Oxygen Bleach is Awesome! (Laundry University)

Welcome to the first installment of Laundry University – a new series here at Clean My Space which will tackle all of your laundry questions. In this episode, Melissa Maker talks about Oxygen Bleach as a safe and natural alternative to chlorine bleach. Get your whites whiter, keep your colors looking stronger and tackle the toughest laundry stains using this simple, yet highly effective laundry room staple!

I’ve used and talked about oxygen bleach

for years and I know the name can be a

little bit scary but I have to tell you

oxygen bleach is quite the

problem-solver when it comes to laundry

and cleaning around the house so in this

video we’re going to do a deep dive into

the world of oxygen bleach by the time

we’re finished you’ll know exactly how

to use it and what it’s for and just a

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thumbs up if you’re a fan of oxygen

bleach when you hear me say the word

bleach you’re probably thinking chlorine

bleach that jug that sits in people’s

laundry rooms and perhaps your family or

your grandparents used it when it came

to doing laundry and while bleach is

effective around the home both for

laundry and some cleaning applications

really and truly it’s finicky and it’s a

little bit difficult to work with if you

use it in the wrong way it can stain

your clothing turning whites yellow or

darker garments can turn kind of orange

especially if you splash them on say a

dark carpet that could be a problem and

getting it on your body or breathing it

in can also be quite dangerous that’s

why it has all of those warning labels

on it so for me I’m actually not a fan

of chlorine bleach we don’t use it in my

house there are alternatives and in fact

that’s why I love oxygen bleach so much

here’s why I prefer using oxygen bleach

to chlorine bleach it contains no

phosphorus or nitrogen making it a

perfectly eco-friendly choice

it’s much gentler and safer to use on

fabrics it’s colorfast and aside from

very delicate ones like wool and silk

you can pretty much use it knowing that

it’s not going to harm anything the

other thing I like about it is that it’s

colorless and odorless here’s just some

of the magic that oxygen bleach can do

in your laundry room it can whiten your

whites it can brighten colors it can

remove stains although it doesn’t lift

up grease and grime which is why you

would use it in conjunction or as part

of your laundry routine because of

course you would then need to use a

detergent to remove the

grease and grime but even tough stains

like blood and wine and grass if you

whip up a little solution of oxygen

bleach ahead of time you can use it as a

pretreat ER and oh my gosh does it get

rid of stains you can also find it in a

convenient stain stick once you get

comfortable with using oxygen bleach and

I promise you it’s a really easy product

to start using you’ll see there are so

many other great uses for it around the

house one of the things we get asked

about a lot is cleaning your cleaning

tools like mop heads toilet bowl brushes

cleaning toothbrushes sponges that kind

of stuff we actually have a whole video

on it but to sum it up what you can do

is you can create a bucket filled with

hot water and some oxygen bleach and you

can soak your tools in there and that

will help sanitize them it’s also a

great grout cleaner try saying that one

three times fast if you have a baby at

home which I’m about to have you can use

oxygen bleach to get rid of all kinds of

baby stains from baby items garments

cloth diapers that kind of stuff and on

the topic of diapers if you have a

diaper pail or even a smelly garbage can

or recycling bin you can use oxygen

bleach to help clean that as well if the

b-word overwhelms you a little bit do

yourself a favor and pick up a bottle or

a container of oxygen bleach bring it

home and give it a try all you have to

do is read the package instructions and

start using it for yourself that will

help you gain confidence and using it

around the house and you’ll see after

one use and one amazing fix to a problem

you were having you two will be hooked

on oxygen bleach and that brings me to

this week’s comment question which is do

you use oxygen bleach or do you use

chlorine bleach and whichever one you

use what do you use it for and why is

that the bleach of choice let me know in

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