How to Clean Grout (Easy Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money)

would your grimy grow even make a pirate

day stick around and I’ll show you how

to get your kraut

clean it off for the captain ahoy my

tile barnacles

it’s Melissa maker here please clean my

space I don’t know why the pirate top is

coming in but just roll with it Lucy

from Cambridge asked me a great question

she said hey Melissa how do I clean the

grout in between my tiles it’s really

grimy and really dirty what do I do it’s

a great question Lucy we have tiles in

our kitchen bathrooms friend hallways

showers you name it and grout is always

getting dirty and man is it hard to

clean I’m going to show you a great

trick today on how to whiten and

brighten your grout and I’ll also give

you some pointers about how to prolong

the cleaning that you’re going to be

doing today so I don’t know I always

talk about the tools what we need to get

the job done the first thing that we’ll

use is a cotton cloth the next thing

you’ll need is some water in a spray

bottle and this time

we’re on the mists study next thing

you’ll need is a cleaning toothbrush and

finally some baking soda something I

want to point out about route as well is

the reason it gets so dirty

is because growth is a lot like the Plus

on our skin

it absorbs everything now I like our

skin you can see all grow by just

picking up a grout sealant actually home

store what you have to do is clean the

grout very well first and then apply the

sealant the reason grout gets dirty is

because either it was never sealed

properly in the first place or the

sealant has come off now when we walk

the floor and use dirty water you’re

actually making the situation work

you’re pushing that dirt from the dirty

mop water into the ground so it’s not

good and when you’re in the bathroom and

you’re showering whatever comes off your

body is slowly being absorbed into the

grout as well so growth is really a

tough thing to deal but tile floors are

great to have so it’s a give and take

the technique that we’re going to use is

very simple the first thing I’ll do is

spray the grout line the second thing

that I’ll do is apply baking soda to

that grow and this will form a paste and

that paste is what it’s going to solve

your problem now good things come to

those who wait right okay this is going

to take us about 15 minutes

so as you can see the road became

perfectly clean after just leaving

baking soda on road for about 15 minutes

and scrubbing it off with my awesome

cleaning toothbrush you’ll notice that I

did wet down the road after I came back

from my 15 minute break reason is when

we be voice dries it’s a lot easier to

clean if your road is really bad we may

want to try wetting the road down with

the lemon which is a natural brightener

as opposed to spraying it with water and

then making a pace that would help as

well however my grout was in such bad


anyway Lucy I hope you like my video if

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you next time

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