LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER (The Honey-Do List Ep. 2)

It’s time once again for another HONEY-DO LIST video and this time Chad is tackling the LIVING ROOM / FAMILY ROOM and doing a complete makeover AND putting up Christmas / Holiday decorations!

welcome to the clean my space HQ living

room this room has been featured in

hundreds of clean my space videos and

even though the furnishings have changed

over the years the function of this room

has always remained the same this is the

room that Melissa and I spend many

nights watching TV or reading or working

or just hanging out together way back in

2012 we made our first large purchase of

furniture and we picked up this

beautiful oversized couch from

Restoration Hardware

fast forward less than a year later and

our wonderful little cap Teasley decided

to pee on the couch and then continued

to pee on the couch and then we had to

get a new couch and that’s the one that

actually resides in the room to this day

and that’s quickly become standard

practice for this living room where it

just that it holds just whatever random

furniture part or knickknacks that we

kind of have but no real thought or

focus behind



so what we’re going to be doing in this

video is a living room makeover so let’s

get to it I’m going to start by

replacing the beautiful piece of art

that Melissa made about five years ago

with this gorgeous mirror that we picked

up from a store called

LT which is here in Toronto next we’re

gonna pop on a little boss gags and get

this party going and we’re gonna move

this furniture out of the way and we’re

going to start taping because what we’re

doing is painting an accent wall in this





now let’s move television and television

stand out of the way and yes this is the

way that I do new furniture I do it with

my feet it may look weird but I find it

much easier to move furniture this way

instead of a drop cloth I’m going to be

using a yoga mat because I don’t know if

you’ve noticed by my pear-shaped figure

but yoga really isn’t my thing

but what we are going to need are some

basic paint supplies I’m using a paint

roller I’m using some paintbrushes and

one of those plastic trades this was the

color it is a beautiful rich deep blue

and it will actually look much darker

once it’s on the wall


now with the color this dark you want to

do multiple coats so the first kind of

pass that I’m going to do today I’m

going to do like three or four coats and

then tomorrow I’ll probably do another

one or two coats on top of that since

it’s such a dark color it’s going to

require a lot of pain


here’s a handy little tip to keep your

brushes moist if you need to use them

over the course of a few days and you

don’t want them drying out overnight

basically just wrap them in saran wrap

or you can also pop them into a ziplock

also when you put them away put them

away with some paint actually on the

brush so don’t like try to dry off the

brush leave a little bit of paint on the

brush things are looking pretty good

already if I may say so myself about

three coats of blue aren’t really

looking awesome even close up you can

see the paint has really good coverage


that’s all for now Melissa’s calling me

and I got to go hit some dinner and then

I’m gonna run out and pick up a few

things that IKEA TV stand in our living

room has been with me for 12 long years

so it was no question where I was going

to go to replace this piece of furniture

going to Ikea is like one of life’s

little pleasures I always look forward

to a trip to this store one of the

things I especially like doing in IKEA

is I make myself right at home to the

point where I’m really really

comfortable and the people who are in

the store aren’t really comfortable but

unfortunately no one was in the store so

I didn’t really get a chance to do this

so I just occupied myself accordingly


alright enough fooling around I did a

little research before I came to the

store so I know exactly what I want it’s

this right here and I don’t have to aim

lessly wander around now this is the

beste not Vic in TV storage combination

and white and as you can see it has tons

of storage space and it’s just very

simple looking and a simple white will

go really nice against the blue wall so

let’s head down to the warehouse and

pick it up







good morning friends I have my painting

shirt on so why don’t we do a little

more painting now I’ll be the first to

admit I do use a lot of paint when I

paint but since it’s such a dark color I

want to make sure that I have really

really really good even coverage so I’m

gonna take the time to not only touch up

the corners and the little spots that I

missed but I’m also going to do another

couple passes with the big roller


next I’m going to move some furniture

out of the way and we’re gonna bring in

our new storage cabinet

now this just might be me but I love

putting IKEA furniture together there’s

something incredibly satisfying and so

right about assembling furniture from


I love how efficient everything is and

how everything fits together as it


I’m also a little obsessive but have all

of my pieces organized before I start

putting everything together


now one of the things that can be a

little frustrating and a bit of a time

suck when it comes to assembling IKEA

furniture and that’s balancing the doors

to make sure they all align properly I

find that that usually takes quite a bit

of adjustment


and that is our new storage cabinet


it’s a beautiful morning the sun is

shining and today we have some fun jobs

to tackle and we’re going to start by

taking these plain white legs for the

storage cabinet and painting them so

that they look super custom I find that

it’s the small stuff that really makes a

big difference in a room next I’m going

to touch up all of the white pits around

the room so like around the windowsills

and around the baseboard area and the

roof where I got a little bit of blue

paint and we’re going to touch it all up

with some white paint and now I think I

can safely remove painters tape to

reveal the final product and also side

note this is a very very satisfying

thing to do now things are going to get

serious because I picked up a TV mount

and according to the instructions the

job requires a stud finder and they need

to ensure the stud finder is operating

correctly which it is and the reason we

need a TV mount is because I just bought

a new TV this is the sharp aqueous 4k TV

it’s the same size as our old TV but the

old TV was like 25 years old so it’s

time to get a new one and I’d wanted to

get a 4k TV for a little while now and

there was some crazy Black Friday deal

so why not right


the mountain went up fairly easily the

TV was not as easy as the mount was but

after a little bit of finagling we

managed to make it work

and then I took the next little while

and set the TV up and added Netflix and

if anybody knows a good show on Netflix

that we should start watching please let

me know in the comments down below there

we go not only is this TV four times the

resolution of our old TV it is also four

times as light which is nice because the

old TV was super heavy so yes I will

drill a little hole and run the cords

through the wall shortly

ladies and gentlemen for the first time

ever here at the clean myspace HQ we

have ourselves a proper Christmas tree

I’ve been waiting a long time to put a

Christmas tree up in our house and I’ve

just never really gotten around to it

but I figured this was a great year and

since I was making over the room anyways

I might as well get a bunch of holiday

decorations and set ourselves up to

celebrate this Christmas and this

Hanukkah in style also the paint is dry

on the legs so I put those on to get

into the mood a little Michael McDonald

is an order I picked up these ornaments

from Walmart I like them because they’re

small and I do like the color and they

don’t really distract from the tree and

I think the most important part of the

tree is the actual tree not the

ornaments I came across these western

red cedar branches and I thought they

would be perfect to lay on the fireplace

mantel and now I’m going to install a

couple of command hooks and that’s

because we got new stockings this year I

just thought these faux fur stockings

were the right choice from less than the

eyes so there we are all ready for Santa

to fill with toys next let’s get rid of

this ottoman which we will put into our

bedroom and replace it with this smaller

ottoman which doesn’t take up as much


I also added another command hook and to

that we will hang our beautiful new real

wreath I’m in love with this thing and

I’m in love with the smell that comes

from it when the Sun hits it it smells

like a warm forest in our living room

I finally will do a little tidying and a

little straightening and a little

sweeping no juggling or not I picked up

this carpet a few months ago in

anticipation of this makeover I think

it’s a great way to cozy up the room and

let’s not forget this table that we

picked up on sale at the Pottery Barn

and I forgot to pick up a tree skirt so

I used a makers microfiber cleaning

cloth is there anything that a waffle

weave towel cannot do I won’t lie our

living room has served us very well over

the years but quite simply it was

missing that little something extra to

make it uniquely our own it took a

little bit of time a lot of paint and

some elbow grease to get the job done

but after all is said and done after all

of the furniture has been assembled

after the TV it’s been programmed

after the stockings have been hung by

the chimney with command hooks and all

the ornaments put on the tree we finally

enjoy living in a space which is

uniquely our own

if you like this video please take a

moment to leave a like it really means a

lot to me if you would like to see more

honey-do list videos let me know in the

comments down below and you can follow

me on Instagram if you want to see any

of my other adventures and as always

thanks for watching

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