The Container Store Haul!

This week we traveled to The Container Store to do a haul with our friend Alejandra (don’t worry – there’s a collab coming!)

Being Canadian, we have access to many great things – healthcare, a good-looking prime minister – but one thing we don’t have access to is The Container Store! So, this past weekend, while we were travelling in the US, we came across one and thought it would be a perfect time to do a haul and share it with the Clean My Space Nation!

being Canadian we have access to many

great things health care a good-looking

Prime Minister but one thing we don’t

have access to is The Container Store

and this past weekend when I was in

Virginia visiting with Alejandra from

Alejandra TV don’t worry a collab video

is coming up we went to the Container

Store and I picked up some really cool

items and I wanted to show you guys what

I got and just a quick reminder before

we open up the shopping bags you haven’t

done so already subscribe to the clean

myspace channel and if you like The

Container Store give this video a thumbs

up we saw this in the clearance section

and even though Chad and I aren’t

necessarily fans of just buying stuff

because it’s on sale this really spoke

to us as you can see these are little

top bubble whiteboard magnets they come

with an erasable a dry erase pen on the

back so you just pop them up on the

fridge and you can leave little notes

for whoever around the house plus

they’re also kind of cute and they give

personality to an otherwise kind of

boring thing I mean what’s more boring

than a fridge magnet going to the

grocery store and trying to bring your

own bags is something that we all feel

like we should be doing that it can be

hard to remember the bags even if you

have them in the car any of the best

intentions and then even when you do

bring them in to the grocery store they

take up like half the grocery cart so

this is called bag pause it’s basically

like a little case that contains all of

the bags you need for grocery shopping

each bag is rewatchable reusable of

course and it can carry up to five

pounds and the other thing is it comes

with this little clippie ditty over here

so you can clip it to your shopping cart

and it doesn’t take up any extra space

even if you’re not going grocery

shopping this is so portable you can

take it anywhere you go if you go to the

farmers market or an antique store or

even if you go to the mall and you plan

on doing some shopping and you have like

a big person typer bag is stroller this

can fit in there so easily and a

you from having to get all of those

extra plastic and paper bags I love a

cleaning product with a good story and

bonhomie is one of them now we can’t get

bonhomie in Canada don’t ask why

but anyway everytime I go to the US I

managed to bring some home and in fact

one time the last time I was in the

States and I brought a bottle home I got

caught at the border for smuggling a

white powder across and I actually had

to explain the whole thing it was like a

whole extra like 10-15 minutes it was

really embarrassing but anyway I got the

product across the border now the reason

I like it is because it is

hypoallergenic it’s chlorine perfume and

dye free the stuffs been around since

1886 do you guys use want to be let me

know in the comments down below I really

like using it it’s super gentle but it

works really really well at scouring

kitchens bathrooms pots pans that kind

of stuff now of course you can make your

own products and I do this a lot of the

time but if I’m really feeling lazy or

if I just need a quick product little

quick fix and I don’t feel like whipping

something up this is a great alternative

to have on hand it also only has 5

ingredients so it’s got limestone

feldspar surfactant which is made from

coconut and corn oil soda ash and baking

soda and it’s it’s a great product so

I’d be very curious to know if you guys

use it and we stopped off at Target to

pick this stuff up I also got this shirt

while I was there I thought it was

really cute great for the holiday season

it’s by who went where so there you go

our little target stopover until 2050 I

think we’re still going to be dealing

with wires around our house and we have

these little guys currently there these

little silicone tie wraps but the

problem is you can only really use them

for one thing and they’re kind of

limited in terms of their size and their

functionality and that’s why we picked

up these they’re called the unlace

they’re made by unplugged goods and

they’re kind of like a bendable

twistable silicone shoelace so you can

use them to wrap your cords you can also

use them to stand up a smartphone

they’re really bendable and they’re

strong so

they have a multitude of uses around the

house but I think for me specifically

I’m going to be using it to wrap up my

computer charger because that thing is

really hard to keep tame and this looks

like a great solution to that problem

way better than this one these are

called 3d bags and they’re kind of like

delicates bags for your laundry but for

your produce and the reason these are so

great is because well when you go to the

produce section you probably use all of

those plastic bags and then throw them

in the garbage when you’re done and the

thing that’s great about these bags of

course is that they are reusable they’re

washable they can sit in your fridge

they can breathe but they’ll also keep

your produce separate and fresh you can

also see the tag or the little sticker

of the produce through the bag so the

person who’s scanning the grocery items

whether it’s you itself checkout or

somebody at the grocery store working at

the cash register they can easily scan

without worrying about it they’re super

small portable easy to take around with

you and a great way to save on plastic

waste I also picked up a refill of these

they’re called the Scoy scrub cloth and

actually the last time we visited

Alejandra she gave me a pack of these

and I fell in love with them because

they are a flexible scouring pad in fact

we use them so much around the house

that is still the first one from the

first package I just wanted to pick up a

couple more so that I could have them

around the house but they’re great

because they’re a flexible scouring pad

they’re not abrasive so they won’t ruin

anything meaning I’ll use them even on

my cast iron they get out all the grit

minimal scrubbing a little bit of dish

soap they work really really well

they’re safe for all kinds of surfaces I

put mine in the dishwasher it doesn’t

really hang on to odors bacterias or

colors now of course the thing to know

is it’s not absorbent like a sponge but

it really does play the role of that

heavy-duty scrubber that you need oh and

the grossest thing about scrub has is

like when you’re cleaning out a frying

and from eggs yeah you can just rinse

this underwater give it a couple of good

shakes and the egg is all gone

so I really left these things the way I

like to cook is to make a couple of

bigger meals a week as well as preps and

veggies and keep them in the fridge so

we can eat them throughout the week that

way obviously I don’t have to cook as

much the challenge becomes when did I

make that item and what might that item

be if we don’t have a lot of time to

rifle through containers enter this it’s

The Container Store brand erasable

labels starter kit and obviously it

would make sense like if you could just

stick a label on the container you would

know what’s in there but labels mostly

aren’t easily removable they’re not

erasable so it’s really not a good

solution the cool thing about these is

that they are removable very easy to

remove if you like but you can also

write on the labels with a permanent

marker and you can erase that label when

you’re done with the food item you can

also put containers in the dishwasher

that have labels on them you can freeze

them put them in the microwave and use

them as you wish the point is you’re

going to know what’s in that container

when you put it in that container and

this is a really super convenient kit to

help you do that you know I have a thing

for essential oils and cents and I saw

these little guys at the Container Store

so I picked three of them up reason

being is because they are dark brown

they have these little droppers and they

are absolutely perfect for creating your

own favorite essential oil blends so if

there’s a scent that you really really

love and it’s cumbersome for you to have

to break out three bottles each time why

don’t you just mix up your own in this

and then that way all you need to do is

add however many drops to whatever

cleaning recipe that you’re making and

you’ll always have your signature scent

at the ready and of course because we’re

super generous and thoughtful pet

parents we also brought the cats

an empty paper bag I hope you guys like

this haul video and I would love to know

what was your favorite product of the

items that I picked up at the Container

Store let me know in the comments down

below or let me know if you have one of

those products already if you want to

see what I’m up to during the rest of

the week aside from hauling around The

Container Store which I only get to do

when I’m in America you can find me on

Instagram and snapchat

I am @melissamaker the guy who

generously carries around all of the

bags so that I can hold a tea and shop

around he is @thechadreynolds and we are


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well it’s that special time of the week

where I get to throw you to a couple of

other videos I think you’re going to

love but before we do that in the middle

of filming this video we got a knock at

our door because our microfiber cloths

have officially arrived that’s right

these are our samples that we’re going

to be filming with and photographing and

giving away to our friends and family

but the great news is they are now just

like five minutes away from being

available we’re just doing some tweaking

on our website and getting everything

ready but they are here and they are

ready for you so I’ll just give you a

quick little tour we’ve got our small

spaces kit which contains five beautiful

makers of microfiber cloths then we have

a bunch of two packs these are the

waffle we’ve towels but we have two

packs in all of the different types of

costs that we offer and then we also

have a large spaces kit which is three

times the size of this 15 cloths total

guys we are exploding with excitement

about our cloths they are amazing they

are beautiful our colors are fabulous I

cannot wait for you guys to get your

hands on them so more details of that to

come in the following days now in terms

of videos you should check out we have a

lot of haul videos that we’ve done I’m

feeling a bit nostalgic so I want you to

check out our target haul video that was

a good one

and then IKEA is another favorite place

of ours to go shopping so be sure to

check out our IKEA haul over there as

well now if you haven’t done so already

I know we’ve been seeing a lot of things

in this video but go ahead and visit our

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now Chad’s been doing some work behind

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