It’s a well-known fact—I do not love cleaning. I know it needs to be done, but if I can find ways to clean less, I am definitely going to take advantage of them. In this video, I’m going to give you five tips that I use at home, and at my cleaning company, to cut down the amount of time you need to spend cleaning!

lots of you guys know that I wrote a

book about cleaning but what you don’t

know and actually what Chad and my

mother know is that I’ve also written a

book which hasn’t been published yet

about all the excuses and reasons why I

shouldn’t claim something I am the queen

of coming up with excuses for not

cleaning you guys know I don’t like

doing it very much but when it has to

happen I like to find ways to cut my

cleaning time and from what I can gather

you guys like that too so in this video

I’m going to share with you five ways

that you can cut that cleaning time so

that you can spend your time doing

things you actually love doing and if

you love cleaning I’m sure you still

want to have more free time to do other

things and just a quick note before we

get going we’re having a sale at makers

clean calm so many of you guys have been

waiting for this all the details about

the sale are gonna be at the end of the

video so stay tuned when a stain a spill

or a splash happens the idea here is to

clean it right away now I know you might

be in the middle of watching your show

there might be something else going on

you might really not want to clean the

thing at that moment but think about it

like this it’s a little bit of pain for

a lot of game versus if you let that

stain or schmutz settle it’s gonna take

so much longer to clean later that’s why

they always tell you to treat stains

immediately or wipe up a spill because

when something has time to set in either

it hardens or in the case of a stain it

can set and become significantly more

difficult so when a mess happens just

take a second and clean it up it is so

much easier to deal with then then it

will be later down the line cut corners

this is one of my most favorite things

to say in a video because I love showing

you guys how to cut corners without

affecting results and there are many

hack videos or easy fix videos that

we’ve come up with where we share with

you guys how you can get a job done in a

lot less time with a lot less effort for

example cleaning your microwave is so

much easier

when you use our little microwave

cleaning trick or what about cleaning

the blender I’ve shown you guys how to

clean the blender before so many of you

in the comments we’re saying thank you

for telling me that I used to spend so

much time scrubbing it and cleaning it

so if you’re struggling with cleaning a

certain item do a little search on the

clean my space channel type in the thing

that you’re struggling with and there’s

a really good chance you’re gonna find a

video on a shortcut for how to clean

that thing a lot faster here’s a way to

take a load off literally do less

laundry okay now I’m not telling you to

walk out of your house wearing clothes

that are gonna make you smell like let’s

not even go there but what I am saying

is not everything that you wear has to

be washed as frequently as you might

think so we have this rule here at clean

my space and we’ve talked about it for a

long time but the closer something is to

your body the more frequently it needs

to be washed so we’re talking

undergarments that kind of stuff however

if you’re wearing pants ideally over a

pair of underwear the pants can be

washed less frequently than the

underwear and you know there’s this

raging debate online about washing jeans

now some people never wash their jeans

in fact I have a friend from university

from a long time ago he’s still a really

close friend of mine and he said I never

cleaned my jeans and me and my

girlfriends attacked this guy and we

were joking and said your jeans are

gonna walk out the door anyway we kind

of forced him to clean his jeans but

that being said some of you guys will

put them in the freezer some of you guys

just don’t think you have to wash them

at all so it love to know in the

comments how frequently do you wash your

jeans and what’s your whole opinion on

this Jean cleaning situation set aside

ten minutes a day to clean whatever it

is whether it’s an mi a or a messy

kitchen a little bit of vacuuming I

would never do that or a little bit of

dusting just set yourself that time

whether it’s a ten minute podcast ten

minutes on your timer or two songs and

when that 10 minutes is up you put

everything down and you move on to do

something else the reason this is so

important is because a mess begets a


and if you live in a messy space it’s

gonna be much easier to contribute to

that mess look already looks bad I might

as well just throw this thing here but

if your space is clean you’re more

inclined to keep that space clean so if

you’re giving yourself ten minutes a day

to just maintain you’re doing yourself a


not only in reducing the amount of time

you have to spend cleaning on your

longer cleaning day but you’re also

helping to maintain your space between

those big cleans so you can enjoy a nice

clean space yes it’s a shameless makers

plug I know

but microfiber cloths are incredible to

clean with in fact last week I was on

the Rachael Ray Show

I gave the whole audience a small space

cleaning kit and they loved it Rachael

loved it and I was also at the FBI yes

the Federal Bureau of Investigation

telling them about cleaning and sharing

my microfiber cloth cleaning tips with

them as well microfiber cloths have this

amazing technology the fibers themselves

are split a hundred thousand times which

means they’re so microscopic that they

can pick up bacteria dirt dust debris

they don’t leave moisture behind they

don’t leave lint behind microfiber

cloths can be re washed up to five

hundred times they are so fabulous for

cleaning they cut your cleaning time and

you guys who know that I have a cleaning

company that I started in 2006 when I

started cleaning with microfiber my

efficiency went through the roof so

honestly if you haven’t cleaned with

microfiber yet what are you waiting for

you’ve probably been waiting for a sale

and if you have been this is for you we

are having a 50% off plush microfiber

cloth sale over on makers clean calm

I’ve got links for you down below the

plush microfiber cloth is kind of an

underrated one so I’m lifting up its

spirits by giving you guys a great sale

plush microfiber cloths are great for

big heavy-duty claims because they are

so thick and plush that they are totally

absorbent and can stop up big spills and


but the other side is just a really

large general-purpose microfiber cloth

which is perfect for cleaning

essentially any surface except for

something like glasses or a mirror or a

window so make sure that you check out

the sale and get your order in because

as usual supplies are limited and since

we’re on the topic of saving time while

you’re cleaning I’d love to know in the

comments down below what’s the area that

takes you the longest to clean in your

house I got a safe for me I think it’s

the bathroom even though it’s such a

small space it’s just this microcosm of

so much stuff and product that gets all

over the place even though of course

they try my best to maintain it it’s

just a busy Zone in it you know it

requires a lot of attention at least it

does for me so let me know your place in

the comments down below we’re trying not

to share too much pregnancy related

stuff on the clean my space channel but

I’m putting a lot of it up on my own

Instagram account which is @melissamaker

and my own youtube channel which is slash Melissa makers so

we’ve got links for those down below

here are a couple of other videos I

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watching and we’ll see you next time

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