Spring Cleaning Blueprint – Routines to Make Cleaning Easier!

Hey Guys! In our first spring cleaning video we talked about spring cleaning routines versus regular cleaning routines (https://youtu.be/rXY7D_vk_Oo) and in this video I want to give you a ‘blueprint’ for spring cleaning any room in your home – so all of the areas you need to hit during your spring clean!

hey guys it’s Melissa from clean MySpace

and I’m sure by this point your spring

cleaning efforts are well underway let

me be the first to commend you and if

you remember our first video I talked

about spring cleaning tasks versus

regular cleaning tasks and how there

really is a difference if you haven’t

seen that video I’ll link it for you

down below but in this video what I want

to do is give you a blueprint for spring

cleaning any room in your home so all of

the areas that you need to hit during

your spring clean and then whatever room

you’re in you can kind of go in there

hit this blueprint and then any of those

specialty tasks move on get on with your

day and know that you’ve done a good

thorough spring cleaning in that space

just stick around and let’s get to that

blueprint underneath and behind okay you

guys know where this one is going and

frankly I’m a little uncomfortable doing

this because I haven’t cleaned

underneath or behind my sofa in probably

three years so we’re going to find some

interesting stuff back there if you

can’t move furniture let’s say it’s your

bed and you can’t move it cool do the

best you can vacuum underneath vacuum

around or if possible you can get

someone to help you move to furniture

and then that way you know you can

actually take care of this now once you

actually move the furniture you’re going

to see gross stuff that you haven’t seen

before you haven’t seen in a while which

is totally fine if there’s anything

large that’s not dust for example hair

elastic or a paper clip you want to

manually remove that so it doesn’t ruin

your vacuum then to actually do the

cleaning it takes about I don’t know 20

seconds to actually vacuum up all of the

desk and then you can put the piece of

furniture back where it belongs you

might be wondering why this is an

important place to clean I get it no one

sees back there or under there but

here’s the deal dust not only will

affect the odors and smells of that

particular room because it does cling on

to odor causing bacteria or dirt but it

will also affect the quality of your air

so if you have dust behind your sofa or

dust under your bed eventually that’s

going to make its way into your air

system and that will affect the way that

you breathe so that’s why I want to take

care of these areas but again you only

need to do it once a year up high and


I know this kind of sounds like a game

of Simon Says but I assure you it is

spring cleaning and this is the time

where you want to focus on those areas

above eye level and below eye level so

crown molding

ceilings for nerds up there as well as

any areas around your light fixtures

that are a little bit dusty or full of

cobwebs and then looking down you want

to focus on your baseboards as well as

that area where the carpet meets the

baseboard if you have carpets I like to

do this with a mop pull and I secure a

microfiber cloth over top of it with an

elastic band I use this to do all of my

high dusting and then I just flip it on

over and use it to do my baseboard

windows and window tracks

why didn’t I include window sills

because it’s a horizontal surface and

that often gets dusted when you’re doing

a regular cleaning but windows who wants

to clean windows during the winter and

window tracks those never get cleaned

either and if you open your window and

you let air come into your home which I

love doing dirt actually comes in

through that screen and where does it

settle right there in your window track

you want to make sure that you’re

cleaning that and again you have to do

it all the time

but this spring cleaning is the time to

do it clean your windows I like to mix

equal parts white vinegar and water with

a teaspoon of cornstarch that is a great

solution for window cleaning and of

course I use a microfiber cloth to make

sure I don’t get any streaks and once

the windows are done themselves then

I’ll move down to the tracks and what I

like to do is use a dry cleaning

toothbrush just to brush out any of that

debris that stuff in the track then I

take a vacuum and exactly much any other

shruts then I’ll use an all-purpose

spray I’ll just spray the area quickly

and I’ll wipe it clean with a paper

towel I don’t like using microfiber for

this because a paper towel can get

really grimy so that way you can just

toss it up window coverings I’d love to

know in the comments down below when was

the last time you guys cleaned your

window coverings now you might not think

that this needs to be cleaned all that

often but think about it there are soft

surface they attract stuff and odors and

dirt and over time they’re going to

start to look dingy so you want to clean

them and there are a few different ways

you can do this obviously you can use a

vacuum with a brush attached

to remove any dust you can remove them

and wash them in your washing machine

make sure you check your fabric care

label first if of course they are

machine washable you can bring in

somebody who does steam cleaning and

they can clean your window coverings for

you or if you have a steam cleaner you

can do it yourself I don’t have drapes

in my house I just have vertical and

horizontal blinds and they also get

really dusty so they need attention to

easy ways to clean them are to take a

brush attachment on your vacuum and

simply go back and forth getting all

dust on both sides you can use a sock

turned inside out that you’ve sprayed a

little bit with all-purpose cleaner and

just wipe from left to right or top to

bottom depending on what way your blinds

go and you can even use a microfiber

cloth and do the same thing obscure

horizontal surfaces in every space there

are those services that you might skip

when you’re cleaning I do it and you

know what it’s fine you don’t need to

touch the most of the time however once

a year you do need to think about them

so this would be anything like the top

of artwork or you know anything that’s

hanging on the wall you don’t normally

think about as well as your doorframe so

no one thinks about door frames but if

you take your finger and run it across

your door frame I can assure you it’s

going to come up quite dusty so if you

need a stepladder go ahead and get it

otherwise just take a microfiber cloth

dampened with a little bit of

all-purpose cleaner just so it’s got

that extra attraction can really pick up

dust and give it a quick wipe and you’re

done well now I’m not saying you have to

clean every wall in your house but

you’ll know them there are those special

walls that need some extra TLC around

spring cleaning time there are grimy

areas like for example the kitchen walls

bathroom walls you know right where the

towel bar is you always see drip marks

on the paint or even your kid’s room

these walls tend to get super dirty and

you don’t really think about them

throughout the year but when spring

cleaning comes around it’s a good time

to pay some attention to them I need to

when you’re in any room that you’re

cleaning you can always just do a quick

spot check and see if there are any

fingerprints or marks or scuffs that you

want to get rid of so if you want to

spot clean the wall it’s really simple

just take a microfiber cloth spray a

little bit of

all-purpose cleaner on there and give

the wall a quick wipe and if there’s a

stain you can even add a little bit of

baking soda onto your cloth and see what

it does for you now if you want to clean

the entire wall take a flathead mop and

affixed a microfiber cloth on the flat

head mop and spray it with all-purpose

cleaner and then just work your way with

the mop from the top to the bottom and

then back up to the top using what I

call the W pattern soft surfaces now

this is an area we never think about

cleaning but just think about your soft

surfaces for a sec with your pillows

your cushions your blankets and your

upholstery you sit on them your dead

skin cells get brushed off and just

absorb right into those soft surfaces

along with dust and dirt and debris and

pet dander and all kinds of stuff soft

surfaces guys are like sponges they hang

on to everything in fact I was fluffing

a pillow the other day and I banged it

down just you know get some good fluff

going and this huge like plume of crap

came out of it it was disgusting

so it was just a good reminder to me

that I need to clean my soft surfaces

and it’s really simple to do start off

by checking the fabric care label of

your soft surfaces a lot of them are

machine washable make sure that you wash

them according to care instructions the

next thing you can do is sprinkle baking

soda on any soft surfaces that you can’t

machine wash this will help break down

odors and bring dirt to the surface so

that 30 minutes later you can easily

vacuum it up just remember to use a

brush attachment you can also take soft

surfaces into the dry cleaner if you

can’t otherwise treat them they can take

care of that for you quite easily or you

can bring in somebody who does carpet

cleaning and they will also handle a

full Street and other soft surface

cleaning for you now you’ve got your

blueprint for spring cleaning any rooms

you can go in you know the specialty

jobs you have to take care of and now

you know how to tackle each space forget

about the stuff you normally do focus on

this stuff and if you’re curious about

the microfiber cloths I used in this

video I don’t blame you they’re

fantastic and you can check out makers

clean Calm to learn more I’ll put the

link down below for you

I love to know in the comments down

below what’s the spring cleaning task

that you’re most scared to do I

for me there’s this room under our

stairs in the basement there are

probably four thousand species of bugs

in there and I’m horrified so I think

that’s a job that I going to make Chad

do one of these days I’ll see how good I

am at convincing him to do it I’ve

already got two videos out about spring

cleaning they are right over here make

sure you check them out

there’s button down there that lets me

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watching and we’ll see you next time

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