How to Do FEWER Dishes!

There’s a million better things to do with your time than doing the dishes – so in this video, Melissa Maker shares some ideas to help you do fewer dishes – and who doesn’t want that?!

if you ask successful people what they

do to get things done quickly those how

you they work smarter not harder and

when we’ve released videos in the past

in the kitchen about doing your dishes

oftentimes you guys will say thanks for

the tips but how do I actually do less

dishes because I hate doing them well

this week I’m going to show you some

really smart strategies for doing less

dishes and just a quick reminder if you

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clean my space channel and if you don’t

like doing dishes give this video a

thumbs up not only our dishes annoying

but pots and pans and post cooking

cleanup is a lot of work so an easy way

to reduce the amount of cleanup you have

to do is to focus on making one pot

meals now you can either do that in

something like a skillet or you can do

it with a pressure cooker or a slow

cooker either way you take all of your

ingredients you toss them into one

cooking vessel and you can even serve

out of that cooking vessel at the end

this means not only that you’re saving

time with your cooking but you’re also

saving time with your cleaning and

honestly the food tastes amazing if you

ask any organized chef they’ll tell you

the best way to keep your kitchen moving

and clean is to clean as you go that way

by the time your meals done you’ll also

have a pretty clean kitchen now we have

a whole video on this topic it’s

something that’s very near and dear to

me because I practice it with Berber but

if you want some quick tips before you

check that video out there are a couple

things that you can do to reduce the

amount of dishes that you’re actually

using dishes or cutlery that you’re

using while cooking first of all if

you’re cooking a bunch of items on a

stovetop or in the oven you probably

don’t need different utensils for each

item that you’re cooking of course

you’re working with raw meat you do want

to have something separate but if you’re

just doing vegetables pasta sauce

whatever you can either give your spoon

or a tool a quick rinse or a quick wipe

and then reuse it that way you don’t

have like nine things going at once and

secondly remember to use that downtime

while your foods cooking you’ve got a

lull between cook time and

times you can use that to do any cleanup

that’s needed and if you’re using less

utensils obviously there’s less stuff to

clean unless you’re photographing your

dinner time for Instagram you probably

don’t need to have a beautiful table set

with beautiful serving dishes and

heirlooms serving spoons and cloths and

napkins you don’t need the whole fancy

thing really like you got to eat dinner

and move on with your life so to reduce

the amount of dishes that you have to do

obviously you want to think smart so

what you can do is take your one pot

whether it’s a skillet or a crock pot

put a trivet down and you can serve

directly out of that when you’re family

sitting down to eat obviously just mind

the heat if you are having guests over

and you do want to put your food in

something fancier you wanna do something

a little romantic cool totally fine but

after you finish serving your food and

the nice serving pieces rather than

getting out containers so then you have

to wash the serving piece and then the

containers all you have to do is put

some plastic wrap or whatever you’re

using over that serving piece put down

in the fridge and that will be your

storage for leftovers and finally if

you’re just having a regular weeknight

meal and you don’t want to bring the

whole dish out to the table what you can

do is put your food directly into the

storage containers and then serve out of

those or you can have your family come

up to the kitchen area where the food’s

being cooked serve everybody kind of

buffet style and then you can wrap

things up right from there in storage

containers any way that you can reduce

the amount of dishes that you’re going

to use that will save you time in the

long run now we’ve mentioned this one a

lot before but you know it’s one of my

favorites and it really does go the

distance so it’s worth mentioning again

before you sit down to your meal this

will only take a couple of minutes I

promise you put anything that’s going to

be stubborn or difficult or that can’t

be put in the dishwasher soap that

before you sit down to eat all this

means is filling your vessel with water

a bit of dish soap if it’s something

really stubborn you can toss in a little

bit of baking soda or salt then sit down

enjoy your meal and by the time you’re

done your item will have pre-soaked

so much that all you’ll need to do is

put a little bit of elbow grease instead

of the max amount of elbow grease in

really who is time for that when it’s

late in the evening in my 10 years of

doing this cleaning thing I still have

yet to meet one person who’s like

Melissa I love doing dishes stop doing

videos on dishes all right we get it

I love them no guys I know you all can’t

stand doing dishes I’m the same way but

if we can at least find ways to be a

little bit smarter or think through our

dish strategy we can definitely reduce

the amount of time and the amount of

dishes that we have to watch this week’s

comment question is your knives do you

put them in the dishwasher or do you

hand wash them I got this knife a couple

years ago for my birthday and ever since

I got this one this baby only gets

washed by hand and very carefully at

that because it could probably cut my

hand off so I’d love to know in the

comments down below do you guys put

yours in the dishwasher or are you like

me and can wash them if you want to see

what I’m up to during the rest of the

week aside from trying not to hurt

myself with my samurai sword of a knight

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