When it comes to cleaning no one wants to spend more time cleaning then they have to! We get asked a lot “how often should I be cleaning” something. So, in this video we decided to address this question and go over how often you should be cleaning things in your kitchen.

sometimes it can be hard to know how

often you’re supposed to clean something

I mean yeah if it looks dirty or if it

smells dirty sure you think okay I’m

going to clean it now but there are a

lot of other triggers or indications

that you should clean something that you

might not necessarily know about so a

lot of you guys have been asking us

these questions because you’re trying to

put together your own cleaning routines

so it inspired us to create a series

called how often should I clean it and

in this week’s video we’re doing the

kitchen edition and just a quick

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like this video series cleaning a floor

with a dirty mop is a total waste of

time and when it comes to your kitchen

at least in my kitchen there’s usually a

lot to mop up so when I am mopping the

floor I want to make sure it’s clean

before I get down to business so as soon

as I’m done

my actual mopping I’ll throw the dirty

mop head in my wash alongside my other

microfiber cleaning cloth because I have

a removable microfiber mop head so a lot

of you guys will have the same thing

whether it’s a flat head mop or a string

style mop it can still be machine washed

and you really should do it after each

use now if it’s a light duty use you

know just a little in between each lien

okay you can leave it for one or two

mops but as soon as you do a heavy-duty

clean you really do want to launder that

mop head now if you don’t have a washing

machine at home you can just fill a

basin with some hot water where some

rubber gloves add a little bit of dish

soap to the solution and just use your

hands to manually scrub the mop head

clean then just give it a good rinse and

hang it to dry garbage recycling and

compost bins do need attention and

fairly frequently I would say to clean

these items once every three months

unless there’s been a bag breach in

which case you need to do it yes eighty

easy plastic over time starts to absorb

odors and whether you keep your garbage

clean or not it is going to start to

smell so after you’ve taken out your

garbage preferably on garbage day

take your bins outside again the spring

summer fall great time to do this the

winter it’s a little harder but you can

manage rinse out the interior of the bin

just get it a little bit

what sprinkles – borax inside of those

containers and let that sit for about 20

minutes or so then get an iron handle

brush give it a good scrub rinse it out

and let it air dry ideally in the Sun

before you put your bag back in and we

have videos on how to do this both

indoor and outdoor bins and I’ll link

those for you down below kitchen sponges

guys let me tell you I have a love-hate

relationship with kitchen sponges they

serve a great purpose loves being nasty

and this guy has been used to just clean

my blender and some stuff in the sink

and I already don’t even want to look at

it so what I do is my kitchen sponges is

after I use them I give them a really

good rinse with soap and water

using soap will help remove a lot of the

dirt and bacteria a couple times a week

I’ll throw the sponge on the top rack of

the dishwasher and run a cycle through

that also helps clean it a little bit

it’s not the most efficient but it’s

pretty good now when my sponge looks

nasty like that when I just taught it’s

time to get a new one so I’m not afraid

to replace my sponges frequently frankly

a dirty sponge really isn’t cleaning

anything or doing anybody any favors of

inthis or something that I seriously

neglect in this kitchen

can’t you tell look at this one it’s so

beat-up I should really just get a new

one at this point but you should be

cleaning these about every three months

or so I’m looking at these now I haven’t

done them in a while

and honestly whenever I wash them I feel

good I’m like why haven’t I done this

earlier so yeah every three months is a

really good cycle but when I look at

them I mean they have food stains on


crumbs tomato sauce that kind of stuff

they got thrown around I mean again

they’re not really going to carry tons

and tons of bacteria but at the same

time they’ll smell they’ll stain and

you’ll just want them to look fresh and

clean especially if they’re going to be

touching your foods the oven is probably

the nightmare of kitchen cleaning and I

get it it’s a lot of work but if you

stay on top of keeping your oven clean

it’s actually much easier to take care

of whether it’s self-cleaning or not so

the idea here is you want to clean your

oven two to four times a year depending

on how frequently you cook and frankly

how responsible you are when you cook

because if things are falling down to

the floor of the oven and onto the rack

you have to clean more frequently and

again once you are on top of

you’re not going to have your oven

smoking and stinking which means it’s

going to be a lot easier to take care of

I’ve got videos learn how to clean your

oven and your oven racks and I’ll link

those both down below now when it comes

to your stovetop you should just be

cleaning that up after each use the

specialist you have a flat cooktop like

I do oh my god you cannot cook on that

thing twice tea towels dish towels and

hand towels serve a great purpose in the

kitchen obviously they keep your hands

nice and dry between cooking and

cleaning up but when I get a new one out

I’ll often use it to dry fruits or

veggies right before I’m ready to

prepare them so for me I usually give

these a cleaning every 24 to 48 hours

depending on how frequently I’ve used

them and what I’ve used them for

honestly dirty tea towels hand towels

whatever give me the heebie-jeebies they

are gross think about it your dirty

hands might touch chicken and then touch

this and then touch something else and

then touch this again look so I like to

launder these frequently and I have a

nice laundry basket in the basement

where I put them I always let them dry

first and then I’ll launder these along

with cloth napkins and other cleaning

cloths now I have a big pile of tea

towels at the ready so I never have to

worry about having a clean one on hand

the fridge is another one of these

kitchen appliances that we’ve got a pace

of good attention to even though it

keeps your food cold which generally

means that it will prevent it from

getting smelly eventually we got to face

the music the fridge can get pretty

gross so once a month you can do a

cursory clean of the fridge and that

basically looks like you picking through

anything that’s kind of old expired

growth especially in the crisper drawers

getting rid of old leftovers that kind

of stuff and then just giving any

exposed areas of quick wipe you know

anything that looks gummed up or stained

but then once every three months that’s

when you want to pull everything out of

the fridge

including the shelves and the crisper

drawers give it a good wipe down and

then put everything back and in in an

organized fashion and replace your

baking soda I think it’s important to

know how frequently to clean something

that way you’re not spending your time

over cleaning something who wants to do

that and you’re not leaving something

for too long either

and that

this week’s comment question please let

me know in the comments down below what

is it that you need to know how

frequently to clean as I mentioned we’re

creating a whole series around this so

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