How to Clean A Fridge! (Clean With Me)

Oh goodness, my fridge looked stuffed, crusty and frankly, needed some love.

So this week, I decided to film it, Clean With Me style, and show you exactly how I clean my fridge.

Now, I do have a video where we do an even *more* thorough clean of the fridge (link below), but this was a pretty significant job and didn’t take too much work or time.

I use my three wave system to do this task, empty the fridge, clean it out/discard items, replace items/toss old stuff and voila, a clean, beautiful fridge. I hope you guys enjoy this and try it at home, who knows what gross stuff you’ll find! I know one thing for sure, you’ll feel amazing after you do it.


well yes it’s true our fridge is a mess

you guys had no problem pointing that

out in one of our recent videos there it

is in all its glory it needs some help

so this week I figured I’m going to show

you how to clean your fridge I’m going

to do a clean with me style video and we

are going to get this fridge looking the

way it should here’s what you’ll need

some all-purpose cleaner

some microfiber cloths a recycling bin

and a garbage all right let’s get to it


the first wave is kind of fun you just

sort of take everything out of your

fridge it’s kind of like a trip down

memory lane

yeah where did those pickles come from

or oh that darh salsa looks awful anyway

this was a great time I kind of laughed

at some things that were in the fridge

couldn’t believe I forgot about them but

all in all it felt really good I also

find this a great time to look at some

fruits and veggies that are about to you

know hit the expiration point I leave

those out and I’ll just cook with them

that day in fact that afternoon I made

some kale

it’s kind of funny when you do this

because you might find doubles in the


case in point I found two jars of Dijon

mustard and two containers of

horseradish mayo not mine there you go

all my fridge contents no secrets here


and of course you can see the fridge

does get pretty gaudy and the crisper

drawers really really not pretty but

this is real life guys this is what

happens in the second wave we actually

get to the hard core cleaning will deal

with the food after so we can put it

back into a clean fridge I’ll grab my

all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber

cloth and I’m just dousing the fridge

here with the all-purpose cleaner by the

time I get to the shelves on the door

the stuff on the top shelf will have had

a chance to loosen up and for the

crisper drawers I’m actually removing

them entirely giving them a spritz so

that way I can clean the area underneath

when you’re doing this be gentle your

fridge components are designed to come

out you just have to be careful make

sure you don’t crack or break anything

we also have a video on doing a cleaning

in the fridge where you remove all the

shelves but I decided not to do that

this time


now that the product has had a chance to

sit I’m going to wipe everything nice

and clean making sure I get in the


it’s also important to get the underside

of the shelf especially if it’s glass

sometimes bottles that are tall or

containers can graze the underside of

that shelf and leave a grimy little

streak of residue make sure you get the

sides in the back of the fridge as well


so funny it’s such a simple thing to do

but it makes you feel so much better

about your kitchen just knowing that

your fridge is clean it’s also important

to make sure that everything is dry so

once you’ve wiped it clean you want to

make sure it’s dry because you don’t

want any mildew situations happening in

the fridge if you do encounter any

difficult stains in the fridge I didn’t

but if you do you can sprinkle a little

bit of baking soda on top of the same

spray some all-purpose cleaner let that

sit for a minute or two and then give it

a good scrub now one thing I did here

which I didn’t show on camera was

actually took the drawers and sink and

gave them a quick rinse because there

were some little crumbs I couldn’t get

rid of so you can do that if you like


pop the drawers back in get ready for

reload you see all that crap over there

at the bottom corner yeah that had to go


looking pretty good right all right

wave three we sort through the food pick

out the science experiments look at any

of the stuff that we haven’t used in a

while but we’ll start off with the

fruits and veggies and I like to line

the crisper drawers with a sheet of

paper towel it’s easy to replace and it

helps absorb moisture and keep the

drawer clean so I’m just sorting through

everything picking out the stuff that

I’m going to keep yep

all that stuff goes back in you don’t

want to over stuff your crisper drawer

either I try to separate out fruits and

veggies but if it doesn’t happen that’s

okay now I’m just sorting through

checking expiry dates looking at

anything that I haven’t eaten in a while

or things that I’m not going to eat

things that I want to get rid of I’m

putting those on the stove and then

everything that we’re keeping I’m

leaving on the counter and I’ll organize

that accordingly definitely some

leftovers that needed to go now I’m just

wiping the bottom of the jars that I’m

keeping getting rid of any of that

build-up that might have you know

happened over time and then I’m lighting

them back up in the fridge nice and

neatly I actually like doing this job

because then I know where everything is

and if I need to grab say the capers or

the harissa I know exactly where to look

for it it’s not like buried somewhere

random in the fridge



it’s also a good time to consolidate

anything so if you have doubles like I

just did with my nuts

you can consolidate those and that makes

storage obviously more efficient in the

fridge you might notice that on a baking

soda in the fridge I actually have a

charcoal filter in there okay now it’s

time to get rid of any of the food that

you’re going to be getting rid of I’m

squirting stuff in the garbage obviously

the mail you can see my face oh I hate

Mayo it’s so nasty so that was a pretty

and exciting part of the job but don’t

just dump your jars in the recycling bin

you got to empty things out first it’s

great not to put it down the sink the

cat came in she clearly thought she

could score but I made sure that didn’t



now for anything that had oil or grease

in it I poured that into a zippered bag

and I discarded the zippered bag

obviously I didn’t want to put that down

sink and there you go my fridge did look


and now it looks great didn’t take too

long and it really reinvigorates the

kitchen just makes it feel so much

better you can really see the difference

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I

hope I’ve inspired you to clean your

fridge as well make sure you check out

our other clean with me videos thanks

for watching and I’ll see you next time


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