How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets! (Clean My Space Q&A)

We get quite a few questions here at Clean My Space, and while we do our best, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to answer them all! So, it’s time for another Q&A where we answer some of your pressing questions.

we get a lot of different comments on

the clean myspace channel a lot of them

are about cleaning some of them are

about my personal life some are about

Chad and some are just a long K anyway

we figured in this video it would be fun

if I took a look at some of your

questions and answered them not

necessarily cleaning although a couple

of them are but some ones are pretty

interesting so stick around I’m gonna

answer some of your questions and just a

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burning question answered our first

question comes from Dede Harrell I hope

I pronounced your name right

what should you use to clean the outside

of your car so you guys know I love

making my own products as much as the

next guy and the next guy over here he’s

sitting right on the couch is Chad and

Chad actually tried using dish soap and

water to clean the exterior of his car

and he just ended up with a lot of

streaks so we did a lot of research

about this and we learned first of all

car paint is very delicate and there’s a

lot of stuff that comes on to your cart

dead bugs bird poop dirt that kind of

stuff there are specific products that

are designed to clean your cars so you

know I will tell you when to make your

own products but I’ll also tell you when

you should buy the specialty stuff and

in this case I really recommend that you

buy specialty car care products they

will work better you’re gonna get better

results they’re gonna take better care

of your car’s exterior so just go to

your local big-box store and find a

brand that you like and that works for


here’s one from Miss America 94 I know

what country she is from how do you

clean a house after you or your family

gets the flu or a cold great question

first of all we have a video on this so

I will link that for you down below we

did it a while back and the intro is

really funny so I definitely recommend

that you watch it now remember if you

are sick in your own home with a cold or

flu I’m not talking about other

illnesses here we are specifically

talking about cold and flu if you live

by yourself you will not reinfect

yourself so do your regular cleaning and

that will be sufficient but if you live

with others you can definitely

sit on to other family members so the

most important things to remember are to

disinfect your points of contact so to

disinfect you want to use something like

a disinfectant you can make your own

equal parts water and rubbing alcohol

you also want to make sure that you’re

laundering any of the sweaty clothes

that you wore while you were sick any

blankets or bedding that you used while

you were sick you can launder that as

well just make sure you follow care

label instructions and any other items

that you touched frequently kettle’s

stuff in your kitchen if you had an

appetite anything like that you just

want to make sure you’ve given that a

wipe down with a disinfectant now some

people will say clean your toothbrush

again you can’t reinfect yourself the

other thing I want to tell you is your

bathroom in your kitchen is probably

where the majority of bacteria will live

so you want to focus on those areas

specifically in your cleaning I hope

that helps clarify things for you and I

hope you don’t get sick

Alyssa brown Carlton asks a question

that I am very glad to answer she says

is there any DIY cleaner for laminate

flooring yeah it’s in here in chapter 2

it’s equal parts rubbing alcohol white

vinegar and water you put it in a spray

bottle you spray it on the floor use a

flathead mop and you wipe it but

seriously the book is full of great

recipes so if you don’t have it already

you can pick it up we’ll link it for you

down below here’s a question from Juan

Rios who says hi I love your videos and

all the tips are amazing but you didn’t

mention what to clean kitchen cabinets

with simple so normally you can just use

the all-purpose cleaner that we always

talk about water and a little bit of

dish soap

however kitchen cabinets can get greasy

and in that case we’ve had the best

results using an enzyme cleaner like

back out in fact Lucas had really greasy

cabinets when he moved into his condo

and he tried everything so we gave him a

bottle of back out and he had the best

results with those and he has those

super dark cabinets so one I hope that

helps you this one comes from joke Ray


George okay like poke a bowl joke a joke

I hope I said it right just a quick


do you do use distilled water for DIY

cleaners or do they work as good with

regular tap water let me explain the

difference between using regular water

and distilled water so if you live in an

area with a lot of hard water minerals

in your water that kind of stuff you

might want to use distilled water

because those minerals can leave residue

behind where this becomes really

problematic is when you’re steaming or

ironing because all of the steam will

evaporate and you’re gonna get left with

that white crustiness and that is really

annoying and difficult to deal with

that’s why distilled water is often

recommended in use for things like

humidifiers and steamers and irons but

for your regular cleaning recipes you

don’t really need to use distilled water

here’s a question from Marielle forest

who says I have your makers cloths

excellent and I have a question do I

need to wet them with water before

applying a cleaning product so a lot of

people who have the cloths first of all

on our website makers clean calm we have

all the usage and care instructions so

you can visit that and learn more about

it but to answer your specific question

I prefer when I’m doing general cleaning

to just spray the surface or the cloth

with a little bit of product and if I’m

doing a very dirty or large surface

perhaps I will wet the entire cloth but

I actually find they perform better when

they’re dampened with just a little bit

of product or completely dry for buffing

Nero queries just me or does Chad look

extra good in this video let’s see

who does that God does not make you look

good that was awkward

Chad’s a really good-looking guy I met

him online the first thing I saw was

aside from his weird screen name which

was not attractive was his picture which

was attractive so you say not to judge a

book by it’s cover I did and for the

past 11 years he has still managed to

look great and even at age 41 I actually

think he gets better with age so yeah

videos Woolf SF 2012 says I thought you

said seven bathrooms girl

I couldn’t imagine cleaning seven

bathrooms okay and neither could I

actually I could I have then again if

one has seven bathrooms they ain’t the

ones cleaning them I think it’s great

that you both have one when I started

clean my space services back in 2006 I

did a lot of cleaning and we clean some

pretty big houses some of which had

seven or more bathrooms so I know what

that’s like and it is a lot of work and

I think you are right if you have seven

bathrooms you are not cleaning them


treinen I credit having our own

bathrooms to a successful marriage so

that’s actually been really important to

us and when the baby comes I’m pretty

sure the baby and Chad will be sharing a

bathroom Burton family says are you

wearing invisible braces well I am not

currently wearing them I can put them in

for you I am Lauren or Isabel braces

those are my bottom ones they’re in a

gross paper towel right now and there

are my top ones but don’t show my ortho

how I just put them in that is totally

the wrong way so I do wear Invisalign if

you see me up close you’ll notice I have

little bumps on my teeth I had braces

when I was 13 and then my teeth started

shifting and my dentist said you really

need to get that taken care of and that

happened because my little retainer wire

fell out and I never replaced it so for

those of you who do have retainer wires

don’t waste your parents money that they

spent years ago getting you braces put

that retainer back in or else you’re

gonna have to be like me and get braces

again so I should have these

for another six months or so I try not

to wear them of course when we’re

filming you can tell it does affect my

speech a little bit I do wear it pretty

much every other time aside from when

I’m eating they’ve actually been pretty

effective and when I clean them of

course guys I sprinkle a little bit of

baking soda in there to help reduce

odors and to make them nice and shiny

so yes invisaligns for the win Rebecca

Vaughn says what do you shoot these vlog

videos on and I think she’s referring to

her most recent one you should totally

see it if you haven’t it was our trip to

New York City where I was wearing my

invisaligns it seems too smooth for a

phone and most DSLRs won’t focus that

close Rebecca you are right

we used neither a phone nor one of our

standard filming cameras that I am being

filmed on right now which is an EOS 5d

Mark 3 I believe we used thank you you

could come in they think you’re

good-looking come on in Chad everyone

Chad you might need to crouch down so

you’re in frame a canon g7x it’s a great

camera for people who like to vlog or if

you don’t want to schlep a whole big old

camera with you and we will put a link

to it oh and it’s got a flip up screen

like that which is really handy we will

put a link for it down below for you

Jacqueline asks and actually guys I get

asked this question a lot so I’m really

glad that this one’s in the list here

how do you hate cleaning but literally

make a living out of it that takes skill

let me answer this question for you I

saw an opportunity 11 years ago for

cleaning services in Toronto because I

knew it was hard to find a good quality

and reliable and consistent and

trustworthy service so I saw an

opportunity now unfortunately for me the

opportunity wasn’t something that I

hated but I also knew in my heart of

hearts that the opportunity was more

important than my feelings so I went

after it with gusto I applied myself to

it I built up a business and I’m more

excited about the business and the

potential of the business plus I love

making these videos and all the fun

things that I get to do

with this company in the microfiber

cloths so cleaning was just this one

small part of a much bigger picture for

me and when I wake up each morning I

know that I’m helping people I’m helping

you guys with these videos and I get to

go on TV and design cleaning cloths like

that stuff is fun that’s what I really

love so the way that I made something

out of something I hated was I started

to see the good in and I started to see

the benefits and I was able to put the

negative stuff and my negative attitude

aside and really focus on the healthy

stuff and what I wanted to grow so I

hope that answers your question

and actually that leads me to this

week’s comment question and I would love

to read your responses down below if you

could start your own business and do

absolutely anything whether it’s

something you love or like me it’s

something that you hate what would it be

let me know in the comments down below

okay why don’t you come in everyone

likes seeing your pretty face you can

help me finish this one up all right

guys here are a couple of other videos

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