How to Clean Produce (Fruits and Vegetables) Easy Household Cleaning Ideas

lovely any proof whatever wonder why an

apple is shinier than a bald man’s head

sit around and I’ll show you how to

clean your produce using the quick cheap

and easy produce wash this fruit and

vegetable wasp was the question that

came to me from Thomas and Thomas asked

me is there a cheap alternative to the

fruit vegetable watch that I buy this

storm the answer is yes first we’ll talk

about what fruits and vegetables you

want to be washing you’re not eating the

skin like an orange or a pineapple it

doesn’t need to have to wash however if

it’s something with a thin skin like an

alcohol and tomato or a great you would

want to use this particular wash on

there so here’s what we need to make

this cheap and easy fruit vegetable wash

first I’ve got my old Arm and Hammer

baking soda box next thing I had was

some lemon juice after that I have an

empty spray bottle funnel for ease of

use and my produce ministry will make

this fruit vegetable watch and you can

keep it for about two weeks and then

you’ll want to dump it up and refresh it

positions each the bottle will go about

two tablespoons of lemon juice the

reason I like to use lemon juice is

because it’s an actual distance the next

thing I’ll do is for about two

tablespoons of baking soda instuments

the message out here while I love baking

soda for this mix is because baking soda

provides that fine great that AB region

that will scratch everything off the

surface of your produce just ice water

give it a shape and put it on the Miss

setting about it migrates to the

strainer and I will just douse it with

this stuff what I’m doing now is similar

to what you would do if you are pre

treating a laundry stain now I’m letting

it sit and it opens it off it opens up

the wash right once it aside for a few

minutes to

under cold water then just let me sit in

this trainers drive see the difference

hello so I’ll show you how to do an

apple quickly just so you can see the

difference look at that you can actually

see the water repelling off the fruit

that should show you how much it’s

actually on there you give it a good

rinse and if you notice you’re having

trouble and it’s a really boxy piece of

produce you can add a little bit more

baking soda and that should really get

everything on what you’ll notice is when

you rinse off the solution the fruit or

vegetable skin will actually sound

squeaky clean and it won’t be shiny it

will be not exactly what you want how to

make sure you rinse really well because

this stuff will leave a bitter taste on

your produce beautiful tickle isn’t oh

yeah you see that matching to the fruit

this is a clean-out Thomas I hope that

helped clean up any issues that you are

having with your very overpriced root

vegetable wash if you liked the video

give it a thumbs up if you have any

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next time

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