How To Organize Your Room! Organization Hacks, DIY and more!

How to Organize your room for the new year! Step by step, DIYs and Life Hacks that will help you declutters yo nasty room! These tips have really helped me. I highly recommend the book “Do Less”. I am not a minimalist, but I’m incorporating minimalism habits into my life to help me keep organized and productive! YAY! Enjoy these organization tips and leave a comment, a like anddddddd..

room organization hacks

oh I can’t even see my bond you have

been cut off bun hi guys i am back today

with an organizational video because we

all know that 2016 is right around the

corner maybe it’s even 2016 when you’re

watching this highly probable i know the

big resolution is to lose weight tone up

these skinny do a juice cleanse I’m just

kidding that’s totally awesome

you go girl if you’re doing that but

this video is about organization because

I feel that this is the most important

resolution to me and maybe to other

people like I know resolutions are so

cliche like oh my god the new year new

me like yes actually it’s a really good

time to change your life and make a

really good habit so we’re not throwing

shade at New Year’s resolutions in this

video okay so basically one of my

biggest New Year’s tell you one of my

biggest New Year’s resolutions was to

get organized get my life together and

it’s not even just like a New Year’s

resolution like oh my god like I feel

like this is a thing for a lot of people

like we just went through the holidays

and you have to admit the holidays are

stressful stressful like you got to

spend money about it bye everyone

gifts you got to clean up your whole

house for everyone you have to like

playing a whole event you have to like

do finals there’s a lot of stress that

is involved and it’s time to get your

life together at this point in your life

I don’t care if the holidays we’re like

in July like it’d be the same it doesn’t

have to be New Year’s resolution if your

life is not together right now and

you’re watching this like later let me

know in the comments because I feel you

and I feel like we all get disorganized

at some point in our life and we just

really need help to get back on track so

I’m here to show you some easy ways well

not like really easily starting with

your room the space that you’re in like

most often how it organized it and how

to like kind of organize your life while

you do it so I hope you guys enjoy this

video if you’re new to my channel hi I’m

Laura and I would

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organization video and let’s just get on

come on so no matter how big or small

your room is that your room should

really just be a place where you can

relax because the main reason you have a

bedroom is to sleep

aka watch Netflix haha I’m so relatable

you want your room to be a place that is

calming to you you don’t want all this

like clutter so the first thing we’re

going to do is declutter your entire and

yet you can tell that this is not how my

room looked before it was disgusting

you’ll see in the video

so what actually inspired me to do this

video was this book I’ve been reading

about minimalism called do less you

should totally check it out it gives you

a bunch of tips on your life and I just

love it this is not sponsored by the way

and I know it doesn’t look like it but

this is actually progress being made so

I have a few tips for you guys I sorted

everything into forbidden so you

probably can’t tell here and sell donate

relocate to a different part of your

house and trash and this just really

helps you get down to the nitty gritty

and see what you really need and what

you really don’t so then I declutter

every time you move all the items to one

side or out of the room rearrange and

clean and then reorganize and decorate

I think white is really calming so

that’s why I’ve kind of chosen it as the

main color for my room the walls the

curtains the bed everything kind of has

a theme it’s a lot easier to feel calm

in my opinion um I kind of have a color

scheme going on that was kind of an


keeping little accents of color keep the

color minimal and not too light

cluttered but still pretty clean and

streamlined but it just makes my space a

little more fun let me talk about my

little situation going on here your desk

shouldn’t be piled with like a bunch of

crap that you don’t even need to see you

like old bills old tests old papers old

crap you only need what is relevant and

what you need to like grab right then

while you’re sitting at your desk and I

have a new like more comfortable desk

chair coming which is so exciting

because it just makes like working at

your desk so much more enjoyable if

you’re comfortable but not too

comfortable like it’s still like an

upright chair it’s not like a freaking

beanbag chair or something and then

organize your pens in the crap that you

actually use like here’s highlighters

exacto knife like sharpies and then

these are like colored pens which I use

all the time and pencils and then like

cuter ones and then all I have is my

to-do list on my desk was my laptop and

then like these cute little things a

coaster for my coffee a little thing to

hold like a memo that I need to remember

and my lamp

so and then in here it’s okay to have a

bit of a drunk drawer it’s not really

jump though it’s all stuff that I would

need when I’m sitting here or like stuff

that just belongs here like chargers

washi tape like USB because it’s not

junk it actually has a purpose if it was

junk it wouldn’t need to be in here it

will be out in the trash some junk you

need to keep the leg goes in storage for

when you need it

if you don’t need it on the daily on the

weekly it leaves your room okay it’s

also really important to have your space

that you are most inspired in to be

clean such as my desk you want to be

inspired and not like overwhelmed and

stressed by all your crap and then also

you want to have like a bright

environment unless you’re working at

night which you can turn a lamp on but

like having the Sun actually come in and

in my case the snow shining off and

reflecting it’s nice to have the Sun and

natural light come in and then I just

enhance it with these calming lights

that were only $80 some urban outfitter

just kidding they were ten dollars from


keeping this clean really helps you like

de-stress so you only want here what you

will be using like weekly bimonthly

things like that that you’ll actually be

using or like things that inspire you

you don’t want to put like old textbooks

here or like a book that you’ll never

bring it just because it’s a book like

unless it’s really pretty and you like

the way it like looks aesthetically you

don’t need to like fill all this as

we’re going to crap like before my

dresser was disgusting next to it over

here I have my iPad and planner and

another candle holding up the mirror

that’s on that little table and I just

like how it’s clean you can see the

white on the floor like you have extra

space in here whereas before I tried to

shove like every piece of furniture I

possibly could and it was just not

working and then I have my Kate Spade

purse here and you guys might be

wondering like you’re trying to organize

why wouldn’t you like put your purse

away in a book I read it just really hit

me like that is so true like things that

are expensive or just valuable to you in

some way like aesthetically or just like

it is cheap and you really value it

things like that are worth showing off

and they’re worth having their own place

so things that you have that are

expensive like you don’t need to like

your iPad a way to like make everything

seem clean like that’s something that’s

very aesthetically pleasing that you can

leave out in a decluttered area and it

won’t look that it’ll actually add to

your space so that’s kind of the idea I

had behind putting everything on these

shelves that my TV is on and before I

had like just picture frames and like

basic decor there but you can use a lot

of your like expensive things that you

really use as decor like usually I have

this big camera that I’m obviously using

now in the middle of my little shelf

here um crystal because I’m so old

trendy another tip I have are these um

storage bins you don’t want to look in

there but I have like pajamas and then

offseason clothes onto the vanity so you

want to keep only jewelry that you use

and then your most-used lip products I

keep out and then these things are also

like memorabilia but they’re

aesthetically pleasing and I want to

display them in like a peaceful manner

especially the magazine and headphones

are a good example of those are

functional yet they’re also like a decor

piece and then I put some clutter up

there that I don’t need just sitting out

because I think it looks ugly down here

tucked away so you could never see it I

keep like my lotions and crap like that

that aren’t very pretty in my opinion

and then like my hair extension all my

makeup that’s not in my travel bag and

my hair tools and moisturizers and stuff

are in here so they’re all tucked away

and a tip I have is to obviously use

organizers like this but to stack them

my least use makeup is on the bottom but

if I need it it’s easily accessible and

I have some backups

utilizing hooks and wall space is also

very awesome um I don’t like having this

out on my desk because I think my

printer is really ugly so that’s why I

hide it and I can see it yeah when I

walk in but I might when I’m in my room

and I want it to be peaceful I can’t see

it so that’s why I love it in here have

literally all my shoes which I downsized

I have a bunch of DIY stuff in this bin

then I have my hamper because I don’t

want to be looking at that every day and

I know it’s kind of hard to see at my

closet and I actually haven’t

color-coded this yet but I threw out all

the stuff that I didn’t love and all the

stuff that I hadn’t worn for like a year

and I use this top shelf for storage as

well I use this organizer for my most

used like yoga pants and jeans and it is

perfect I highly recommend getting one

of these and yeah my purse and my hat

and gloves that I wear every day and I

have scarves back

that’s it you’re just going to sit there

and say nothing you don’t even give me a

compliment on how good the video was you

didn’t even find it helpful are you

kidding me what the guys did enjoy the

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makes me happy

all I need is a beat that’s super

bumping it for you you you

hey guys make sure to watch my last

video and hope you guys all had an

amazing 2002 I can’t wait to see what

the year 2003 brings me I think it’s a

really going to be my year

so see you guys later

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