How To Care For Indoor HOUSEPLANTS! (feat. House Plant Journal)

I love the idea of having plants at home

the problem is I don’t know a lot about

plan and that’s why I brought my friend

Darryl from house plant journal on

Instagram over now he is known for his

way of plant Parenthood I call him the

plant dad of the year that’s a very

informal name but for everybody else

they love him because he does amazing

plant time-lapses and he knows a lot

about taking care of plants so I figured

I put a call out on Instagram get your

questions about taking care of plants

and then bring Darryl over to help clear

things up for us and just a quick

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if you like plants in your home so the

first thing we’re gonna start with is

white right right so light is quite

honestly the most important thing for a

plant it’s like it determines how it

will grow it determines how quickly you

use water and so that’s kind of where we

have to start yeah and where to position

the plant in the house exactly so when

you first buy a plant it’s important to

read the label right like with cleaning

product exactly the same products so

when a plant says it needs full Sun that

means you got to put it in a place where

it’s gonna be literally baking in the

Sun and you can understand that cactus

succulents those are the kinds of plants

that like that sort of light okay the

second thing is what it needs

bright indirect light mm-hmm now that

one is a little trickier to understand I

would call that obscure at best

yeah so the way that I like to describe

it is put your plant where it can see

the sky not necessarily the Sun just the

open sky okay and the sky is the source

of this bright interest light very

helpful all right I feel good about the

lighting situation now I have a bit more

of an understanding about that

so the next thing is watering your plant

cause I like to water myself but like I

was telling you I water my plants pretty

much once a week or want it like for my

air plants when I remember to is just a

terrible way to take care of them so

what do we have to know about watering

our plans so again when we start with a

plant getting the right light then we

can water it right so when the soil

becomes dry then

when we water it again and we don’t just

want to tiptoe in water a tiny bit we

need to give the soil a good soaking

uh-huh because you know the roots will

take up that water again when they are

growing yeah that’s the other thing like

how do you even know how much water to

give a plant so I kind of do like an

estimation of the volume like if you

look at the cup of water and look at the

a pot like this mm-hmm you know if you

pour the entire glass worth of water

there’s gonna be you know really

something wet but that’s okay if the

plant is getting the right kind of light

yeah because the plant will use the

water exactly rose that’s it and you

were telling you this soil is kind of

like a sponge yes so so sometimes you

know we do let our plants dry out you

know some some plants don’t like being

too dry but plants like this snake plant

they can with fan being completely dry

but when that happens the soil becomes

like really hard and crusty just like a

sponge let it sit out in the air so do

you have any other tips when it comes to

watering plants so the other thing

that’s important about soil is its

structure no this sounds very scientific

well it could be but you can just think

about it this way those plants outside

yeah they benefit from having insects

and worms crawling around and aerating

the soil for them okay I was thinking it

was like chemistry stuff but you’re just

talking about worms I can deal with that

yeah so what happens is your plants

indoors they don’t really have worms or

insects at least we hope not

yeah and so you have to do the job for

them you have to manually aerate the

roots to give them some space and some

oxygen and then that way water can

better penetrate okay that makes a lot

of sense so what I like to do before our

water is I take a chopstick and I sort

of probe the soil and at the same time

it’s kind of like poking little holes to

allow water to flow through better and

so it’s all more even I know that we can

have plants in the basement where there

is literally no light available at all

but a lot of people on Instagram and

frankly me I want to know and so today

what are some low-light plant options

and give me some ideas about low-light

plants so that we can start

incorporating them into our spaces so I

think a term is thrown around a lot is

thrives in low light

and I mean I really prefer to think of

it as they still look okay when they’re

starving for life that’s nice

but I mean there are plants where they

don’t need direct Sun but they still

need to see my piece of the sky and that

is what we would call low light okay now

plants that do this well are snake plant

and Zizi plant and these two plants are

also good because they prefer to have

bone dry soil so you don’t need to water

them very frequently that is a very easy

plant to take care of you could go on

holiday and forget about them really

exactly so another type of plant is

called Dracena or dragon tree and what

will happen when it’s in low light is

that it will start to lose its lower

leaves top will keep growing okay so if

you see some Brown don’t panic and think

you’re a bad person

exactly okay like the plants still doing

okay right all right and then the other

plant that’s also good for a low light

is pothos and that’s kind of a leafy

plant and the interesting thing about

that plant is that the leaves will droop

that’s had a little bit and then you can

water it and that’s what it’ll tell you

when it away oh that’s cool so if people

are in a cubicle at work or an office

are there any options for them so yeah

these plants that I just named these are

the plants that will as I say look okay

yeah kind of starving a little bit but

maybe an option is that you can put the

plants in near the window on the weekend

oh that is a good option full of

solutions many of the people in the

clean my space nation are pet parents

and they are aspiring plant parents but

they’re nervous about it like me because

you don’t want to bring a plant home

that’s going to be toxic to your pet and

even if it’s not toxic to your pet your

pet like Molly for example will hop up

and eat any plant throw it up everywhere

and the plant is ruined so what kind of

tips do you have for pet parents in

terms of plants so I would say the first

thing to do is do your research right so

a great place to do that is the ASPCA

website and they pretty much list out

any type of plant that you could

possibly bring home and talk about it

plasticity okay but in general with

toxic plants like actually all the ones

we name about the low light plants

they’re all a little bit toxic what that

really means is that if the cat or dog

were to eat the entire plant then it

might get real

sake and possibly died okay so it’s like

usually they’ll just take it the nipple

and then see that it tastes bad and

they’ll stop beating it yeah yeah now

the only one plant that I know for sure

is very toxic and if you completely

avoid taking if you have pests is called

the sago palm okay and it’s kind of like

a little pine cone with some palm leaves

coming up I have seen that yeah it’s

very cute but clearly not a good choice

yes so very toxic so four completely

safe plants we have plants like the

spider plant which is also a very good

low light plant and the spider plant is

actually really good at cleaning the air

to a lot of people love it for that okay


yeah and then another plant is called a

ponytail palm unfortunately if some of

the leaves also look like cats toys but

okay anyway that’s okay we can always

hang them if needed just to get them out

of the way and so speaking of hanging

small air plants those are completely my

favorite plants well you’ve seen some of

mine are sort of dead but yeah they are

they are beautiful plants

okay so pet parents you know what you

got to do I know what I have to do when

I pick a plant at the store my goal is

to always pick like a fruit like the

most perfect divine looking specimen and

then I bring it home and it’ll start to

turn brown or yellow and then I start to

feel like a bad person and that I’m not

doing the right thing with the plant and

I’m killing it so what’s actually going

on there so I mean if our goal is to try

and keep the plants looking perfect


then we’ll always be disappointed hmm I

have a good analogy for the way I think

about plants yes like an Olympic athlete

they’re trained with the best facilities

ever a plant comes from a plant nursery

that has literally the best light ever

they have staff to water them all that

kind of thing my house but once we bring

them home it’s like that Olympic athlete

you know has suddenly nowhere to Train

and you know their bodies will gradually

change in the way of whatever conditions

we can provide that is such a great

analogy so if the plant starts to change

a little I don’t have to feel so bad

it’s still starving gracefully as you

say right but again with the way that

house plant journal the way that I

approach plants yes that we want to

understand the conditions we can most

realistically provide uh-huh

choose the plants accordingly okay and

let nature take its course

see that is really good to know because

and and your Instagram account does this

it you talk about different types of

plants you talk about what lighting it’s

appropriate for and then you talk about

how to take care of the plant and the

other thing that I love about Darrell’s

Instagram account is he also shows these

incredible time lapses of his plants

night today you travel and you take

photos of different plants and you have

some like monster plants going on in

your house so if you guys want to see

what Darrel is up to and learn more

about plants and honestly it is so

inspirational to see his Instagram

account you can follow him on instagram

at house plant journal and he also has a

website house plant journal calm and

that brings Darryl and I to this week’s

comment question which is what are your

plant questions

Darryl you said that you’d be able to go

on our YouTube video and answer some

comments great so if you guys have any

questions go ahead and leave them for

Daryl and again you can find him on

Instagram at house plant journal here

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