My secret to tackling laundry day? Don’t have a laundry day! It’s true—if you can master these 7 laundry habits you can cut the time it takes to do laundry, and pretty much avoid a dedicated laundry day. I’ve been using these tips for years, and I can say for a fact, that they’ve reduced the pain of the tiresome chore that is laundry.

want to know my secret to not having a

complicated laundry day well just don’t

have a laundry day period make laundry a

thing that you weave into your everyday

and that way it never becomes a thing so

in this video I’m going to share with

you seven ways to speed up your laundry

so that whether you have a laundry day

which frankly I don’t advise or you just

do laundry whenever you get a chance

it goes lightning fast and just a quick

reminder if you haven’t done so already

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if you’re not a fan of laundry day

either make sure that you pretreat

stains as they happen not right before

you put something into the wash for me I

actually keep a stain pretreat ER in my

bathroom because that’s where I keep all

of my dirty laundry so whenever I take

off a garment I just pretreat it let it

dry and then I put it into my laundry

basket for whatever day I happen to be

doing that particular load on now I do

have some pre treaters in my laundry

room here in my basement as well but I

recommend that if there’s any place in

the home that you know gets a little bit

messy keep some laundry pretreat err on

hand and if you decide to use dish soap

which happens to be a great laundry

pretreat err

remember not to use too much because if

you do you get a sudsy situation

happening in your washing machine that

your washing machine was not designed

nor prepared for and can cause a bit of

a mess when most of us do our laundry we

just turn it to the setting that we know

on our washing machine and we’re done

with it but there happens to be a quick

wash setting which comes in handy if you

have a few items that need to be washed

now or five minutes ago so for example

when one of the cats pees on something

we like to wash it right away but we’ll

use that quick wash setting because that

saves water it saves electricity and it

gets the garment or the item clean

without having to waste a lot of time

energy and water now if you’re not

familiar with a quick wash setting on

your machine just have a quick look at

the panel most of them are pretty

self-explanatory or do a quick search

online or look at your manual really

quickly it’ll identify exactly how you

should do it and you’ll have this

newfound skill

your laundry will be done a lot quicker

– if you find pairing socks and losing

socks to be a total laundry P ITA

there’s a quick solution for you keep a

mesh delicates bag in your laundry area

at home so that way any time you take

your socks off you can throw them

directly into that mesh bag throw that

mash bag directly into the wash transfer

it directly into the dryer and by the

time your laundry load is done it’ll be

so much easier for you to just sort

through those socks and pare them back

up this helps not only keep all of your

socks corralled in one place but you’ll

never have single sock syndrome again

okay since I’m not a huge fan of

cleaning in general getting me to

love-like love– a cleaning product or

tool that’s a hard one but i have to say

one of the things that I absolutely

adore in my house is my laundry tri

starter because it just makes laundry

that much easier they usually come with

three sections some of them come with

four and the idea is that you can set

the system up however you like whatever

works for your household so for me I

like to have one section for colored

garments one for light or white garments

and one for dark or black garments in

that way whenever one of the bins fills

up I can walk it down to the laundry

room and do my laundry without having to

go through the rigmarole of sorting

laundry because whose time to do that

it’s so much easier to take your clothes

off put it in the right bin you’re done

now the cool thing about tri sorters is

they’re totally customizable so if you

don’t want to do lights color darks you

can do colors and darks in one section

you can do towels in another and whites

in another its totally customizable it’s

totally up to you and the cool thing is

it’s easy so your family can participate

in the try sorting action as well and

whoever is in charge of doing laundry at

home that just takes you one extra step

out of it for them


when you hear that dryer buzzer go off

it means stop what you’re doing and get

yourself to your dryer and fold those

garments it is not something that you

can wait on because the longer that you

wait the cooler garments get well they

sit on top of each other and they get

wrinkly and unless you are a big old fan

of ironing and I haven’t met too many of

those you want to keep on top of the

folding as soon as your garments come

out of the dryer and that way you can

reduce wrinkles and if you want to know

how to fold pretty much any garment that

you might put on we’ve lots of videos on

it so I’ll link goes for you down below

one of the easiest ways to get a lot of

laundry done in a small amount of time

is to set a timer and I know that sounds

really simple but think about it like

this you’re well intentioned you want to

get your laundry done I get it

but life happens and because laundry is

such a passive task your attention can

go somewhere else very quickly however

if you set a timer you will remember

that oh yeah I got to take my stuff out

of wash and we have to put it in the

dryer and that gives you the opportunity

to then put another load in the wash and

you can keep the cycle going wash dry

wash dry and you can get a bunch of

loads done when I have three loads to do

at a time that’s what I do and in fact

the other day I was able to get three

loads of laundry done in about four

hours and I was clearly doing other


well the laundry was going the point is

I seen on top of it so I was able to be

efficient with the amount of laundry

that I got done


I’m going back to my original point

laundry days are never fun

so having laundry as part of your

routine is the best way to make sure

that you’re not dedicating a full day to

doing like six loads of laundry so what

I like to do because laundry is such an

inactive task is pair it with something

else that I’m doing when I wake up in

the morning I look at my laundry

situation in the bathroom and I grab one

of the bins if they’re full and I walk

the bin downstairs to the basement I

start a wash and that way I can feed the

cats eat breakfast and by the time I’m

done my load is usually ready to go into

the dryer and that way I don’t have to

think too much about the laundry it gets

done but I’m doing other things so just

find ways to tune laundry up with

something else that you’re doing around

the house and that way you’ll never have

to set off full-day aside just to do

your laundry in my house Chad and I do

our own loads of laundry and that brings

me to this week’s comment question who

does the laundry in your house is it one

person’s job or is it everybody at homes

job to take care of their own stuff I’d

love to know what age did you start

doing your own laundry I remember very

clearly my mom when I was 13 years old

was like girlfriend you are washing your

own clothes and here’s how to do it and

ever since then I’ve been on laundry

Duty pretty much myself

now I know tried now you’re gonna have

to reroute our routine once the baby

comes and figure out who’s washing the

dirty onesies but until that point I’ll

handle my business he will handle his

here are a couple of other laundry

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