How to Stay Clean & Serene During the Holidays!

The holidays should be a relaxing and joyous time of the year. The reality is that we often get overwhelmed with responsibilities, chores and other obligations which prevent us from really enjoying this special time of year. In this video, we take a look at six ways you can stay clean, serene and sane this holiday season!

if it isn’t obvious enough we have

started decorating for the holidays and

actually this is the first year that we

have a full-on Christmas tree in our

house so it’s pretty exciting here but I

know that the holidays can be hectic and

stressed people out I’ve certainly

experienced that before so in this video

I want to share with you six tips on how

to stay clean and serene during the

holiday season and just a quick reminder

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are excited for the holiday season I

know I am we’ve been talking so much

about finding balance lately and that

couldn’t be more true when you’re

planning your time out for the holiday

season I’m so excited about the holidays

because I get to do fun things as well

as all the other life stuffs that I have

going on so when you’re putting your

to-do lists together you’ve got your

wants and you’ve got your needs now of

course we all have needs we have to

clean the house we have to shop we have

to prepare for going somewhere or having

guests over so you’re gonna have quite

the to-do list but there are also a lot

of once you might want to have some nice

fun outdoor experiences like oh are you

skating with your family and friends or

it’s a real time to celebrate the season

with others so make sure that you

incorporate a lot of those wants on your

list and really balance them out with

the needs and think about yourself this

time of year comes once and it’s

important that you enjoy it whether you

have one tree in your house or 15 you

still might find decorating overwhelming

even though it’s fun so there are a

couple of ways that you containment and

make it feel more manageable first of

all when you bring out your decorations

go through and pull out anything that

you don’t really like it’s kind of like

clothing if you know you’re not going to

use it put it in a separate pile you can

either donate it or something that I

really like is having an exchange party

with your friends so if they have any

decorations that they’re moving on from

before you go out to shop for more stuff

you might as well see what other people

have and do a swap that is definitely a

fun way to spend some holiday time with

friends and family

now when it does come time to actually

decorate your

three make sure that you set some time

aside so you’re not doing it two days

before Christmas and have friends and

family come over or even helpers just

around the house to make it fun play

music drink hot chocolate and have

cookies make a day out of it now once

the decorations are ready to come down I

know we don’t want to go there yet but

when that time arrives make sure that

when you pull things down you go through

your decorations again decide what you

don’t want to keep put that in a donate

box and when you’re putting everything

back that you are keeping make sure you

do so in an organized way so that when

you decorate the following year it’s a

lot easier and a lot quicker since

there’s so much going on around the

house during the holiday time and a lot

of it involves cooking your kitchen is

probably going to get messy pretty

quickly and one of my rules

you guys are well familiar with this is

to clean as you go now we have videos on

this and I will link those for you down

below specifically to do with the

kitchen but even around the rest of the

house if you are hosting guests be very

mindful of cleaning as you go around the

house this holiday season so that means

hands are always full you’re always

pruning looking for garbage looking for

things that don’t belong in this space

anything you want to donate or get rid

of anytime you can save yourself your

future self like two minutes later do it

now because as the clock ticks toward

holiday day you’re not going to want to

have to dedicate time to cleaning so the

more you can do on the back end the more

time you save and give yourself to

actually enjoy it when your guests are

over for the holidays over the years

families and relationships can change

they can get bigger they can get smaller

and what’s important to you is to not

feel the need to say yes to everything

every tradition does not have to be

carried forward it’s really nice if it

can be but if you’re participating in

holiday things for other people more

than you are for yourself you’re just

gonna end up feeling stressed and

depleted the way to feel replenished and

energized during the holidays is to say

yes to the things the activities

experiences and parties that you really

want to attend those traditions that

have meaning to you so it’s okay to say

if you have to say no to something and

actually I had to say no to something

that was really important to me this

year for different reasons that I’m not

going to get into but it was okay and

everybody understood and it was

perfectly fine so if you have to say

notice something to be good to yourself

you’re still honoring the holidays

because you’re honoring your own needs

one of the cleaning and organizing rules

that I have is to make sure that

everything has a home that way you don’t

have to scramble around your house and

look for things and that rule really

applies to gift wrapping supplies

because how often are you wrapping gifts

now wrapping gifts has to be one of my

favorite holiday experiences its type of

music on I love doing it and getting

creative with my wrapping but the

wrapping prior to me putting together

this little station that you see here

the stuff was kind of all over the place

this has made all the difference for me

and we actually have a video and I’ll

link it for you down below it was part

of our 12 days of clean series that we

did many many years back and it’s all

about how to contain your gift wrapping

mess you guys should totally check that

one out and the whole series it was

really fun

Chad and I did it was super cute anyway

when you are making your gift wrapping

station make sure that you have all the

supplies that you need from scissors to

tape markers cards wrapping paper

ribbons bows any fancy business that you

want to put on your gifts anything they

need it should be in that one space and

then that way you can wrap your gift so

you can clean up quickly and move on you

know what’s funny when we get downtime

we feel like excuse me I’m not being

productive I have to find something to

do but I’m gonna remind you that these

holidays are for you when you have time

off work when you have time off other

things that are going on in life yes

you have some minimal obligations take

care of those but really schedule some

time in for yourself during the holidays

Chad and I make sure that we visit

certain people who are really important

to us because that fills our bucket but

we also find time for ourselves so

oftentimes during the holidays we’ll go

to the spa that is going to be

especially important this year is our

last holiday season without a baby so


to Spa this time but we always find ways

to just spoil and treat ourselves

because Wiles do the holidays shebang if

you can’t really enjoy it and that

brings me to this week’s comment

question which is what holiday tradition

do you love or do you hate there are so

many holiday traditions that I have

loved and since joining Chad’s family I

have been able to celebrate Christmas

and that is like a whole box of new fun

amazing traditions and it’s great that

we get to bring it into our house but

honestly one of the things I really love

doing every year is going to the spa

around holiday time with chat that’s our

thing and that is sacred so let me know

what your love or hate tradition is in

the comments down below here are a

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