Safe Cleaning While Pregnant

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant I knew things were going to start changing, not only (obviously) with my body, but also with the way that I clean. So, in this video, I’m going to go over some of the best tips I’ve found on how to clean while you’re pregnant.

ever since I found out in June that I

was pregnant I knew things were gonna

change not only with the body and my

life but also with the way that I

cleaned so recently I put up a post on

Facebook and Instagram asking you guys

for your best pregnancy cleaning tips or

some of the challenges that you’re

facing when cleaning while pregnant I

know I’ve had my own fair share of

questions and challenges so in this

video I’m going to share with you some

of the tips that I’ve come up with

through research and asking around as

well as things I’ve picked up over the

years and I’m gonna share some of your

best comments and tips as well and just

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because justjust because I’m asking

because they make me happy so as I’ve

learned different things happen to your

body at different times throughout

pregnancy it’s been a bit of an

adventure but at the beginning obviously

you haven’t gained as much weight you’re

a little bit more mobile but as you

become bigger I’m just about 6 months at

this point obviously your center of

weight your center of gravity has

shifted all of your weights in the

middle you’re a little bit bigger your

back starts to get a little more sore

your loot your joints are loosening up

things are happening so you have to be

very mindful of your body and really

listen to it it’s important to check

with your doctor or your Midwife

throughout your pregnancy to see what

you can and cannot do your body is

changing you’ve got to be mindful of it

so that you don’t cause injury or hurt

yourself even more because things are

shifting around loosening up and

changing you are more prone to injury

and just because you read something

online that says it’s safe to do this at

this period of time during your

pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean that

it’s safe for you

now when my cleaning staff say that they

are pregnant I will always ask them to

consult with their doctor and find out

when it is safe for them to work up

until and then once they tell me they

can’t work anymore

that’s when we stopped working with them

and then they can go on their maternity

leave I never tell them when they stop

they tell me and for me I actually have

a bad right shoulder that pops out

easily so that has

even exacerbated during pregnancy I

really have to be careful with this

shoulder and the baby is sitting really

low so that also means that there could

be some pelvic issues that I could bring

on if I’m not careful be good to your

back okay there was recently a video

that we filmed where I needed to do

about 30 seconds of toilet scrubbing for

the camera and I didn’t do this

responsibly by the end of it

I had such a sore back so when you’re

cleaning things have to change there’s

no more bending over to do things

casually it’s all about squatting at the

knees and keeping in an upright position

or getting a stool and if you can’t do

either of those when you’re trying to

get into smaller tighter spaces really

if you have to bend over it’s important

to support yourself with one arm you

really have to think ahead with how

you’re treating your body because you

can so easily trigger some of that pain

and it’s also important to be mindful of

your fitness level you know before I got

pregnant I was doing 40 pound kettlebell

swings but now I won’t go over 20


keeping your weight balanced is very

important while you’re pregnant so if

you are a habitual one foot stander or

if you jump to one side that’s a habit

that has to go while you’re pregnant

for me I did that all the time I used to

stand on one leg hand long hip do my

work but that actually creates a lot of

challenges because everything in the

center of your body is shifting and

changing around so be mindful of your

posture shoulders back head up back

straight feet pointed forward all of

that stuff is really important so that

when you’re working when you’re standing

you’re taking really good care of your

entire body I am always a proponent of

making your own products you guys know

this and if you haven’t tried using

gentle products like vinegar and baking

soda and just soap to do your cleaning

there is no time like the time that you

are pregnant using safer gentler

alternatives is not only more economical

because you have things you need to

start saving money for but it is also

much better and easier for you to use

while you are pregnant you’re not

superwoman we cannot do it all this is

the time the time that you are pregnant

and expanding and growing another human

inside you that’s the time where you

have to start asking your partner or

your family for help there are certain

tasks that you just shouldn’t be doing

anymore for example for me vacuuming

well I mean you guys know I already hate

vacuuming but it’s a little more

uncomfortable while pregnant so that is

definitely something I have Chad do but

even a lot of you guys say that you know

doing the dishes makes you nauseous

because you have food aversions or

certain smells really bothering you so

that’s something that you have to

outsource and if you have the budget for

it this would be a great time to hire a

cleaning service even if it’s just to

help you with some of those bigger tasks

on a more occasional basis mold is never

a fun thing to see around the house but

when you’re pregnant there should not be

mold around the house and you should not

be the one to clean it so if you notice

any mold make sure that you have someone

else take care of it for you

mold isn’t good for anybody prepare

yourself and be safe make sure that you

have proper protective gear like gloves

or a mask if you need to and always make

sure you’re working in a well-ventilated

space this is good general cleaning

advice but it’s something that you

definitely want to heed even more when

you’re preggo as mentioned I put up a

picture on Facebook and Instagram and I

asked you guys for your pregnancy

cleaning tips so I’m going to read some

of my favorites to you right now and

you’ll have to excuse me if I

mispronounce your screen name but you

know I still love you okay so this one I

think we’ve all agreed is Clarissa says

ask someone to carry the laundry basket

and I agree with this because recently I

carry the laundry basket something I

have done for years and it was so hard

because I have the stomach to contend

with I gotta like reach forward and then

sometimes I would rest it on my hip on

the side but you can’t do that it’s

awkward so anyway now Chad does the


here’s a great one from Liz C 94 stay

get a stand up dustpan for your broom

and an extended scrubber brush for

cleaning the bathtub these are very

helpful for when you can’t bend over so

true and there is a whole product line

designed for people with limited

mobility here in Canada shoppers Drug

Mart has I think it’s called home health

care where they sell all sorts of

assistive devices like back braces and

you can get items like that and a place

like shoppers home health care if you’re

in Canada or if you’re in the States

I’m sure Walgreens and CVS has some sort

of equivalent or you can always find

something on Amazon but that stuff is

super super helpful lianna Dan plus two

kids shares that using her feet at times

to wipe something off the floor came in

handy as it got to be too hard to bend

down I’m sure you’ve seen those little

socks with microfiber cloths on the

bottom and that’s actually a great tip

you know you can sort of shuffle around

and do your cleaning at the same time

Tressa Bedi states

I find cleaning early morning works best

for me I am fresh and have the most

energy mornings are my best time to

that’s when I like to work out and it’s

all about figuring out when you have

that burst of energy and leveraging the

crap out of it here’s a great one from

Kelly cat scratch

girl you won my heart with that name the

only two things she advises against are

not doing any heavy lifting or lifting

anything above your head and yeah

lifting above your head that’s a new

thing for me I did that not too long ago

and realize mmm not gonna be doing this

anymore the heavy lifting also

definitely an issue you got to take into

consideration this one made me laugh

from alfea’s cafe my biggest challenge

was increasing my distance from the sink

as you wash the dishes it really takes a

toll on your back my grandmother used to

swab the floors squatting and she said

it was great for opening the pelvis I

can imagine that was a fun conversation

to have with your grandmother but I

recently realized that when I stand at

the cutting board on my counter it’s

been harder to cut vegetables because of

my growing stomach so I totally

understand where you’re at with that it

does kind of hurt your back you don’t

get someone else to do the dishes in the

cutting for you now a clean myspace

superfan Amy her screen name is taka

kitty says my

cleaned and did all the house tours when

she was carrying me she said she didn’t

stop doing chores and was going to work

up until the week she had me the only

thing she said is that she stopped

lifting heavy boxes she also said

cleaning was not a race to the finish

line take your time and rest in between

and that is so true you do what you can

and when you’re feeling too tired you

just stop you don’t push yourself you do

what you can and then you move on with

your life you’re pregnant you focus on

building another human and that’s that

so I’d love to know in the comments down

below what did you do during your

pregnancy to say comfortable saying and

of course to maintain the cleanliness at

your home let me know your tips now men

I got to talk to you as well or partners

or whoever else is out there that has

supported a pregnant person I’d love to

know what you did to help out or

anything that you’ve noticed or any

cleaning tips that you have that can

help out say someone who’s assisting a

pregnant person so drop those in the

comments as well because the comments

section not only helps me but it helps

everyone in the clean my space nation we

all learn from each other so anything

that you can share drop it down there

now for those of you wondering who that

young man was who was helping me during

the dishwasher scene it is my nephew

Wilson who is here today filming with

Chad and I for take your kid to work day

or in our case take your nephew to work

day and just so that Wilson can get his

credits for school he’s gonna help me do

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