When it comes to cleaning it all comes down to balance; You don’t want to be wasting your time cleaning something if you don’t have to, but you also don’t want to let something go uncleaned if it’s in dire need of some TLC. In this video we tackle the question “How often should I clean a…” with a focus on items in the bedroom and bathroom!

for me cleaning is all about finding

balance if I’m not cleaning something

enough it’s dirty and if I’m cleaning

something too much I’m miserable and I’m

spending too much time cleaning

something that really doesn’t need it

now we already shot a video about how

often should you clean a blank

not one did so well that we decided to

do a second video and this time we’re

going to be focusing on how often you

should really be cleaning things in your

bedroom in your bathroom just a quick

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bedsheets can definitely affect the way

a bedroom smells a long time ago I am

the student property and I went to

inspect it one day and I walked into the

first bedroom and honestly it smelled

like nothing I have ever smelled before

and a key contributor to that smell was

probably the fact that that student had

not washed his bed sheets since the

school year had commenced the point is

you need to wash those bed sheets not

only because you’re lying in bed and

shedding dead skin cells and sweat and

body oils and all kinds of other funky

stuff that comes off your body in the

night but your sheets are touching your

body on a regular basis and just like

clothing they need to be clean too now

in the summer you’re going to sweat more

so you want to keep in mind you might

want to up your washing frequency just

to make sure that your bedroom doesn’t

start stinking and in the cooler months

if you feel so inclined you can slow

down how frequently you’re washing your

sheets you can do baby once every two

weeks from me and tad we do once a week

because it works for us and we like a

fresh smelling bedroom when I was

growing up my mom was adamant that we

closed the shower curtain and rip up

that non-slip shower mat after each use

and if we didn’t we heard about it and

there’s a really good reason why if you

don’t close your shower curtain and

shower curtain liner after each use that

pink mildewy moldy stuff starts to grow

and it looks gross I mean you go in the

shower to get clean and then you have to

learn to that not happening now we have

a cool

video on how to clean those shower items

and I will link that for you down below

it’s a really good one you should check

it out but in terms of frequency well

you can look at the inner shower curtain

liner and you can see if there’s any

chalky white build up that would be soap

scum and that white buildup can

eventually start to feed that pink mold

and mildew stuff pinky-orange that

starts to grow the keys to preventing

that from happening is to make sure that

you have your bathroom well-ventilated

after each shower so turn on that fan or

leave your window open for at least 30

minutes and the other thing you can do

is every time you finish a shower

keep your shower curtain and shower

curtain liner completely open so that it

can drip dry and all of that moldy

mildew stuff won’t have a chance to grow

I once read that Martha Stewart changes

out her bathroom towels every day she

won’t use the same towel two days in a

row but you know what for the rest of us

I think it’s totally fine I changed my

towel out one or two times a week just

depends on how frequently the towel gets

used and the time of year in this summer

I tend to change it out more frequently

because there’s more humidity in the air

so the towels tend to get musty err

quicker but in cooler months you can

even go for about a week’s time before

you need to change out that towel so

there’s a caveat here you have to make

sure that your towel is actually fully

dried and dried properly if it’s not

it’s going to start smelling musty and

so many of you guys will message me and

say my towel will stink what do I do the

greatest thing you can do to your towel

is just air dry it completely and fully

so it doesn’t stink and that also goes

for when you’re done using your towel

and you throw it into a laundry pile

never throw it in when it’s damp and

that’s why you have fans in your

bathroom and if you don’t you have a

window so you leave it open and get some

good air circulation in there

bath mats are a really nice way to pep

up your bathroom but if they’re not

clean they are disgusting I remember

before I started clean my space I had a

black fuzzy bath mat and I don’t think I

ever washed it and I just threw it out

because it was

so the important message here is that

your bath mat can absorb a lot over the

course of a day or a week or a month

which is why I think they should launder

them monthly they can absorb hair dirt

debris dust things from the bathroom and

God forbid if it is by the toilet and

you happen to stand up while you’re

peeing sprinkles so throw it in the

washing machine follow the care

instructions and hang it to dry or put

it on the fluff cycle in your dryer you

will feel so much better your bathroom

will smell fresher and of course it will

look a lot cleaner I know men might find

this really hard to believe but our lady

friends tend to sweat as well and that

means that your bras need to be cleaned

fairly regularly now this is a

contentious point on the Internet I’ve

done a lot of research and over the

years I’ve come to this I washed my bras

after every two to three wears I also

leave a one-day gap between wearing them

and what I’ll do is I’ll just sort of

air them out so I have that try sorter

in my bathroom the laundry try sorter so

I just lean a bra over that try sorter

and they kind of let it breathe and do

its thing if my pillow isn’t comfortable

honestly I cannot sleep and there was a

period of time where I struggled so much

with finding a comfortable pillow that

once I found one I made sure that I took

really good care of it because my sleep

is just that important a lot of you guys

asked how frequently you should be

cleaning your pillows and we actually

have a great video on that as well so

I’ll link that for you down below with

the entire technique and everything laid

out for you but the general answer is

you should think about cleaning your

pillow every two to three times a year

now the really important thing about a

pillow is to get a pillow protector and

what that does is it prevents any

staining and heat dust mites any bedbugs

or any other gross things that you don’t

want seeping into your pillow from

actually getting in there and then when

you wash your linens you can also take

off that pillow protector throw that in

the washing machine and then you have

two barriers against your very precious

pillow and what we’re on the topic of

bed swag we might as well talk about

comforters as well now there are two


comforters there’s the comforter with

the duvet cover on top and then there’s

just look comforter as it is and all

comforters and duvet covers are

completely different interestingly to me

a lot of them are not machine washable

which means there are a little more

high-maintenance and got to take them in

to have dry cleaning or other specialty

cleaning treatments your care label will

tell you exactly how to take care of and

how frequently you should take care of

your duvet cover or your comforter what

I recommend is to clean your comforter

twice a year or if you’re like me and

you let your pet sleep on your bed with


you might want to up that to four times

a year in case allergies dander and pet

hair start to bother you now if you have

a duvet cover you’re kind of in luck I

mean it is a bit of a pain to take off

and put back on your comforter each time

but it does give you the opportunity to

launder it every you know month or so

when you’re washing your linens and then

your actual comforter is very well

protected so you can clean that once or

twice a year my hope is now you can rest

a little easier knowing how frequently

you really should be cleaning something

again the goal is to live in a clean

house but not a house that you’re

spending all of your time cleaning and

of course not a house that has never

been cleaned or not as well-maintained

as it could be the whole idea here is

just to help you guys find balance and

I’d love to know in the comments down

below what else do you want to know how

frequently to clean what’s really

getting you when you look at it and you

think should I be cleaning that weekly

monthly annually what’s going on here

let me know in the comments and we’ll

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