Make Your Own Hand Soap & Save Money!!

Why bother buying hand soap and hand sanitizer when you can easily make your own for very little? Don’t answer – rhetorical question! I love these recipes and they are my go-to now for at home soap. These recipes are beyond simple and use ingredients like castile soap, water, and essential oils – which is *the most* fun because you can customize the scent. I also added sweet almond oil and vitamin e oil (taken from cheap capsules) to up the moisturizing properties of otherwise quite drying soap and sanitizer. I don’t know about you, but every time I wash my hands I feel like they’re alligator skin afterward. D’yknow what I mean?

I am also advocating that you upcycle old soap pumps and hand sanitizer bottles, too. High five, environment!

These recipes leave my hands squeaky clean, smelling great and feeling moisturized. The soap is also super gentle and uses simple, natural ingredients that really go the distance. I hope you try these easy recipes today and let me know what you think!

studies show that the most effective way

to keep yourself healthy is to wash your

hands that’s right

rather than waste your time disinfecting

all kinds of services just wash your

hands it will keep you healthy so this

week what I wanted to do was teach you

how to make three recipes at home using

upcycle bottles and products you already

have we’re going to make a liquid hand

soap a foaming hand soap my personal

favorite and a hand sanitizers you can

take it around with you in case you

can’t wash your hands so stick around

and we’ll make those recipes just a

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thumbs up if you like DIY recipes let’s

get started with liquid hand soap we’ll

take our clean soap pump and we’ll add

1/2 cup of water to that it’s important

that you do this first

that way your soap doesn’t start foaming

like crazy and then to that I’m going to

add a half cup of castile soap one

teaspoon or five capsules poked and

squeezed of vitamin E oil then I’ll add

a tablespoon of a nourishing oil like

sweet almond or jojoba oil and I will

mix up to 25 drops of essential oil this

is where you can kind of have fun with

it there are a couple of cool ways you

can trick out your soap especially if

it’s for young kids or guests you can

not only change out the scent by

changing out the essential oils but you

can also add little toys like little

Lego pieces or you know something else

that’s seasonally appropriate and you

can also if you’re bold enough you can

add some sparkles to the soap especially

for little girls they would love that

soap and nothing will get them wanting

to wash their hands more then put in the

sparkles on their hands next up is

foaming hand soap which is my personal

favorite if you haven’t had the

experience of using foaming hand soap

it’s kind of like pumping a little cloud

or a little bit of whipped cream into

your hand it’s so nice I love using it

now the important thing is that you use

an actual foaming hand soap pump a

regular soap pump will not work for this

and the recipe is essentially the same

ingredients is what we use for the

liquid hand soap is just different

proportions add one and a half cups of

water to your soap pump if you have

distilled water that’s best next add two

tablespoons of liquid castile soap then

a half teaspoon of a nourishing oil like

a sweet almond oil or jojoba oil and

then you can finish it off with up to 20

dashes of your favorite essential oil or

essential oil mix it’s important that

you leave about an inch between the

water level and the actual soap pump

mechanism that sits right there in the

bottle or else it can’t do its job so

knock the water back if you need to the

soap proportion is totally fine when all

the ingredients are together seal up the

bottle give it a quick shake and there

is your foaming hand so let’s say you’re

out and about guys that didn’t sound as

Canadian as you think it did and you

don’t have the ability to wash your

hands with soap and water you can always

rely upon some hand sanitizer but if you

don’t like the idea of using the

store-bought product you can certainly

make your own and reuse the little

bottle the recipe is super simple – my

clean empty bottle I’m going to add aloe

vera gel rubbing alcohol sweet almond

oil or a nourishing oil and a few drops

of essential oils because these bottles

come in all different shapes and sizes

we figured we would give you a simple

ratio that you can follow and adjust it

up or down based on what you need and

that ratio is two parts aloe vera to one

part rubbing alcohol now the essential

oil that we’re suggesting you can add

that in if you want to have the scent or

if you want some of the properties of a

certain essential oil feel free to add

between five and ten drops totally up to

you or you can leave it out and the same

thing goes for the nourishing oil it’s

only there to counter the drying effects

of the rubbing alcohol that tends to you

know dry out your hands so if you like

to you can add as much or as little as

you like maybe a half teaspoon a

teaspoon or not

up to you now you have no excuse not to

make your own hand cleaning products you

got the recipes you got the bottles get

to it and guys we are in the middle of

researching and developing a really cool

video all about the importance of hand


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