Make Your Home Smell Great By Vacuuming!

Not too long ago we made a video called “Your Cleaning Tips” which featured, well, YOUR cleaning tips because you guys are geniuses and have so many great cleaning tips and tricks to share. So this week we’re back at it with more cleaning tips from the Clean My Space community!

Be sure to leave your cleaning tips, tricks and hacks in the comment section and they just might be featured in an upcoming Clean My Space video!

not too long ago we made a video called

your cleaning tips which features your

cleaning tips because you guys are

geniuses and in that video we did a

call-out to ask you to share with us in

the comments section your very best

cleaning tips and tricks so that we can

make more videos just like that well

this is that video and we’re going to

share some of the absolute best tips

that we got from that video right now

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through all of your tips and we put the

ones that we’re going to share on the

iPad so don’t mind me if you see me

looking down the first one comes from

Anthony Pacheco and he says I put a few

drops of lavender oil in my vacuum

machines filter so every time I vacuumed

the room fills with the scent of

lavender and that’s a great tip and if

you don’t love the scent of lavender Hey

use another essential oil the point is

do it Anthony’s on the right track next

up we’ve got a hot tip from Samantha

Atterbury she says the best tip I have

for people who get easily overwhelmed

yet still want to get very organized is

to clean out one drawer or cabinet per

day I have depression so it’s very easy

to get overwhelmed but one drawer a day

makes me feel accomplished and slowly

gets the whole house organized and you

know Samantha’s not the only person

that’s mentioned this before especially

you know I’ve heard a lot of people who

come watch the videos they do have

depression and it can feel overwhelming

so I love her philosophy of just doing a

little bit every day because it does

really make you feel so accomplished

here’s a great tip about plastic

containers that get stained this one

comes from squirrel and the tip is to

clean tomato or other stains from

plastic containers pour some olive oil

on a paper towel and wipe the stain off

prior to rinsing or washing the oil

pulls the stain out of the container

then wash the container as you would

normally this doesn’t typically work on

old stains but it works every time with

fresh stains stain containers are a real

pee ITA so I haven’t tried this yet but

I’m going to and I hope you try it too

because honestly who needs stink

Tanner’s Nikki Oliver has a great tip

about hangers especially if you’re short

on closet space she says great tips but

instead of buying the hanger with all

the sub hangers just pop off some soda

can tabs and slip them onto the neck of

the hanger and then you can hook another

hanger onto it repeat it all the way

down as many levels as you like so I

think about this in terms of setting up

outfit so you can put your pants and

your shirt on sort of one hanger section

and you can have that one outfit ready

to go it’s great for setting yourself up

for the week and of course great for

saving closet space this one had all of

us laughing what we were going through

the tips

it’s from Tennessee Yankee they say I

put some Get Well cards on my mantel

that way if anyone comes over they’ll

think I’ve been sick and I haven’t been

able to clean I mean listen guys we all

need to cut corners sometimes that’s a

pretty great way to do it all you have

to do is go to the dollar store get a

few Get Well cards write yourself some

stuff put it on the mantel it’s so easy

it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution

thing okay you can get the result that

you’re looking for usually with many

different avenues you just have to pick

the one that works for you and I always

share one or two or three that work for

me but there are several other answers

out there and the reason why we love

reading your tips and tricks is because

we learn from you guys you guys have so

many wonderful ideas and different

experiences than we do and it’s great

because we can learn and the audience

can learn too so thank you so much for

sharing your tips we’re going to do more

of these videos we think it’s going to

be kind of a a regular situation around

here clean my space because these videos

mean a lot to us they mean a lot to you

so thank you guys again for sharing all

of your wonderful ideas we got over 400

comments in the last video with all of

your great tips and what really helped

us pick which ones we were going to put

in this video was you guys voting on the

tips that you loved so in the comments

section of this video we’re going to ask

you again share your tips share your

tricks help a sister and a brother out

let us know what you want to see in the

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