As a 100% certified cat lady, I completely understand the pain that pet owners go through when it comes to how to remove pet hair from clothes, furniture and other surfaces in the home. Whether it’s dog hair, cat hair or whatever furry pet you happen to have, in this video, I take you through 5 easy ways to remove pet hair and get rid of it for good!

in 2009 my life completely changed that

is I went from being someone who hated

cats to someone who instantly fell in

love with them in 2009 Chad and I got

Molly our first cat as a holiday gift to

one another and ever since then I have

been a certifiable

fully open fully out-there cat lady and

a year later we got Paisley a little

friend for Molly and I’m obsessed but

you know what whether it’s a cat or

whether it’s a dog and trust me I want a

dog to pets leave a lot of hair around

the house so in this video I want to

share with you because a lot of you guys

are pet parents and asked me about pet

hair and of course as a pregnant lady

who wears a lot of black clothes I get

the hair situation I want to help you

guys figure out how to eliminate that

pet hair so in this video I’m going to

share with you five great ways to get

rid of pet hair and just a quick

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pet parent making friends with rubber is

important when you’re a pet parent

whether it’s a rubber glove or a rubber

tipped squeegee and I’ve talked about

this before rubber can help lift up pet

hair wear a vacuum simply can’t so what

I like to do is whether it’s an

upholstered piece or even a rug or

carpet I’ll use a rubber squeegee and

I’ll just use quick short strokes

working my way from the top to the

bottom to lift up pet hair I always get

this disgusting line of cat hair and ask

myself what is my vacuum doing but the

truth is the rubber has a special way

with pet hair and it works really nicely

in conjunction with your vacuum now a

rubber glove is helpful if you need to

get into a tight area like a corner or a

seam between your upholstery with pet

parents it often seems like no matter

how many times you vacuum there’s still

pet hair left behind okay so I have a

little solution for you if you watch

clean my space videos or if you’ve read

my book you know that I’m a big fan I

mean as big as a fan is like

possibly can be about a vacuuming

technique of the W pattern because

essentially you’re going over one area

two times which is the general rule for

vacuuming it really helps pick up

anything that’s left behind however if

you are a pet parent and you’re having

issues with a lot of hair still

remaining in the carpet afterward twist

yourself in your vacuum perpendicular to

the direction that you just finished

your vacuuming in and you will just

repeat the W pattern in the

perpendicular direction and what this

will do is pick up any of the missed pet

hair that was left behind the first time

you see when you vacuum things always go

in the same direction the same stroke so

if you mix it up and you go

perpendicular you’re picking up anything

that was left behind in that first pass

pets are creatures of habit at 6:00 in

the morning and have 5 p.m. chata and I

start getting screamed at because Molly

and Paisley are hungry for food and just

like they are with their food they are

very particular and habitual about where

they like to hang out so Ottomans are

bed the upstairs sofa and the downstairs

sofa in particular our favorite hangout

spots of the cats now of course they

never hang out in an area where they

don’t leave hair behind I mean why would

they do that that would be so much

easier but no either way the way that we

clean that up because we have to clean

that several times a week is by using a

lint roller and not just any lint roller

I actually really like using this one is

he ever care mega lint roller and this

one’s great because it’s large so I

don’t have to use a small lint roller

which would take me so much more time to

clean up their areas it also has this

cool extendable handle so it’s a lot

easier on me my arm my back and I can

get under certain areas too with a few

passes we get up all the pet hair and of

course Paisley’s favorite hangout spot

black cat happens to be on our white

fabric sofa so you can imagine that one

takes a little bit of work if you have

an old blanket lying around the house do

I have a great upcycling use for you

take that blanket and put it in the

backseat of your car if you’re someone

who can port your pets around now

my cats they after everything comes out

of every body part when they go in the

car so we do not take them in the car

they stay in our house but dogs I have

lots of friends with dogs and they will

do this they’ll line their backseat with

a blanket and that prevents any pet hair

or dander or even odors from

transferring directly from the pet into

the vehicle it’s this buffer that can

easily be removed and washed and it can

also be removed if friends or family

happen to sit in the back and don’t want

to sit in a bunch of doggy hair I have

yet to meet a dog that doesn’t like to

be brushed out but cats are a little bit

more finicky and when it comes to

reducing the amount of pet hair in your

home and pet her on your clothing a lot

of it comes down to grooming if you can

keep on top of your grooming you can

greatly reduce the amount of pet hair

that circulates around the home so you

have to know your pet for example

Paisley hates being groomed so that’s

kind of a lost cause we just let her

shed and do her thing but Molly actually

loves being groomed so and because I’m a

cat lady I love sitting down and

grooming her and it’s a great time for

us to hang out and bond and every time I

finish I relieve this giant clump of

hair and I’m grateful that I did it

because that hair would have otherwise

been scattered around my house so if you

can stay on top of your grooming you

really can reduce the amount of pet hair

at home and that brings me to this

week’s comment question which is what is

your biggest pet peeve see what I did

there I also want to know if you are a

pet parent your pet details let me know

who you have at home cats dogs birds

fish gerbils one of their names how old

are they what are their cute little

quirk I love animals so if I can read

about yours that makes me happy this

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