Kitchen Cupboard Organization & Cleaning! (Clean / Organize With Me)

We know you guys love speed cleaning videos – so here’s another Clean With Me / Organize With Me style video where I tackle a long overdue job in my kitchen – cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and drawers!

This is a cleaning routine that takes quite a bit of time but trust me, it’s totally worth it! I not only clean them out – but I also take this opportunity to organize and declutter.

okay serenity now my kitchen cupboards

we have a bit of a situation on our

hands here like I tried my best to keep

up with all things cleaning but even

messy kitchen cupboards happen to me so

this week I figured I would do a clean

with me kitchen cupboards here’s what

you’ll need a couple of microfiber

cloths might I suggest makers microfiber

cloths at least one bin all-purpose

cleaner a stepladder water you’re going

to get thirsty trust me and music hello

and good dance moves obviously now I’m

going to clean this side of the kitchen

because it is in need of help but this

out of the kitchen is totally fine so

I’m not doing that we’ll start with the

upper cupboards and to do this I’m going

to clean off my counter because I’m

going to need every inch of counter

space to make this all happen I’m gonna

grab my stepladder and just start

unpacking the cupboards this one is

where I keep my vitamins and supplements

water bottles and kind of all organic

things now the idea here is to spray

down your cupboard wipe it with your

microfiber cloth and then start sorting

through the contents of the cupboard so

here you’re looking for anything that

you don’t use or you’re getting rid of

and also anything that’s expired there

are things in here I honestly didn’t

even know I had so I’m glad that I went

through and did this lining all my

vitamins up don’t judge me guys I’m

healthy I see a naturopath it’s all good

this covered above my sink just needed a

quick wipe it’s where we keep our

microfiber cloths now here this is kind

of the pantry area so I have all of my

dry stuff my canned goods this one does

get a little bit overwhelming there were

a lot of old expired things in here kind

of gross

anyway it gave me the opportunity to

consolidate a few food items which tends

to happen when you go through and do

this cupboard cleaning routine so now

that it’s all clean just going to

replace everything I like to put

everything in an organized manner that

way it’s easy to find what I’m looking

for I also like to face all the cans

outward kind of fulfill my fantasy of

working in a grocery store which I never

got to do and they covered above the

stove nothing really so I’m just giving

that a wipe this is where all of our old

plates go to die there was a big stack I

need a Chad to come in and take that for

me now these are the sentimental stuff

that we keep here in the top left so I’m

not really going to touch that but

everything else I pruned and I’m just

putting back the stuff that we actually

used we got rid of a lot of things now

these two cupboards here is where we

have Chad’s stuff you’ll see the famous

taco kit from previous videos if you

want to learn more about that

there’s a story anyway I’m sorting

through these items chad has this crazy

habit of like eating a bag of something

and leaving three items in it and then

putting it back in the cupboard and

that’s pretty much what I’ve been

sorting through

oh and I love these so I took a little

snack break

I had to get a second bin which is a

good sign means I’m making some really

good progress here and I’m going into

his other cupboard again I’m just

sorting through items there were a lot

of duplicates and things that were kind

of ancient and expired so those almond

milks perfect example 2015 so I’m just

putting everything back organizing it

and putting things in cupboards where

they belong if they were misplaced this

cupboard above the fridge do you guys

keep your serving pieces in there too I

feel like that’s kind of a universal

thing let me know in the comments down

below what you keep in that cupboard

okay good work we finished the top

covers now it’s time to get to the lower

cupboards and the drawers this is a

little bit of a Messier job i’m

switching out my microfiber cloths got a

clean one to get cracking now I keep my

spices here and some paper towels and

stuff I’m gonna sort through my spices

see which ones I don’t use anymore which

ones might be a little expired and I’m

going to use paper towel to wipe down

these drawers because spices tend to

leave stains on cloths and I don’t want

to mess my cloths up just gonna line

everything up as neat as I can the lazy

susan is where i keep cooking vessels

and small appliances I use everything in

there I’m pretty good about pruning

things out so I didn’t actually have to

get rid of anything just gonna put

everything back nice and neatly

this drawer gave me a lot of anxiety

it’s my spice drawer like my big boy

spice drawer I also keep my Saran and

all that kind of stuff in there paper

products and then at the bottom is where

I keep salt pepper oil vinegar honey

that kind of stuff so this cupboard is a

messy deal I have a little liner there

so I’m actually going to clean out with

soapy water there were definitely stains

from turmeric and like gloopy syrup and

stuff so just gonna give that a little

bit of a treatment and again I’m gonna

spray everything down with all-purpose

cleaner and give it a good wife with

paper towel see how grotty that one was


put that liner back and now it’s time to

put the bottles back at the bottom I’m

giving them all a quick wipe because the

bottoms of the bottles definitely get

gross so it’s important to make sure

that those are mess-free

and I’m trying to give a little

semblance of organization here so do

your best

again consolidating some pepper they’re

exciting times I know now I’m just

lining up all of my plastic tinfoil

other paper products and now it’s time

to put the spices back so I’m going

through and I’m kind of smelling

everything and examining it seeing if

it’s worth keeping or if it’s something

I should get rid of this is also a

perfect time to run a little list of

anything you notice you’re out of or if

there’s something that’s expired and you

need to replace it you can create a

little grocery list and that way you’ll

never be short of what you need spices

generally keep for six months to a year

so if you have something that’s older

it’s probably time to toss it my utensil


that also needed a little bit of a

pruning so I gave these little

containers here a good clean-out then I

wiped out the drawer and I started

through the items just to see what I did

not need anymore

and those went in the bin by the way for

those of you who are curious my kitchen

is an ikea kitchen and the little drawer

dividers are also from Ikea now into my

pots and pans drawer this one was a

little bit messy but there wasn’t

anything in there that I really needed

to get rid of but I’m still glad I gave

a good cleaning

same thing goes for this one just needed

a bit of organization but still I give a

good wipe down it deserves a good wipe

down everyone deserves a good wipe down

now this cupboard can be terrifying we

keep ours in pretty good shape we went

through a period of time where it looked

awful with our old kitchen but in this

new kitchen that we did a couple years

ago we spent a lot more time ensuring it

was organized we use these little bins

that really helps but it’s still a good

opportunity to go through and get rid of

anything I also love having the tension

rod there because that definitely gives

us a little bit of extra storage space

this is our junk drawer so I’m going to

give it a good wipe down and sort

through all of the items again these

little trays are from Ikea super helpful

I’ll give those a quick cleaning junk

drawers in general are a little bit

disorganized but if you can do your best

to go through get rid of anything that

you’re not using or that’s old and

replacing everything that you are

keeping in a somewhat orderly fashion

you’re doing your absolute best with a

junk drawer so good on you this is my

tea drawer which I’m very proud of and a

lot of the teas in there are caffeinated

I’ve been trying to stay away from

caffeine I find it makes me feel a

little too jumpy and anxious but I still

love those teas so I’m sort of hanging

on to them in the event that I ever

decide to have caffeine again and I’m

just giving all of my teas you know a

little test to make sure they’re still

fresh and I still like them I’m going to

throw out or give away anything that I

don’t want or that is not expired and

then everything that I want to keep

obviously I’m organising in a nice

fashion and this is the drawer where I

keep all of our random mixing bowls

Shredder’s salad spinners that kind of

stuff I just got rid of one thing and

moved on so we got rid of two bins of

stuff doing this job pretty great

accomplishment now I’m going to clean

off the kitchen counter and replace

everything back where it belongs this

part is great because I get to feel

really good about the work that I’ve

done and I know I’m like two seconds

away from being finished

well there you go you can see all of my

clean cupboards my kitchen feels so much

better this is something that you can do

once or twice a year and it definitely

makes your kitchen feel much more

functional and cleaner and it’s always

great to get rid of stuff that was

covering up your cupboard I hope you

guys enjoyed watching this video I hope

you feel motivated and inspired to do

the same thing let me know in the

comments down below when was the last

time that you cleaned your kitchen

cupboards and maybe just maybe this

video will motivate you to do that very

task I’d also love to know in the

comments what you would like to see me

clean next because I love doing this

style of video so your requests are

always taken into consideration you’ll

see in these boxes here two other clean

with me videos one on how to clean out

your cupboard one on how to clean out

your car so I hope you guys enjoy those

as well remember to subscribe to our

YouTube channel that way you get

notified of all of our latest and

greatest videos thanks so much for

watching and I’ll see you next time

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