Kickstart Your Cleaning! A FREE 10 Part Motivational Video Series!

This FREE VIDEO SERIES has been designed to get you into the right headspace to clean, motivate and encourage you to do the work, and provide tips and tricks along the way. It’s a 10 part series and it goes room by room – think of it as a cross between a one-on-one cleaning coaching session and a motivational pep-talk!

many of you tell me that you’ll watch my

videos and clean along with them or use

them as motivation to clean I love

hearing this it makes me smile to think

about how I’m helping you and you know

what it gave me an idea it’s something

we’ve thought about for years now and I

know you are absolutely going to love it

I’ve decided to create a free kickstart

your cleaning series that I’ve designed

to help you get in the right headspace

to clean motivate and encourage you to

do the work and provide tips and hints

along the way it’s a 10 part series and

it goes room by room think of it as a

cross between a one-on-one cleaning

coaching session and a motivational pep

talk this is totally different than the

videos that we normally do it’s a series

that will take you through your entire

home and by the time you’re done you’ll

notice a huge change both in your space

but in yourself as well as I walk you

through each room you’ll feel so much

more in control of the work and less

stressed about your cleaning so give

yourself time set yourself up for

success and get through the work with

ease we decided to give it a bit of a

Zen vibe – pretty cool I think you’re

going to love it and by the 10th video

you’re going to be cleaning calmly

efficiently and garner amazing results

it will be so worth it it’s available to

anyone there’s no cost you just need to

sign up for the kickstart your cleaning

series and I’ve got the links for you

down below you’ll get an email every few

days with the latest video don’t worry

we’re not going to clog up your inbox

with other stuff or sell your email

address if you have a copy of my book

bonus you can use it as a guide and work

to reach room I’ve organized it in the

same order as the chapters in my book

and if you don’t have the book this

program will also help you immensely so

if you want to get started on this

kickstart your cleaning program all you

need to do is visit clean my facebook

comm or you can visit the links down

below you just need to put your email

address in and you will get an email

sent right to your inbox and you can get


on this amazing program and I’d love for

you to share your journey with me using

hashtag kick-starts pms you can also tag

me on any photos on social media using

@melissamaker and acting MySpace and of

course you can always send us an email

with photos and story about your journey

to info at thanks so

much for watching and I’ll see you next




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