Melissa Maker Organizes Seasonal Clothing!

Do you change over your closet for the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons?

I never used to do this, but I recently started, like last summer, and it’s made a huge diff. I just did this the other day and I wanted to walk you guys through the process so that you can try it too.

It made such a difference for me and feels like a whole new world!

A closet isn’t designed to contain four seasons worth of clothing. It’s designed to hold the clothes you’re going to wear for the coming season.

My closet used to explode – you guys have seen it – because it was housing the majority of garments I own in it at all times. When the summer and early fall is over, or when late spring rolls in, it is time to change over your closet to free up space and to breath new life into your wardrobe.

If you haven’t done this before, it’s easy and makes a big difference, I’ll show you how easy it is!

I never used to change out my closet for

fall winter and spring summer fashion

however I started doing this last year

and it has made a huge difference not

only does it make getting dressed easier

but it frees up a lot of space in my

cupboard and today I’m going to talk you

through my process show you exactly how

I did it it’s quite easy and hopefully

you’ll do the exact same thing before we

get to closet organizing if you haven’t

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up a closet isn’t designed to contain

four seasons worth of clothing really

it’s only there to hold the current

stuff that you’re going to be wearing so

when spring summer rolls around that’s

in and around the time when you want to

start looking through your fall winter

stuff and putting that away in storage

and vice versa when the colder weather

rolls in that’s in and around the time

that you could take your warmer weather

stuff and store that for the season this

is your first time doing it

congratulations here’s where you start

go through all of your garments in your

closet and start pulling out anything

that’s out of season for example

anything where the color isn’t exactly

in style for the particular season so I

pulled out all of my bright orange

shirts and I put those on my bed and

then of course my Merlot colored stuff

started to roll in in the next stage

you’ll also go through and pull out

anything that isn’t cut for the

particular season so obviously does it

make sense to have chunky sweaters in

your closet in July and it doesn’t make

sense to have short sleeved dresses in

your closet in January place all of your

out of season garments on your bed let

those sit there for a minute you’ll deal

with them shortly but keep in mind

you’re going to have about half of your

closets still filled with garments those

are transitional pieces that will take

you through all four seasons for example

what I’m wearing both the top and the

pants they are transitional I wear them

in the summer and I wear them in the

winter now that you have everything on

the bed and your closet is feeling nice

and airy you move on to the next stage

you’re going to sort through all of the

stuff that you just pulled out if

there’s anything there that you no

longer wear you don’t really like

doesn’t fit you it’s not stylish you’re

not into the trend anymore

put it in a donation pile

then fold everything up I have a

cupboard where I keep all of my

out-of-season garments in if you don’t

have a cupboard you can put it in a

little container that you store under

your bed or you can get those really big

Ziploc bags and you can find a storage

place for those in your home trust me

it’s better stored than sitting in your

closet then you get the fun opportunity

if you’ve done this before to pull out

all of your clothes from the upcoming

season that you had previously stored

and you get to sort through them and do

the exact same thing go through decide

if the item still fits you if you like

it if it’s still in style if the color

works for you if not put it in that

donation pile if it is still of your

persuasion then you can put it on a

hanger and throw it up in your closet

that way whenever you’re looking through

anything in your closet you’re only

looking at stuff that you really like

and that you really want to wear and

that is seasonally appropriate and the

best part about doing this is that you

get to make a little shopping list so if

you notice you’re short on something or

if you got rid of something that was a

different size that no longer works for

you you get to get another one and just

a quick note on how to hang things up in

your closet when you are going to

replace them I’ve come up with a system

where I hang all like items to get it so

in my closet I have all my jeans than

all my skirts then all my dress pants

than all my dresses then my blouses that

my sweaters and then my shells or tank

tops and in each chunk I organize things

by color so that I always know where I

can find something once you’ve gone

through your clothing closet you can go

through your front hall closet it’s the

perfect time to get any of your winter

coats if you’re going into the winter

like we kind of are right now you can

also pull out any boots hats mitts

scarves anything like that and it’s a

good time to go through all of those

items see what you still like see what

needs to be replaced

case in point I have had the same pair

of black over the knee boots for four

years I have made them last for a really

long time but they have a big hole in

them which is great because it means

I’ve worn them until they literally have

holes in them but now I get the chance

to go and shop and buy a new pair so

when I’m out shopping I’m not saying

maybe I need a little pair of

please maybe I need a little pair of

brown shoes no I know exactly what I

need and I’m going to go find it I

really enjoyed doing this because it

makes me feel like I have so much more

options whenever I go into my closet to

pick something out I also don’t pass

over things hundreds of times that’s why

it’s so important to pick out garments

that you don’t like anymore and

declutter at the beginning of the season

makes a huge difference it also helps me

feel like my closet is nice and airy and

open because it’s not crammed and full

of stuff well maybe it is but at least

it’s not stuff from the previous season

I hope this video has helped you a lot

and I’d love to know is this something

that you’ve tried before seasonally

changing out your clothes let me know in

the comments down below and also let me

know if you haven’t done it before if

you’re going to give it a try it took me

about an hour to do and it made all the

difference if you want to see what I’m

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