How To Clean & Shine Leather Shoes! (A Minute To Clean)

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good practice to keep leather shoes (specifically leather dress shoes) clean with the occasional polish and shine. Why? Well, they look better, and ultimately, they’ll last longer. We often get asked how to clean and shine leather shoes (especially from our gentleman viewers) so we made a quick video on how to clean, shine and polish leather shoes (and soles) to give your leather dress shoes that crisp polished look!

no matter what time of year it is

leather shoes are always a thing and so

many of you guys ask me how to clean

them so I said ready put a quick video

together showing you exactly how to do

it now keep in mind this is for general

leather finished leather but if you have

something like suede new black or patent

leather or another type of leather that

requires specialty treatment make sure

you check the care instructions before

you clean them remember both the actual

leather part of your shoe and the rubber

sole can get dirty but don’t worry I’ve

got solutions for both in a small bowl

you’re going to add some dish soap some

water and you’re going to stir it up

then just dip a soft cloth into the

mixture and start rubbing it onto your

shoe in a circular motion and then just

wipe it clean to clean your soles make a

little Sol paste with baking soda dish

soap and loosen it up with some water

mix it all together and then use a

cleaning toothbrush to apply it to the

sole when you’re done just rinse it off

with a clean soft cloth and allow your

shoes to air dry if you want to get

extra bonus points you can get some shoe

polish it’s pretty easy to come by make

sure it matches your leather just buff

it on with a dry cloth and then when

that’s done you can use a shoe brush and

brush the leather well these shoes look

amazing and it took so little effort you

can also check out these two quick

videos and if you haven’t done so

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clean my space Channel thanks for


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