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Chad’s office is a bit of a disaster – he spends so much time preparing for our videos that his workspace gets overwhelmed with camera gear, magazines and all sorts of other stuff. So this week, we ‘re giving to organize his desk and give his home office the organization makeover it deserves!

today I find myself in Chad’s office who

is not only my handsome husband but the

executive producer here at clean my

suite and let me tell you for a guy in

charge of making content about cleaning

and organizing his space is anything but

cleaned and organized so let’s change

all that by giving Chad the office

organizing makeover his space so

desperately needs let’s go and just a

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the more clutter that is ordens your

desk the more easily you become

distracted the more easily you become

distracted the less work you actually

get done and it’s not just me saying

this from experience there’s actually a

lot of research which proves that

clutter or multiple stimuli as these

fancy studies call them clogs up your

visual field and that in turn clogs up

your brain so in other words your brain

doesn’t know what to do with all of the

visual stimulation going on at your desk

luckily the solution is to keep this one

simple make your desk as clear as

possible it’s best to only have items on

your desk which you are currently

working on and everything else should be

somewhere else like a storage bin or a

filing cabinet

and if you have papers and stuff which

absolutely needs to be on your desk just

make sure it’s neatly piled together in

a basket or a tray to reduce desks

sprawl a clean clear desk will help you

be more productive with your work it

just brings an overall sense of calm

into your office space Chad has had

these drawers in his office since he

moved his office into this room about

three years ago he uses them to store

cords and wires tools paper user manuals

camera equipment adapters electronics

and all sorts of other random stuff

which just sits in this messy cluster of

disorganization makes perfect sense for

an executive producer it makes it really

difficult to find a cable or anything

else when you actually need it though

that’s the challenge so what we’re going

to do is downsize these drawers into

much smaller storage drawers and these

bins we’ll start by going through each

and every

item in the drawers and get rid of all

the stuff that is outdated and to plate

it that’s a nice way of saying it broken

or just plain useless that goes into a

laundry bin and we’re going to donate

that now that we’ve established all of

the items which remain we’re going to

group like items together going back to

an earlier concept and that means that

all office supplies will be in one place

cords and cables will be in another user

manuals and so on for items we don’t

need to access on a regular basis those

are just going to end up in these bins

and for stuff we access regularly we’ll

keep those in the drawers ready for the

cool part okay we’re going to use our

phone to keep track of all this stuff so

we can access it whenever we need

something we downloaded the Bella

storage solutions free app and took

pictures of each and every item that we

had in the drawers and the bin and then

we scanned in the unique bar code for

each storage bin now whenever we need to

find an HDMI cable or whatever we simply

use a phone to find out its exact

location and voila I’m sure you can

imagine how handy this app would be in

other areas of a home like seasonal

clothing holiday decorations craft

supplies it’s so cool now that we’ve at

least corralled all of your papers into

one spot it’s time to start reducing the

amount of papers you actually have in

your workspace first things first you

need a paper filing system and don’t

worry it’s pretty straightforward first

take all your papers and put them into

one pile that sees next you’re going to

pick up each piece of paper one by one

and decide its face one of three things

are going to happen one if it’s an

important actionable piece of paper that

you need to tend to soon put it in one

pile two it’s an important piece of

paper which does not require immediate

action but you need to keep it for your

records for tax purposes and whatnot so

therefore you can file it into a filing

cabinet three it’s not an important

piece of paper and you can shred it

recycle it or even make a fancy origami

swan out of it and let’s face it folks


easier than ever to go paperless and

thanks to technology and this is the

ultimate way to combat piles of papers

in your office I made an entire video

about this subject and I’ll link that

for you in the description box down

below as much as technology has made our

lives easier it also creates a huge mess

under our death straight wires cables

and cords they look horrible and they

can be tripped over or damaged quite

easily if they’re left just hanging out

there’s no shortage of products that

will help you tame a tangled mess of

cords these flexible tubes here can keep

cables together and can easily be tie

wrap to the underside of your desk

I love these mini cord holders we have

them all over the house they’re perfect

for splint charging cords for your phone

or laptop you can even consider using a

cable box which keeps all of your cords

contained in a simple box as opposed to

randomly hanging around and tangled

bunches under your desk I know I’ve

mentioned this in several of our

organizing videos but utilizing unused

space to store items is a creative way

to manage clutter especially in a small

room like Chad’s office which is about

10 by 10 using vertical space is one of

my favorite tips you can use the walls

to keep papers and folders and anything

else for that matter or you can store

plenty of items on the back of your door

using one of these hanging organizers

which leaves you with a world of

additional storage space I just want to

quickly thank our sponsor Bella storage

solution for their support on this video

and if you want to learn more about the

app I’ll put a link in the description

box below or you can visit the iTunes

Store or Google Play Store we are

bipartisan and you can download it for

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