Express Clean My Bedroom! | How to Clean Your Room FAST!

Melissa Maker shares her express cleaning routine in the bedroom and shows how to clean a bedroom in less than 15 minutes!

my bedroom normally is what I would

consider my sanctuary the place that I

come to relax and chill and have a good

night’s sleep however you can probably

see by the state of my bedroom right now

it is clearly not as relaxing as I would

like it to be when it’s a mess there’s

just no way that I can calm down

mentally and even physically so what am

I gonna do and by the way I just want to

tell you guys this is my version of

messy sometimes when we do room cleaning

videos you guys say that’s not messy

well it’s messy for me so what I’m gonna

do in this video is show you how in

under 15 minutes I’m gonna take this

disaster zone of a bedroom and make it

look beautiful and clean so no matter

how overwhelmed you are with the state

of your bedroom you can do it too and

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actually cleaning your bedroom now for

this cleaning I’m gonna rely on my

trusty assistant no not the cat my book

now you guys don’t need the book but I’m

gonna show you in my book right here at

the beginning of each chapter I have

what’s called an express clean and the

Express clean is designed to give you

point by point steps on exactly what you

should do if you’re overwhelmed with a

space but you don’t have tons of time to

clean so by following this Express clean

in this video I’m gonna make my room

look amazing okay let’s do it

the first thing I’m doing is opening

windows airing out a space weather

permitting of course makes it smell

fresher and that’s really important for

cleaning oh yeah get yourself in the

mood start dancing put some music on and

get yourself a bit we’re gonna do a

little mini wave one here

now the whole purpose with wave 1 is to

clear all of the clutter that’s making

your room a mess I’m going to take all

of the clutter in the room that doesn’t

belong in the room and put it in that

white bin and then working my way around

the room from my starting point which is

the door and any laundry that I find I’m

piling it right on top of that little

ottoman at the end of the bed that’s

just going to help me organize

everything and I’ll deal with laundry

afterward and as I’m going around and

decluttering I’m also straightening

everything and lining it up parallel and

perpendicular to the edges it was pretty

easy oh forgot a couple of things

hey happens to all of us now I’m gonna

make the bed this is another way to make

your room feel so much cleaner and I’m

not gonna change the linens here I’m

just gonna make my bed look really good

so I’m fluffing up the pillows and of

course the king-size bed you kind of

have to hop on and really make the magic

happen but I just find even this act

really makes a difference I like to tuck

my corners in here at the bottom but not

too fancy or perfect just as long as

it’s done I’m happy


but now you’ll see once this is done my

room looks much much better now I’m

gonna tackle that crazy laundry pile

I’ve got a dirty laundry basket over

here and now I’m just gonna sort through

and the sad part is I know what’s clean

and what’s dirty in my room I should

probably be more on top of this but

anything that needs to be folded or put

away is going in one pile and anything

that’s dirty that’s going in the laundry

basket and as you can see Molly is

taking this opportunity to do a little

bit of housekeeping yourself now I’m

just going to either fold or put items

on hangers and this is going to take

care of that massive horrible laundry

pile I have a special way that I hang my

jeans and we have a video about that so

I’ll link it for you down below

little by little I’m putting clothes

back in the closet bringing new hangers

out and hanging items up I find when I

hear people tell me about how messy

their room is so much of the mess has to

do with laundry and you can see that’s

the case for me too but the truth is

once you sort through your laundry dirty

from clean and hang up or fold the stuff

that is actually clean that’s the

majority of the clutter that’s in your

room so once you take care of that your

room actually looks a lot better

Oh bless me did you see I just sneezed

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maybe I’ll do some of the other rooms in

a house too okay these items they are

going in the closet and this is the

dirty laundry pile so I’m taking that

downstairs and finish up with the floors

again this isn’t a full bedroom cleaning

I’m just saying hey let’s get the

bedroom looking way better than it did

and I think clean floors go a long way

so now we have a maid bed a decluttered

space and in vacuuming these floors the

room is going to look so much better in

just a minute

it really is nothing like fresh vacuumed

cut lines

now I’m just going to take that bin of

stuff and put it in my office because

that’s my next project once the room is

clean and the same goes for that laundry

it’s going to the basement now this part

is important

give yourself thumbs up or an air punch

now you can tell Molly clearly had a lot

to do with the fact that this room is

now clean kidding guys

as you can see it took me about 15

minutes to get rid of all of that

clutter and laundry well ok it took a

little longer than 15 minutes I am

filming a video but if I wasn’t filming

a video it would take about 15 minutes

for me to do that job and then putting

all that other stuff away that takes

another couple of minutes but you know

what look at my room tonight I get to

come in here and just chill honestly I

want to full up on the bed right now but

I am holding back now if your rooms a

little bit messier than mine or a lot

better than mine it might take a little

bit more time to do it so ratchet up or

ratchet down your time based on your

room but the point is it’s easy to do

there are a few simple things that you

need to follow but once you do them

honestly your room can look this good

too and you can see I didn’t really

clean much it was more just tidying and

putting things away and that brings me

to another point it’s really important

to have a great routine because if you

have a routine your laundry isn’t going

to pile up the way mine did clearly

someone’s not practicing her own

routines right now but those routines

really will help you stay on top of your

cleaning so that your space is always

manageable and look pretty much not one

hair out of place I’d love to know in

the comments down below how often do you

clean your room is it something that you

do once a week once every two weeks

whether it gets terrible or are you one

of those people who has a great routine

and you sort of stay on top of things

all the time let me know your room

cleaning habits in the comments here are

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