How To Clean a Down Winter Jacket!

this is my favorite winter jacket I

bought it four years ago during the

polar vortex and it has kept me warm

every winter since well except for this

winter because clearly it’s not zipping

up but that aside having a down-filled

jacket certainly means you’re making an

investment but it will keep you warm

winter after winter the caveat is you

have to figure out how to take care of

it properly and that means how to wash

it so in this video I’m going to show

you the proper and safe way to clean

your down-filled jacket at home here are

a few things to keep in mind before you

actually get down to the business of

laundering your jacket

first and foremost anytime I talk about

cleaning anything garment wise I tell

you to check the fabric care label this

is there for a good reason the

manufacturer took the time to explain to

you exactly how to take care of your

very expensive down coat so do yourself

a favor and just figure that part out

first one more important thing to do

before you actually put your jacket into

the wash is to remove anything that’s

made with fur so if you have a hood

that’s fur lined just unzip it and take

it off you can treat that separately if

you do want to clean your fur lining you

can use a soft bristle brush and just

take care of that yourself

or you can take it to a furrier now a

few other tips before you get washing is

to make sure that your jacket is zipped

up all the way your pockets are emptied

and that all velcro fasteners are closed

if you ever looked at something that’s

been laundered that has velcro it has

like you know little strings and stuff

woven in there just by closing up that

velcro that’ll change everything for you

you are finally ready to put this jacket

in the washing machine okay so a front

load washer is preferable because you

don’t have that center agitator that can

kind of mess things up when it comes to

the lock so stuff it in there leave it

by itself you don’t want to put other

things into the mix you’re going to use

cold water to do this particular load

and when it comes to choosing a

detergent you want to pick something

that’s gentle now because you’re

investing a significant amount of money

in a jacket like this I would recommend

just getting a down specific laundry

detergent and I will link some good

options for you in the description box

down below when it comes to adding

anything else to the wash so that’s

bleach fabric softener vinegar or even

essential oils if that’s anything that

you normally add to your laundry mix I’m

gonna say don’t add any of it when

you’re washing your down filled jacket

you want to keep it simple so just stick

to that special down detergent or

something that’s super gentle as soon as

that buzzer dings make sure that you go

down to the washing machine take the

jacket out and get it directly into the

dryer you don’t want to let it sit even

for a few minutes because mold and

mildew can start to form in the down and

trust me you don’t want to deal with

that that is not a pretty smell and this

is an expensive jacket I cannot say that

enough so put it into the dryer and you

can either add three tennis balls

stuffed into tube socks and tie it off

or if you have dryer balls hanging

around you can throw a bunch of those

into the wash that’s what I do and that

is going to help tumble out any of the

moisture but also restore it and even

out the loft of the feathers

now you’re going to tumble dry on a low

heat and you might need to do this for

an hour or an hour and a half you want

to check as soon as the buzzer goes off

to see if all of the moisture has come

out you can sort of hold it up to your

mouth do a little breathe in and see if

you get any moisture coming out of the

jacket if you do it means that you still

have some more tumble drying to do and

if you don’t use that your jacket is


you know your jacket better than anyone

else my recommendation is to play by ear

if you need to wash your jacket a couple

of times a season that’s fine you don’t

have to get obsessive about it I wash

mine 1 to 2 times a season depending on

how it’s looking now a light-colored

jacket will probably need a little bit

more attention than a darker color

jackets just keep that in mind too you

want to avoid washing there are a couple

of things that you can do or if you just

want to extend the time between washings

here are a couple of tricks a lot of the

jackets are made with very durable and

easy-to-clean fabrics so if you happen

to have a salt stain or a little stain

on the exterior of your jacket

oftentimes even just a dampened cloth

can wipe away those stains if it’s

something a little tougher you can put a

little bit of vinegar on that and that

should really help remove the stain

don’t worry it won’t smell the other

thing you can do if you notice that the

loft is a little bit off or if the

jacket has been in storage for a while

you kind of want to pet things up you

just take the jacket and put it into

your dryer on the air only or the fluff

cycle and this will just help restore

evenness to the loft now don’t forget

you have to put those dryer balls those

tennis balls or even clean tennis shoes

into the dryer along with the jacket

that will really help beat things out

and even out your locked when springtime

rolls around and it is time to no longer

rear down fell jacket honestly I

fantasize about that moment make sure

that you store it in a fabric garment

bag instead of a plastic garment bag the

jacket can’t breathe in plastic and good

things don’t happen when natural fibres

are stored in plastic so just stick with

fabric and you’ll be good once you know

how to take care of your down-filled

coat it will last you for years and I’m

not just saying that as an exaggeration

I plan on keeping my jacket for 20 years

that was a decision I made when I bought

it because it was quite the outlay and

that brings me to this week’s comment

question which is what’s your take on a

down Feld jacket do you think it’s worth

the investment have you crossed that

bridge made that leap spent the money

and is it worth it like have you enjoyed

the jacket or would you have preferred

to keep the money in your pocket and buy

something a little less expensive I’d

love to

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