How to Descale a Kettle (Easy Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money)

would your dirty kettle get your rather

waggle or finger at you and pull your

ear sticker out and I’ll show you how to

quickly do scale your kettle oh mighty

cozy it’s Melissa maker here from clean

my space with a question from Tim and

Tim asked me hey Melissa the inside of

my kettle looks gross it’s full of lime

scale what do I do

Tim it’s a great question for a couple

of reasons first of all lime scale at

the bottom of your kettle grows second

of all it actually uses more energy to

boil water when you have lime scale on

the element the element has to work

harder to boil your water and then you

can end up burning out your element so

don’t want to do that if you’re boiling

your water efficiently you’re saving

electricity which is great on the


tip let’s fix your bra the first thing

you’ll need of course is your dirty

cattle now mine happens to be very clean

however I’m just going to ask you to use

your imagination here second thing we

need is a little bit of baking soda this

is an option and obviously my tip in it

cotton cloth third thing that will leave

and vinegar my fave depending on how

severe the lime scale buildup is in your

kettle I’ll give you a couple of

pointers as to what you can do to take a

very dirty kettle – very clean or how to

take any somewhat during kettle – very

clean this will empty it out if your

kettle is really really dirty you can

put the vinegar in and let it soak for

an hour I’m going to put a cup of

vinegar into the kettle and now we wait

what the vinegar will do is heat up the

ami break down the lime scale and the

steam caused from the boiling will also

help clean off the rest of the katak and

I would suggest doing this about once

every six months just to keep everything

nice and clean

whoa there we go I’m going to swish this

nasty oil vinegar around yeah I’m going

to pour it down the sink and in fact if

you want to you could pour about a cup

of baking soda down the drain and then

dump this vinegar down the drain and I

would clean out your dream and I’ll

authorize it so it’s sort of like a –

wait right here the top angle folks but

I’m going to try and show you the inside

which is crystal clean in the event that

it wasn’t perfectly clean what you could

do is take a cloth get it just a little

bit wet and dip it into the baking soda

just the tab and then you can clean the

limescale still remaining with the

baking soda inside the kettle and that

will help scrape off any extra limescale

that’s left behind rinse it out a couple

more times you might want to boil it

through once more just to make sure you

get all that masses of viƱagrow but

then you’re done and you’ve got a

wickedly clean keto Tim I hope this has

solved your kettle issue and I hope that

now your grandmother will love having

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