone numbers on them

we don’t need that anymore because

Internet so any promotional magnets that

you have get rid of them now if there is

a magnet that you actually use like this

one here is a conversion chart I hang on

to that one because it actually serves a

purpose but anything else like if it’s

you know a bit of a touch go that your

friend brought you back from a trip you

probably don’t need it and it’s creating

this visual clutter on your fridge what

we do we have these little magnets

they’re tiny they’re streamlined and

they’re super powerful and we only put

things on our fridge that we actually

need you notice that whenever you order

takeout they give you a takeout menu

it’s like I know about the pizza I don’t

need a takeout menu but there it is and

then you stick it in a drawer I might

need that for later and then you’re

going to coupon in the mail for a dollar

offer hamburger so what ends up

happening is you get a big old pile of

flyers and take-out menus you think one

day I’m going to use that well again

guys let me remind you Internet you can

find all of that stuff online and there

are lots of apps that we’ll share with

you the latest and greatest coupon but

let’s say you get one that you really

want to use just clip it out and stick

it in your wallet get rid of all the

rest of the paper one thing that you can

do if you’re getting a lot of junk mail

is you can request for your mail carrier

not to put any junk mail in your box

anymore and that will save a lot of it

I’ve talked about getting rid of old

containers before but this is a

next-level conversation we need to have

because let’s say you’ve gotten rid of

all your plastic containers like we have

here we’ve moved on to glass containers

but with that comes a whole other

challenge because whenever you finish a

jar of something you always think I

could reuse that and that’s happened to

me and then I’ve lost the lid and it

still sits there because maybe one day

I’ll find the lid I’m not going to find

that lid so this needs to go into the

recycling bin now this was brought to us

by Luke who works with us as our

executive producers a lot of you guys

know this is the lid to this container

that this guy inside hanging around for

I don’t know 15 years so today when he

brought this I said Luke we are going to

recycle this once the video is over so

if you have anything that’s sort of

busted or smelly or not quite

functioning anymore it is time to part

ways with it especially when it comes to

glass jars that are heavy and take up a

lot of space what about those half-used

or 3/4 views sauces or other random

things that you find in your fridge that

you kind of like kind of don’t like and

just kind of sit there because maybe

you’ll use them one day well you’re not

going to because if you liked it you

would have gone through it already so go

through the fridge and pull out anything

that’s just kind of on its last leg or

expired dump it out safely and

appropriately and then you can recycle

the bottle when you’re ready to cook

something you want access to your small

appliances that you actually use like my

spiralizer which I use all the time and

I don’t want to have to dig from things

that I never touch like a pasta baker or

a small little blender like this magic

bullet here if you pull through your

kitchen and you find you have these

small appliances that you haven’t used

in a year because let’s be honest some

things are only going to use once here

it’s time to move on from it there’s no

need to keep it you’re probably not

going to find a use for it any time soon

and someone else will probably benefit

from it more than you would when you

open your drawer to grab a tea towel

which is what we call the new Canada or

a dish towel you’ll probably find some

that are stained or have holes in them

or just look beat up and you don’t need

those ones anymore so go through that

drawer and pull out anything that’s not

looking so hot for fresh

and what we’ve done is replaced all of

ours with our makers cleaning cloths our

waffle weeds tea towels they’re so

absorbent they’re so amazing and they’re

actually our best-selling single pack

cloth you can find more about this at

makers clean com aside from that the

idea here guys is to go through get rid

of all those old dish towels only have

the pretty and nice ones that actually

work and serve they’re perfect the porch

has started working with me

@cleanmyspace he actually had a job and

every year they had this golf tournament

and he would bring me back something

from the golf tournament every year

because he’s so nice and thoughtful he

made me say that I wanted me to clarify

that for you guys

and he would always bring me back a

William Sonoma cookbook this was a thing

that he got every single year and she’s

very thoughtful the recipes look great

but you know what I’m never going to

make them they’re very complex they take

a lot of time and it’s just not my style

of cooking and look at the size of these

books they’re huge I think we have about

five of them so cookbooks take up a lot

of space and while you might feel that

the recipes look amazing and are

aspirational and one day if you have

time on a Sunday you’ll cook something

you haven’t used it yet you’re probably

not going to use it so find the

cookbooks that you don’t use save some

space and get rid of them

we don’t order takeout that often but

when we do we used to put all of the

extra ketchup packets little soy sauce

packets mustard relish sweet-and-sour

sauce pizza dipping sauce

chopsticks plastic cutlery in this

drawer and when I told you guys I went

through and cleaned out the kitchen it

all lacks I got rid of all of it you

know why I have soy sauce in the fridge

I’ve got ketchup I got dipping sauce

it’s all there so if I want it I know

where to find it I don’t need to pack it

so if you are ordering takeout and you

know that you don’t want to have that

stuff cluttering it up when you’re

bringing it home perhaps just let them

know I don’t need the cutlery I don’t

need the little packet you guys know

that I like to cook and because of that

I collect myself a few spices here and

there and sometimes I’ll go a little bit

on edge and I’ll pick something up that

I think I’m going to use but I never

actually end up using I mean

who needs 450 Bailey’s not me

and this nutmeg receives a lot a year

ago and I have every intention of using

it because I love nutmeg but seriously

it’s probably expired that’s how old it

is and nutmeg not supposed to expire so

go through your spice to are pick out

anything that is old lost its flavor

doesn’t really have that same pungent

smell anymore typically you’re supposed

to keep spices for about 6 to 12 months

and then get some new one when friends

or family travel they always kindly

bring you back a souvenir it might be a

magnet or it might be a shot glass and

while you’re really happy for them that

they went on that trip and it sounded

amazing do you really need that shot

glass I don’t know for me personally

when I think about shot glasses reminds

me of when I was 19 and going to

nightclubs when I’m at home if I’m

having a drink I’m having it out of a

nice rocks glass and I don’t know it

just kind of saved space let’s be honest

I mean these guys are cute if you

actually have a dedicated collection

let’s say in a bar or a man cave but if

you just need to find a place to stick

them in the kitchen they’re probably not

worth hanging around so go find yourself

those random shot glasses

and give them a new home okay guys so

I’m going to challenge you give yourself

15 minutes on the clock

go through your kitchen and get rid of

these ten things and I’d love to know in

the comments down below what is the

biggest clutter culprit in your kitchen

perhaps we’ll make another video about

this because you know everybody needs a

cleaner kitchen here are a couple of

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