My 5 Best Cleaning Tips! ( Do It On A Dime & Clutterbug Collab )

I’m really excited to do a collab with two of my YouTube friends:
Kathryn from Do It On A Dime and Cas from Clutterbug!

hi for those of you who don’t know me I

am Melissa from clean my space and I’m

really excited to do a collab today with

a couple of YouTube friends of mine I’ve

got Katherine from do it on a dime and

Kass from clutter bug we are doing a

collaboration where we’re sharing some

of our all-time try tested and true

cleaning tips so without further adieu

I’ll get into mine and then at the end

I’ll put links to the other two videos

and you should definitely check those

ones out as well

all-purpose cleaner I know when you look

in the cleaning aisle you see so many

different products and you’re trying to

figure out which one do I need for what

task obviously there are tons of

different products out there for tons of

different applications but in my years

and years of cleaning research and

practice I’ve come to learn that

all-purpose cleaner is indeed just that

it’s an all-purpose cleaner it cleans

the majority of things that you need to

clean in an average house cleaning of

course if you need a specialty product

go for it pick it up but all-purpose

cleaner is safe to use on the majority

of surfaces in your home I use it in my

kitchen my bathroom even if you’re in a

pinch you can use it to clean glass or

mirrors obviously you want to have a

really good microfiber cloth handy and

the thing I love about all-purpose

cleaner is that you can make your own

simple recipe is 1 or 2 cups of water

and 1 or 2 teaspoons of dish soap

now if you want to get fancy you can –

in 5 to 10 drops of your favorite

essential oils spray and use that it’s

super gentle and super effective vs

pattern now that you know about one of

my favorite cleaning products I’ll tell

you about one of my favorite cleaning

techniques vs pattern the benefit of the

S pattern is that not only does it save

you energy you’re not wasting your time

and energy doing these big circles but

it’s also a way more efficient and

effective way to clean if you’re doing a

buffing pattern a circle your discs

continually redepositing dirt back onto

the surface you’ve already cleaned this

leads to streaking this leads to

inferior results and more time on your

behalf the S pattern which is just a

nice wave starting at the top working

your way to the bottom

you’re also collecting all of the debris


you work your way down to the bottom of

a surface meaning you’re not leaving

anything anywhere along the surface that

you’ve already cleaned trust me guys

once you start using the S pattern you

will not go back cleaning toothbrush for

those of you who have been clean my

space viewers for a while now you guys

know all about the cleaning toothbrush

and for any of you who are new to clean

my space you might not have heard me

sing the praises about an old crusty

toothbrush but I can tell you they are

miraculous when it comes to cleaning now

I didn’t believe this myself when I

first got involved in the whole cleaning

thing but eventually I just took an old

toothbrush you know your dentist gives

you a new one every time you go I

cleaned it out so I soaked it in vinegar

and water for 30 minutes then I rinsed

it and I started using it to clean all

kinds of different areas of course you

clean it between uses so you’re not

cross contaminating but any area with a

lot of grime for example in your life

switch place you might have like a

little line of grime there you can also

use it to clean the line of grime where

your TV remote is you can get into fine

areas you know like cracks and crevices

you can get right in there you know that

little area in your sink trust me these

cleaning toothbrushes are detailed

brushes that will make your house

Sparkle it’s just that way to add an

extra bit of edge to your cleaning

without much more effort and by the way

it’s free like you already have these

old toothbrushes toilet brush under the

lid every time I talk about this tip in

one of our videos people freaked out and

I don’t blame them because the toilet

bowl brush is just a really unappetizing

thought it’s just not a fun thing to

look at or think about and then if you

take a wet one out of the toilet and put

it right back in the old toilet bowl

brush container

you know it’s wet you know there’s

bacteria in there it’s not pretty so

this trick is so easy as soon as you’re

done cleaning the toilet put the brush

underneath the lid close the lid and

just let it sit let it sit for 20

minutes I don’t care how ever long it

takes for that brush to air dry and drip

dry that’s what you got to do I mean

it’s no effort on your part and you get

to put a dry brush back in the toilet

bowl brush container baking soda and

essential oil room do

Reiser okay I know this isn’t a cleaning

tip but hear me out you want your room

to smell great this is a quick easy

simple solution and you can use products

that you already have at home it’s like

the ultimate DIY fix what I like to do

is add one cup of baking soda to a nice

container and then 15 to 20 drops of my

favorite essential oil then just put it

in the room and let the air and the

baking soda and the essential oils do

their thing the baking soda helps

deodorize the air and the essential oils

help scent

the space and for whatever reason you

walk in you still smell the essential

oils the baking soda doesn’t absorb the

smells from the essential oil but the

baking soda will help neutralize any

funky odors so it’s a really good

one-two punch and it’s very inexpensive

and easy to do for those of you who are

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