I know you guys love natural DIY cleaning recipes, and I also know that you love essential oils and making your home smell great.

So… this week we take a look at 7 easy to make natural DIY cleaning products that get “aroma-boosted” with some amazing essential oils infusions.

I know how much you love making your own

cleaning products at home and I love

doing it too not only is it more cost

effective the products work incredibly

well and of course you can make them

smell however you want and that’s what I

want to talk to you about today I want

to walk you through how to use essential

oils in your DIY cleaning products so

that you can really get not only the

benefits from the essential oil but you

can enjoy the amazing scents and of

course find the scent that you love so

that you can make cleaning a little bit

more enjoyable I’m going to share with

you seven of my current favorite recipes

and walk you through some of the

essential oil basics and just a quick

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there are a few important things to know

about essential oils before you start

using them and the first one is that you

want to make sure that you’re using 100%

pure essential oils they’re not

necessarily cheap they’re not

necessarily expensive but you want to go

for quality that way you know that

you’re getting all of the beneficial

properties and the wonderful scents that

are associated with the essential oils

I have tried cheap versions of essential

oils they just do not smell the same

doesn’t matter to me what brand you get

all that matters is that it says 100%

pure now when you’re using essential

oils to create a cleaning product let’s

say your average use of liquid is two

cups so you mix up a spray bottle it’s

got two cups of liquid in it if you want

to have just a nice Pleasant scent while

you’re cleaning you can add five to ten

drops of your favorite essential oils or

a combination and if you actually want

the scent to be much stronger so when

you finish cleaning you can still kind

of smell it lingering around and if you

also want the beneficial properties from

the essential oils at that point I

recommend using 20 drops of the

essential oils that you choose to use in

your solution about some of my favorites

or my staple essential oils here and

I’ll just walk you through them briefly

this little section is my citrus

collection I’ve got lemon

grapefruit and orange and these are

wonderful not only for degreasing and

that property is found in the skin of

the citrus fruit but they’re also great

antibacterial products and they smell

incredible so if you want a little bit

of an antibacterial punch and a good

degreasing powerful punch you go for

something like a citrus scent over here

I kind of have the herbal selection and

there again are tons that you can pick

but these are just three really basic

ones and I think they smell amazing

the first one is teacher you know it is

the smell that you have to get a little

bit used to but not only is it

antibacterial it’s very purifying and

very cleansing its antimicrobial and it

fights germs so this is a great one to

have especially if you’re in an area

where you have a lot of germs like a

kitchen or a bathroom next up I have

peppermint which is just a fabulous

scent to have and who cares what it does

even though it does great things it just

smells so good and refreshing but

peppermint is also known as an

antibacterial product so if you add some

drops to your cleaner it will certainly

help fight bacteria and over here is

lavender essential oil such a calming

scent I really really love lavender and

this is not only an antimicrobial which

is why I love putting it in my washing

machine we’ve talked about this several

times before to help prevent any musty

odors or mildew from building up but it

also has antiviral and antibacterial

properties as well and this is an

essential oil mix that I’ve come across

recently and I’m just obsessed with it

it’s got a really spicy rich scent and

it’s called the Thebes blend and the

story with the Thebes blend is that

there were four famous sieves in the

15th century and they would make little

combinations of different herbs and

spices to help ward off disease when

they were robbing the dead or the dying

not the classiest thing to do however

what they did give us is a really nice

blend of essential oil so this has clove

and cinnamon lemon eucalyptus and

rosemary it is so good and it’s really

great at fighting off bacteria and germs

which is probably why

those seeds were so successful whenever

I do a video talking about essential

oils you guys are always asking where

you can find them so I’m going to link

essential oils for you down below I’ll

link the ones that I’m using and if I

find any other ones that I want to share

with you I’ll throw them down there as

well first up is my all-purpose cleaner

and I use this in my kitchen it’s

perfect for cleaning my quartz

countertops if you have stone

countertops or laminate countertops in

your kitchen this is perfectly fine to

use now the way that I make it up is I

add 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of

dish soap doesn’t matter if it’s scented

or not because the theives is just going

to knock that scent out anyway so I put

20 drops of these essential oil into

this solution add it all to that spray

bottle give it a good shake and just go

nuts in the kitchen it works like a

charm next up is a soap scum buster and

listen guys I don’t love cleaning the

shower either but it needs to be done

and if you have a good powerful product

you’re going to power through the work

so here’s what I like to do I mix up

equal parts of plain white vinegar and

dish soap in this case I’m using half a

cup of each and to that I’m going to add

10 drops of tea tree essential oil and

the reason why I love tea tree for this

application is because it helps break

down mold and mildew which is something

that’s really common in the shower so by

adding this not only are you getting rid

of that sticky soap scum you’re also

going to power through some of that

napkin mold and mildew cleaning glass

and mirrors definitely requires a

product that is designed specifically

for that task so if you want to use a

product that not only works well but

smells great try this recipe

get a spray bottle and add one and a

half cups of plain water to it and then

add a quarter cup of white vinegar and a

quarter cup of rubbing alcohol and then

to that you’re going to add 15 to 20

drops of peppermint essential oil and

then you get this nice minty fresh

window and glass cleaner it’s like very

on-trend it’s very seemed like minty

fresh clean clear it’s very good now

some of you guys will ask me about using

oil on

glass and isn’t going to leave streaks

and the answer is no because between the

vinegar and the rubbing alcohol those to

cut grease so it really does counter

things out but if you do notice

something for whatever reason just dial

back the peppermint a little bit linen

spray is definitely a thing and it’s not

only just fancy schmancy stuff that you

see at 5-star hotels there are benefits

to it having freshly scented linens help

you sleep better especially if you’re

using an essential oil that’s designed

to calm you down and it can also just

generally freshen up your linen you know

you’re not changing them every day you

should change them once every week or

two but in the meantime linen spray is a

great way to freshen them up so make

your own by adding two parts water to

one part vodka in a small spray bottle

so I’m going to use 1/2 cup of water and

1/4 cup of vodka you’re going to want to

use unscented vodka and if you’re not

using vodka for whatever reason you can

sub that out with rubbing alcohol and

then to that I’m adding 20 drops of

lavender essential oil it’s quite

powerful but trust me it will make your

Linens smell great and you will

definitely sleep better if you want to

know what product you should use to

clean out your fridge because I can read

your mind I know that’s what you were

thinking well here is your recipe you’re

going to use 1 cup of plain hot water

you’re going to use 1/2 cup of white

vinegar a little tiny squirt of dish

soap I’m talking half a teaspoon to a

teaspoon and 10 drops of lemon essential

oil that’s not only going to help remove

any of the grimy builds if you got going

on in your fridge it’s really going to

freshen it up with a nice lemony zing

now make sure that when you use this

you’re wearing gloves because you’re

dealing with hot water and I would say

instead of putting this in a spray

bottle that you apply it to your fridge

shelves and surfaces with a sponge and

then when you’re done cleaning rinse the

sponge wipe it dry and you’re good to go

cleaning with vinegar is super effective

but tbh it stinks a lot of you guys will

tell me this in the comments whenever I

talk about cleaning with vinegar bowl as

well I hate the smell of vinegar I can’t

clean with it and I

tell you it does totally reek so I’ve

put a video together and I did this a

long time ago where you can use citrus

peels to send your vinegar now this does

take a little bit of time and there is a

lag period before you can actually use

the vinegar it needs time to infuse but

if you want to cheat and use vinegar and

still have it smell pretty good you can

do that by adding some vinegar to a

mason jar so here I’m adding two cups of

white vinegar to a mason jar and I’m

just going to put 10 drops of my

favorite citrus essential oil in there

you can use any one you like I’m going

to use orange today but if you don’t

like the smell with 10 drops of

essential oils in it

acid awesome use 20 no one’s going to

know what matters here is if you can

tolerate the scent of the vinegar and of

course you can use this anywhere you

would use regular vinegar to do your

cleaning great recipe for mopping your

floors whether they are tile or laminate

or even hardwood the most important

thing is to make sure that you’re

wringing your mop out really really well

so that you’re not leaving any residual

water behind but I’ve left this great

recipe that you can use I use it I love

it so what I do is I take one gallon or

four litres of hot water I put that in

my mop bucket and to it I add 1/2 cup of

rubbing alcohol which is going to help

the liquid dry faster which means less

streaks and then to that I’m going to

add 10 to 20 drops depending on how much

of a mood boost I need that day of

grapefruit essential oil because it is

such an uplifting scent plus the citrus

does help with cutting grease and we do

have greasy feet so you got a deal with

that then just dip your mop in mop as

usual dump out your mop water and you’ll

get that nice scent coming off your

floor for at least 10 or 15 minutes so

those are my seven favorite cleaning

products of the moment and I’d love to

know in the comments down below what are

your favourite DIY cleaning recipe

whether it’s something that’s been

passed down from several generations or

something that you kind of experimented

with whipped together and had great

success with definitely let me know in

the comments because not only do I love

reading them and I certainly learn a lot

from you guys but I know that other

people in the clean my space nation go

through and scour

those scour those comments and learn a

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