Minimalist Living Tips // 5 Habits To Declutter & Simplify Your Home

Over the years Chad and I have developed some informal rules, or habits, which we follow to declutter our home and ultimately live a more minimalist lifestyle. While we’re not advocating any extreme lifestyle changes, we do feel that if you can keep clutter to a minimum, your life, and your cleaning routine, is significantly simplified and more enjoyable day in and day out.

creating clean myspace videos really

makes chad and i think about everything

that we do and everything that we let

come into this house and specifically

we’ve been thinking a lot about clutter

and stuff over the past couple of years

especially because we seem to be getting

more and more stuff sent to us all the

time and we’ve developed these informal

rules about how to manage clutter and

live a more minimal lifestyle so in this

video I want to share those habits or

rules with you and show you how you can

do the exact same in your home and just

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if you are trying to live that more

minimal decluttered lifestyle – before I

give into those habits I just want to

make a couple of things clear this is

what Chad and I have decided to do in

our homes now of course there are lots

of books out there about minimal living

and decluttering lots of videos and even

TV shows that show you some different

extremes but certainly options if that’s

what appeals to you so I’m not

particularly advocating for you to go

one way or another Chad and I have just

decided what makes sense for us we want

to be surrounded by beautiful and

important things so if something really

makes sense to have in the home we have

a space for it but if it doesn’t we

don’t want it in here so just think

about what works for you

pruning your items on a regular basis

shouldn’t just be something that you do

once a year around spring cleaning to be

something that becomes part of your

daily habits or your lifestyle and over

the past couple of years it’s something

that Chad and I have really brought into

our own home so as you guys might know

in some previous videos we’ve mentioned

that when we do decluttering we have a

little weigh station in our basement

where we’ll take items that we don’t

love or we don’t need anymore and we

just put it in that bin and then every

couple of months we’ll go there we’ll

put everything in bags and then drop it

off at a donation center to give you an

example of what this actually looks like

when I do my laundry and everything’s

clean before I fold and put it away I’ll

sort of sort through everything and pick

out those garments that I’m not wearing

any more this is just one example of how

do the same thing so I just got rid of a

bunch of old workout clothes that I

didn’t really love anymore

because I’d recently got some new stuff

and there was no point of having the old

stuff around but you can do this with

magazines newspapers items around your

home you know just incorporate it into

your day and you’ll see it’s a lot

easier to keep your home decluttered

learning to say no can be oh so hard but

it is one of the best skills you can

develop and I found that saying no to

free samples souvenirs and things from

well-meaning people like hand-me-downs

can actually help me reduce the amount

of clutter in my home I was recently in

a store and they gave away gift bags

that day and I actually just turned the

gift bag down because there was nothing

in there that I really wanted no of


if I did want something in there sure I

would have taken it but I knew that I

didn’t need it so I left it there the

same thing happened to me when I was in

Palm Springs I did this really cool tram

ride up to the top of a mountain and

they were handing out these keychains

and everyone took them but then I said

to the lady thanks but no thanks because

I’m not going to use it so that was a

great way just to not bring that clutter

home with me

they even hand-me-downs or things from

well-meaning friends or family members

you don’t need it and you’re not gonna

use it you can just politely say no but

thank them for the gesture have you ever

noticed that when you walk into a spa

they don’t have a bunch of crap

everywhere that’s because a spa is

designed to be a calming relaxing

environment and your brain feels most

calm and most relaxed when there’s not a

lot of visual clutter so keeping your

surfaces clear is a great way to remind

yourself that you live in a clean clear

uncluttered space so what I like to do

when I’m looking at an item on a surface

I’ll ask myself is it really beautiful

and do I want it there so I can look at

it and enjoy it or is it really

functional and I need it there if that

item doesn’t fall into one of those two

categories then the item doesn’t belong

on that surface so I have to find

another home for it or I have to give it

another home it’s so easy when you’re at

a store and something is on sale or your

friend just talked about this great

thing or there’s a demo person talking

the wonderful new gadget that’s right in

front of them or you just see something

and you think for one second that it

could really be useful in your home well

the truth is being a critical shopper is

really going to help you reduce the

amount of clutter in your home and help

you live that minimal life we’re all

guilty of going out and buying things

that we don’t really need and then we

don’t know what happens they kind of sit

around they have tags on them a year

later we keep meaning to return them but

we never do there’s a whole slew of

things that happen but the unfortunate

part is we now have a problem on our

hands because we’ve got to find

somewhere to put that thing or make it

work somehow

so rather than doing that just be

critical when you’re out shopping do I

really need this do I really love this

I’ve been doing this lately with

clothing with stuff for the house

honestly with everything and it has been

such a great way not only to save money

but a great way to reduce seeing all the

stuff that comes into the house that I

know I really don’t need and then there

are those items that we have some

inherent sentimental attachment to which

feel practically impossible to get rid

of these could be anything from love

letters to tickets from old concerts

children’s toys clothing that kind of

stuff stuff that either you’ve kept with

you for a long time or it’s been handed

to you generation to generation and

these items are typically associated

with a lot of guilt so if we get rid of

them it’s like we’re getting rid of that

memory or we’re seeing it’s not

important anymore and I know that this

is pretty much the hardest category to

go through and declutter we’ve actually

done a whole video on how to get rid of

sentimental clutter below and I’m not

ruthless trust me guys I know what this

feels like if I got my old piles of

stuff that I need to deal with and that

I have dealt with so I go through this

with you gingerly but it is a really

important step because you can’t get rid

of a lot of things

well you’re still honoring the item or

the memory itself there are lots of ways

to do that according to research it

usually takes two months or 66 days to

be exact to create and really instill a

new habit what this means is if you’re

going through this minimalism

decluttering mindset

have to practice it for 66 days before

it starts to feel natural for you but

think about it like this

you know when we do a decluttering video

or attend things to toss video those are

amazing those are great ways to kind of

kickstart you but it can’t stop there

it’s got to be a lifestyle it’s sort of

like healthy eating you know when people

do crash diets and then they get

miserable because they gain the weight

back it’s the exact same thing with

decluttering it just has to become a

lifestyle you’ve got to decide that you

want to live in a space with less

clutter you’ve got to decide that you

want to have that minimal lifestyle and

then once you do it you determine what

that looks like for you and then you

work toward it slowly like I said it’s

taken Chad and I two years to do so I’d

love to know the comments down below

what are your thoughts on this whole

minimalist living trend do you think

it’s cool and is it something you’re

going to pursue or do you just think

it’s trendy and somewhere you’re not

going and if you are living that

minimalist lifestyle let me know some of

your tips in the comments down below

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