welcome to our basement or at least the

half of the basement that we are willing

to show you this is our launch room and

it has been featured in countless clean

myspace videos there’s another half to

this basement one which is much more

dark sinister this is the one place in

our home where we put everything that

doesn’t belong somewhere else it’s a

cesspool of computers and electronics

video production equipment mementos

paperwork books and magazines we even

store some old furniture here which

never gets used and over here on these

shelves yep you guessed it this is where

we keep all of our cleaning products

from making these videos and over here

is even more stuff


this massive pile of stuff represents

all the products we get sent here at the

claim myspace HQ and tucked behind is my

art area where clearly no art can be

made nothing much at all can be made in

this basement it started getting out of

hand about a year ago and we’ve just

never gotten around to fixing the issue

but with a baby on the way my office is

turning into a nursery and this basement

is going to become my new office

so it’s about time the basement got a

little honeydew love it’s about time we

cleaned out the basement



let’s kick things off by creating an

area to temporarily hold the items

before getting rid of them there’s going

to be three areas to be exact an area

for items we are going to sell an area

for donations and an area that we will

be giving stuff to friends and family we

have a very special guest this honeydew

episode world-renowned cleaning guru

Melissa maker who also happens to be my

wife who also happens to be very

pregnant but very much wanted to help

with this job and get as much stuff out

of the basement as possible and so here

she is there’s not much method to the

madness we’re just trying to get rid of

as much stuff as possible and to clear

up as much room as possible that’s the

primary goal down here freeing up every

available inch of space now on to the

cleaning supply shelves these were the

crocks that Melissa Ward’s who the very

first clean my space cleaning job 11

years ago so that’s pretty cool we

should probably hang on to those these

shelves have a lot of useful products

but indeed there’s so much stuff on here

that we no longer use and probably can

be passed along to someone who can

actually use what it is it’s a really

big job but as the saying goes how do

you feed an elephant one bite at a time

that’s looking a lot better already we

parted with about 50% of the stuff I’m

sure we’ll part with a little bit more

as time goes on but this is a great

start so you may be asking yourself Chad

that’s all well and good but where’s all

of that stuff going now well let me tell

you I did a bunch of research on the

internet trying to find places that

would accept cleaning supply donations

and guess what there’s actually quite a

few options many women’s shelters and

homeless shelters will happily accept

these types of donations and I also

learned that animal shelters are always

in need of cleaning supplies so that’s

what I opted for we loaded up the car

and made my way to the Toronto Wildlife

Center they are the ones who take care

of all of the wildlife in the Greater

Toronto Area all the squirrels and foxes

and birds that need any kind of help

they are the ones that take care of them

and they were very happy to accept the

cleaning supplies we donated


all the non cleaning supply stuff was

donated to a local value village

later that night all right let’s get

back into the basement and pick up where

we left off I’m going to move my weights

over to the other side of the room and

then I am going to slim down some of my

art supplies I’m also going to get rid

of these plastic drawer units that

seemed like a good idea at the time but

don’t really serve any more purpose so

take care so long bye bye

here’s another little piece of CMS

memorabilia it’s a sign from Melissa’s

book signing at indigo from last year so

I think we may hang on to this just find

another place for it but things I no

longer should be hanging on to our all

the boxes that my camera equipment came

in I hang on to the stuff for some

reason I’m not too sure why and except

for like very very few select boxes I

think we can safely part with 90% of

these and here’s my hockey card little

known fact about Canadians we all keep a

hockey card in our basement for good

luck it’s absolutely true next let’s

move over to this area which I use for

photography there’s not much need to

have this area always set up like it is

right now because I don’t use it all

that often and it takes up a lot of

space so I’m going to break it down for

now and then I’ll set it up only when I

actually need to use it



I’m going to move the table to the far

end of the basement this way it’s going

to free up a lot of space for activities

and I’ll give these shelves a little

more attention just free up a little bit

more space and maybe consolidate some of

the things to free up some room I’m also

going to put this shelving unit to

better use elsewhere


all right it’s time to move on to the

other side of the basement we’re gonna

start with this shelf unit which

provides a lot of storage space but

unfortunately right now it’s storing a

lot of stuff that we just don’t need

some of the stuff that definitely is

going to be staying is some of the

memorabilia that I have from my father

he was an exceptional man I’m going to

leave a link in the description box down

below to his Wikipedia page and you can

learn all about the awesomeness of Don

Reynolds my dad and this here is my

dad’s camera it was the very first

camera that I used to take pictures many

many many years ago so this is

definitely staying this is a shirt from

about 10 years ago at the very first

clean myspace logo on it all right clean

my space nation now I want your advice

on something and if these magazines that

I’m showing you on the screen right now

so Melissa or clean my space has been

featured in a bunch of magazines and for

the first few years we actually started

collecting and keeping each one but now

they’re just kind of kicking around so

leave a comment with what you think we

should do with these magazines


these chairs have been with me

personally for fifteen years now and as

sad as I am to see them go it is about

time to move on from them and now in the

homestretch so let’s just clear out the

rest of the crap from this side of the




maybe this wasn’t the most exciting fun

entertaining or glamorous episode the

honey-do list

there was no painting there was no new

furniture we didn’t buy anything new for

this space we were literally just using

this episode to get rid of as much stuff

as possible in our cluttered basement so

we could have a bit of a clean canvas to

work with


but after a little hard work and a lot

of time we have now freed up enough

floor space and it looks great in here

there’s so much more room and there’s so

much more room for activities I think

I’m finally ready to start planning out

what my whole office situation is going

to look like now that I have this clean

canvas I also want to use part of this

space to spend time with my daughter so

I want a big open play area that we can

play in and now we’re a lot closer to

that becoming a reality


don’t forget my comic question from

earlier what should you do with all of

the magazines that we have saved to

sweeten the deal I’m going to randomly

select three comments and send out a

large space kit makers microfiber cloths

as a thank you to three random comments

so make sure you leave a comment down

below for a chance to win that


that’s it thanks for watching leave a

like if you liked this video subscribe

for more great honey do list videos

coming up soon

Newark then you expect they may and as

always thanks for watching

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