How to Quickly Banish Cooking Odors! Easy Kitchen Cleaning Ideas

do kitchen odors have you extremely

embarrassed to have people over at your

home kitchen owners something nobody

likes to talk about plaguing homes

everywhere stick around and I’ll show

you how to eliminate them quickly and

easily with simple vinegar hello you

crazy cooks it’s Melissa maker here from

clean my space just in my kitchen making

some dinner I have some breaded soul

some turkey bacon and some kale in the

oven right now

lots of owners are going on in my

kitchens Carol wrote me a great question

so I figured a quick video together just

to show her how to quickly eliminate

these disgusting kitchen odors what I’m

doing Carol is boiling a pot of vinegar

right now look all I’ve done is to in

about half a cup of vinegar and put it

into a small pot it’s open there’s no

lid on the pot as you can see Thank You



add about 3/4 of a cup to a cup of tap

water to that pot and you’ll just let it

cook I have it on high right now and

what it’ll do is it will create steam

that steam traps and absorbs the odors

so that it doesn’t linger around in your

kitchen let it simmer let it boil and

let it do its thing another great thing

you can do in conjunction with this is

to turn on your exhaust man it’s there

that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do

and it works like a charm

but I can’t compete with it it’ll solve

your problem for you quick and easy

Carol I hope this helped you and I hope

this helped everybody else out there if

you liked my video don’t forget it sums

up if you have a question or you want to

let me know what you thought do me a

favor drop me a comment below you can

also reach us on Twitter

slash clean my space if you loved the

video you can subscribe thanks so much

have a great evening I’m signing out and

I’m having dinner

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