Maker’s Cleaning Cloths – Quality Microfiber Awesomeness!

Cleaning has never felt so good!

Your space is only as clean as the products and tools you clean it with. Microfiber cloths are gentle on your surfaces while achieving the cleanest results. But like anything else, there’s microfiber, and then there’s microfiber.

We’ve tested over 100 microfiber cloths to find the very best. We’re proud to say our gold-standard cloths are ultra-thick and absorbent, which gives them the “squeaky-clean” reputation that we’re proud to put our name on.

** Our Cloths Clean Up **

Cut up t-shirts. Old rags. Dish towels. Endless paper towel. While these all clean to a certain degree, they will never make your space sparkle. Instead, they leave behind stubborn streaks, dust, scratches, and create unnecessary waste.

We’re firm believers that you need the right tool to get the job done, and that’s where microfiber and Maker’s Cleaning Cloths come in.

** What Is Microfiber Anyway? **

Microfiber can be hard to understand because everything is so, well, microscopic! To give you an idea, each fiber in microfiber is two times finer than silk, three times finer than cotton, eight times finer than wool, and one hundred times finer than a human hair!

These fibers are woven together to create a yarn, which is then woven into a cloth material that is able to pick up the tiniest dust and dirt particles. The thicker the cloth, the more yarn is used during the weave process and the better it cleans. That’s why Maker’s Cleaning Cloths are so thick and heavy, and why cheaper alternatives are so thin. If it feels light and flimsy, or if you can see through it when you hold it up, it’s not going to clean like a Maker’s Cleaning Cloth.

I’ve been waiting a really long time to

tell you guys what I’m about to tell you

guys our cloths are in town so last time

we launched our class we had one kit

because we had a super small order and a

big huge shout-out to you guys who

supported us through that order we only

had 250 kits available they completely

sold out and I am so proud to say we did

not get one return or complaint about

our cloths so what we did we took your

feedback and request into consideration

couple things I want to tell you the

first thing they are available all over

the world for a flat rate shipping of

either five dollars in the US or ten

dollars everywhere else second thing I

want to tell you is we have lots of

different kits available that you can

order this one over here is our large

spaces kit it comes with two plush

cloths two waffle weave towels for

general purpose cloths two blue two

purple and two glass and electronics

cloths over here is our small space kit

which is one of each clock perfect for

those of you guys who don’t live in a

whole big house then we have two packs

of each type of our cloths they come in

both colors of the all-purpose plots we

also have a two pack for the ultra plush

cloths the waffle weave cloths and the

glass and electronics class microfiber

cloths are amazing for cleaning and I

have a whole video detailing exactly why

I love them so much why you should get

them and how to take care of them you

can also find all of that information on

our website which is makers clean calm

which is incidentally where you can also

order set microfiber cloths I know the

holidays are just around the corner and

if you’re scrambling to figure out

what’s going on your gift list I would

highly recommend makers microfiber

cloths I mean I know I biased but think

about it it’s not necessarily giving

someone a cleaning thing it’s giving

them a lifestyle gift microfiber cloths

make your life easier if you don’t want

to give it for a Christmas present

necessarily you could give them for say

a housewarming gift or for a new parent

gift you can also give it to someone

moving out for their first time or hey

you can even treat yourself everybody

deserves a good set of microfiber cloths

for more details and to order your

microfiber cloths so you can go to

makers clean calm everything is there

for you and I just want to thank you

guys so much for your ongoing and

continued support and requests and

demand for these cloths I know you guys

are gonna love them we’ve worked so so

hard to get these cloths out to you I

hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do

thanks so much for watching and we’ll

see you next time

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