Dollar Store Items I NEVER BUY (And Some I Do!)

We’ve done dollar store hauls in the past here at Clean My Space, and the truth is, some of the items have been great, but a lot of them really let us down – literally falling apart after a few uses. In this video I’m going to go through some things that I just do not buy at the dollar store anymore, and I also cover off some things that I think you should definitely by at the dollar store!

there’s a time and a place for

everything and the same thing goes for

the dollar store some people out there

love the dollar store swear by the

dollar store and I get that it’s a cool

place but you know what there’s a dark

side to the dollar store as well there

are items that you should never buy from

the dollar store so in this video I’m

going to share with you exactly what

those items are a couple of tips for

when you are shopping at the dollar

store and of course those items you

should always be buying at the dollar

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at the dollar store before the dollar

store became the thing it is today it

was just a place where people would go

to offload their overstock items so for

example anything that wasn’t selling

anything that was a little bit too close

to expiration anything that was a little

off or off-brand they would just go to

the dollar store sell it at a deep

discount and consumers would benefit

these days companies are designing

products specifically for dollar stores

and even brand name companies are making

products in different packaging

different package sizes for the dollar

store so when you are going in the

dollar store you might get excited

because you see a package of let’s say

baking soda for a buck but what I always

want you to think about is how much am I

really getting here for a dollar what

you need to do is price compare per

ounce gram 100 grams per item like roll

of paper towel or something along those

lines sometimes you might find that by

spending a little bit more money for

example if you buy something at Costco

or at the grocery store when it’s a big

package of something but it’s on a defib

count you’re going to do a lot better

than you would if you just bought that

one thing at the dollar store so always

keep in mind how the dollar store prices

their items now that we have that little

tip out of the way I want to get into

those items that you should never buy

from the dollar store personal care

items is the first thing on my list the

reason is I’m very picky about the

ingredient of items I use for personal

care and when you buy something from the

dollar store unless it’s a brand that

you know and trust it’s usually made

with cheaper ingredients and you

probably don’t know what they are and do

that stuff going on or in your body my

answer is no which is why I tend to stay

away from personal care items tools are

kind of a scary thing to buy at a dollar

store because it has a lot to do with

your safety Chad when he first moved out

on his own he set up his own tool kit

with tools at the dollar store we

clearly worked together at the time or

else I would have warned him against it

and I remember one time using one of

these tools and the metal on the tool

was just flaking off while I was using

it well that was kind of sketchy then

there was another time when he was

screwing something into the wall and his


literally broke in half or he was using

it so we saved up and he actually got

good proper tools and they worked they

last in their safe to use kitchen

utensils from the dollar store totally

weird me out whether they’re plastic or

metal they tend to be really flimsy the

metal stuff rusts really easily and the

plastic stuff is super bendy

it’s flaked on me before and in fact

there was one time and this was at a

fairly warmish hot temperature which

something should have been able to

withstand I was scooping soup with a

ladle that I bought from the dollar

store and the thing started to like

seriously Bend on me it was very creepy

and I was nervous about heating the soup

toys from the dollar store or another

nono how many of you guys who are

parents asked me how to manage all of

those toys in your house and a lot of

the time when I’m at the dollar store

I’ll see parents and the kids are asking

for a toy and the parents give in and I

know that that toy just goes into a bin

filled with a whole bunch of other

dollar store toys eventually those

little toys they’re only exciting for

about thirty minutes and then they sit

in a bin instead of that why don’t you

look for really good quality brand-name

toys that you know your kids are going

to love spend a little bit more on them

to buy them a little bit less that way

you have less clutter to deal with and

your kids will truly love the toys that

they have plastics

just about anything whether it’s patio

air drink ware dishware flip-flops water

bottles anything like that that you

think just needs you to chuck the old

thing and buy a new plastic one at the

dollar store

the issue is we live in this very

disposable society you guys know how I

feel about waste and often times in the

comments someone will say why are you


time including not just throw it out and

get a new one at the dollar store the

idea is we want to have quality stuff

and want to know how to take care of it

so that we don’t feel waste things so my

advice to you would be when you are

looking at something and considering as

a dollar store ask yourself is there a

better quality option for that

particular item that you know will last

you for a longer time some decor items

are another thing that you might want to

contemplate passing on as a dollar store

when I go there maybe one in a hundred

times I’ll see something that is cute

enough that I would consider having in

my home now I’m not being a snob here

but what I am saying is do you really

want to outfit your house with stuff

from the dollar store you can get better

quality probably nicer stuff at a home

store so rather than getting ten items

for a dollar why don’t you spend ten

dollars on one item that’s really nice

you don’t want to do that you can also

go to garage sales or thrift stores

where you can get really good quality

stuff at a really big discount pet toys

are another thing to be weary of when

you’re at a dollar store now I was going

to say pet supplies in general but the

truth is there are a lot of brand name

pet supplies or exact same items for

example a rawhide bone that you can get

at a pet store that you can also get at

the dollar store so if you can save the

money or little poop bags we save the

money save for money however I did buy

some cat toys at the dollar store a few

years back and I remember I used it with

the cash we were having some fun the toy

started unraveling right in front of me

at the first view and I started to worry

that my cat was going to choke on the

string that had just began to unravel so

instead of buying a dollar store pet

toys just go in a brand name one dollar

store microfiber cloth obviously it’s

something I’ve researched quite a bit we

just bought a pack of dollar store

microfiber cloths and we weighed one of

them it came out to 24 grams then we

weighed one of ours it came out to 53


the reason the weight is so important is

because the heavier and thicker the

cloth is the better it can clean absorb

moisture lift up just and dirt and all

of that Jack so when you’re using a

dollar store microfiber cloth you can

hold it up to the light you can probably

see through it very flimsy it doesn’t

really work

same way that an amazing quality

microfiber cloth would so if you buy

wood from the dollar store and you think

you’re cleaning with microfiber you’re

really not getting that full experience

you’re not really enjoying the benefits

of cleaning with microfiber save your

dollars and buy a better quality one and

hey if you want to pick up one of ours

I’ll put the links for you down below

two makers clean calm okay I know I’ve

just spent the past few minutes throwing

the dollar store directly under the bus

but I want you guys to know I still like

the dollar store and a still shop there

there are a plethora of items that

actually make a lot of sense to buy at

the dollar store so I want to share

those items with you now yep the dollar

store carries a lot of brand names and

there are a lot of products at the

dollar store that I know you guys love I

can’t get them here in Canada and they

can’t remember them off the top of my

head but I notice there are those

products at the dollar store that some

of you guys

swear by so if you can get those at the

dollar store get them and by the way let

me know what those products are in the

comments down below

glass glass is glass if you find some

glass that you like at the dollar store

pick it up whether it’s a fishbowl some

tumblers a glassful anything like that

the dollar store is a perfect place to

pick those items up on a dime I’ve

played a lot of parties in my day and

let me tell you my first stop is the

dollar store it is amazing for party

planning and the same thing goes for

seasonal holidays like Valentine’s Day

you don’t to go and like deck out your

whole place with expensive Valentine’s

Day stuff or send fancy-schmancy stuff

with your kids to school you go to the

dollar store basic pantry items like

salt baking soda rubbing alcohol

hydrogen peroxide vinegar you can pick

that stuff up at the dollar store why

not you don’t necessarily need brand

name for those items as long as they’re

inexpensive and they fit into your

cleaning kit they’re a great bet now

aside from gift wrap which I don’t love

from the dollar store I find it pretty

spin and you don’t get a lot of it I

think gift bags and tissue paper and

green cards are freaking awesome at the

dollar store now I will say that you do

have to dig through the card section

it’s quite clear that they’re not home

art quality cards the jokes are a little

bit off but guys honestly sometimes you

get some gold like this one

no you idiot I said they wanted a sheath

cake what really matters in a greeting

card is what you put on the inside and

the intention to give a card we all know

that cards kind of end up in the garbage

anyway so I don’t like to spend 6 bucks

on a card only to have it tossed out I

am quite happy to spend the dollar and

have the joke bill a little on the

cheesy side as I said earlier there’s a

time and a place for everything and yes

that does fold for the dollar store I

know a lot of people love going to the

dollar store for absolutely everything

but guys there is a downside to it

because there’s a lot of clutter that

you have to deal with a lot of those

items don’t last they break or they get

ruined and you have to throw them into

the landfill and then you know what you

have to go out and get another one

anyway so instead I advocate for

spending more money on less items and

just getting better quality stuff now I

understand that people are out there and

they go to the dollar store because they

have a limited budget and that’s

completely respectable and

understandable and I like to shop on a

budget too so what I do is I look for

quality items that are on sale at

grocery stores or big-box stores that

way I know I’m getting what I need I

know it’s going to last me and I also

know that I don’t have to spend money

like a sailor you know we’ve done dollar

store hauls of the past on clean my

space and some of the things have lasted

us and some of the things have fallen

apart literally after to use it so I

really felt it was important to make

this video to be honest about my

experiences at the dollar store with you

guys and perhaps help guide you on your

shopping decision and that brings me to

this week’s comment what is it that you

buy at the dollar store and what do you

never buy at the dollar store let me

know in the comments down below here are

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