DIY CLEANERS: Clean Your Whole Home for $7.25!

Everybody loves DIY Cleaning Products for their home – and everyone enjoys saving money! So, in this video Melissa Maker shares 6 easy DIY natural cleaning products that you can clean your whole home with for less than $10 ($7.25 to be exact)

when I think about things I want to

spend my money on cleaning products is

not on the top of the list in fact I’d

rather take all the money I spend on

cleaners and spend it on something else

like a manicure or like maternity

clothes so in this video I’m going to

show you how you can clean your house

your whole house for $7.25 and that’s

not just one cleaning that’s multiple

cleanings you guys know I always talk

about DIY recipes and today I’m going to

walk you through room by room and show

you how with $7.25 total investment in

product your house can Sparkle and just

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cleaning products for over 11 years I’ve

had my own cleaning company a lot of you

guys know this and the way I like to

trade my staff is to clean with the most

basic cleaning products where possible

and then of course they can use the

heavier duty products as needed so even

when I train my staff to clean

professionally I’m teaching them all of

these recipes and how to use these very

basic and inexpensive products to get

the job done first up the basic and

versatile all-purpose cleaner instead of

going out and purchasing a bottle for 5

or 6 bucks just take a clean spray

bottle mix two cups of clean water with

one teaspoon of dish soap give it a good

shake and you can use this product just

about anywhere it’s great for cleaning

surfaces like furniture you can clean

walls with it I often clean the kitchen

with it even bathroom surfaces in fact

when I was doing my research for the

book I learned that the majority of

surfaces can just be cleaned with soap

and water now if you have essential oils

lying around of course I didn’t include

them in the budget but if you already

have them at home you can throw in 10 to

20 drops of your favorite one to make

the product smell a little bit better

here’s a simple DIY glass cleaner that

works like a charm

get a clean spray bottle and mix equal

parts of water and white vinegar so for

me that’s about a cup of water to a cup

of white vinegar

give it a good shake and then use it on

any of the glass surfaces in your home

that need to be polished to a

streak-free shine vinegar is amazing at

cutting grease and removing oil so the

reason it leaves a streak-free shine

behind is because of its special grease

and oil removing powers and this product

works even better when it’s used with a

flat microfiber cloth for your tub your

tiles even your bathroom sink and grout

lines I have a great multi-purpose

heavy-duty solution mix up a quarter cup

of baking soda and a quarter cup of dish

soap and to that you’re going to add two

tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide mix it

well here I’m using a hair clip because

I was too lazy to get a stir stick and

once it’s got a nice creamy consistency

wet a sponge and apply it onto the

surface that needs to be cleaned let it

sit anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes

and then rinse your sponge off and with

the scrubby side start scrubbing the

area down then give it a good final

rinse and a buff dry that product itself

is so powerful it’s going to get rid of

even the grimy escribe and the grow

deist grout I’m in front of another

bathroom because you know what my

bathroom gets a little tiring at times

but both bathrooms contain a toilet so

let me give you a recipe for an easy DIY

and very effective toilet bowl cleaner

you’re going to mix half a cup of water

with half a cup of baking soda and to

that you’re going to add a quarter cup

of dish soap and a quarter cup of

hydrogen peroxide and then before you

use it just give the product a really

good shake and squirt it around your

toilet bowl under the rim the same way

you would use a store-bought toilet bowl

cleaner and then after a few minutes get

your toilet bowl brush out and go to

town once you’re done scrubbing flush

the toilet let your toilet bowl brush

dry off and voila you’ll have a nice

sparkling clean toilet bowl while you’re

cleaning you might encounter some extra

greasy grimy or super dirty spots you

will usually find those right here in

the kitchen

here’s a simple degreaser take 1/2 cup


baking soda and to that you’re going to

add a quarter cup of dish so I

absolutely love this cleaner I use it

all over the kitchen whether it’s for

the stovetop the backsplash the overhead

exhaust even dirty pots and pans and

pretty much anything and everything in


apply the product to the surface you can

scrub it in let it sit for a few minutes

and then with a clean sponge or cloth

you can start wiping it away you’ll see

whatever the greasy stuff is lifts off

pretty easily and as an added bonus this

makes a great hand scrub so if you’ve

had a busy day in the garage or the

garden or your hands just need an extra

good cleaning think about it the dish

soap is amazing at lifting up dirt and

grease and the baking soda provides a

nice exfoliating abrasion just put some

on your hands rinse well under warm

water and then pat dry making a video

about cleaning the whole house on the

cheap would not be complete without

talking about a floor cleaner so to make

your own tile or vinyl cleaner you just

need two things a bucket filled with a

gallon or four litres of hot water and

either one cup of white vinegar or a

half teaspoon of dish soap try the both

you decide which one you like better put

this in your bucket mix it up with your

mop and after a minute of letting

everything kind of saturate your mop

head you can wring it out well and start

mopping using the S pattern making sure

the ax don’t leave too much moisture

behind for these DIY cleaning recipes

and a whole bunch of other ones you can

actually find them in my book clean my

space the secret to cleaning better

faster and loving your home everyday and

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