The Life Changing Magic of ENZYME CLEANERS! Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell!

When it comes to tackling stubborn stains and odors, enzyme cleaners are a cleaning superstar! But what exactly is an enzyme cleaner, and how do enzyme cleaners work? Are they safe to use and what’s the best way to use an enzyme cleaner? All good questions! So in this video, I’m going to go through everything you need to know about enzyme cleaners.

you’ve heard me talk about them before

they’re mysterious exciting tantalizing

what are they

enzyme cleaners and in this video I’m

going to explain to you exactly what

they are and I’m going to show you how

to use them they will change your life

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to understand why enzymes are so

exciting in the cleaning world you need

to have a brief understanding of how

most cleaning products work most

cleaning products either bring dirt to

the surface with a surfactant scrub it

off using something abrasive eat away at

it using acid decreasing agents or

organic solvents or infuse oxygen into

the surface lifting dirt away from it

these are categorized as detergents

abrasives degreasers acid cleaners

organic solvents oxygen cleaners and

yeah there are many more of it I’m just

telling you about those ones now these

products can work but they also can use

harsher components to affect the work

the cool thing about enzymes is they

reduce the need for many of these types

of cleaners that I just mentioned

because they contain chemical compounds

yes they’re chemicals but they’re okay

that basically enable cleaning to happen

more easily and they’re generally safe

to use without causing skin reactions or

environmental issues


the way I’ve always explained the

enzymes is like this in science class I

learned that the first part of digestion

happens in our mouths we chew with our

teeth and that helps break food down and

then of course our saliva which contains

enzymes mixes with the food for their

breaking it down before we swallow and

that just kicks off the whole digestion

process enzymes are essential to life

there are many that exists in the world

and they’re designed to perform varying

and equally crucial tasks of course

there are a few enzymes which are

amazing when it comes to cleaning too

and when we use an enzyme cleaner when

it’s applied to a surface they

essentially digest dirt grease bacteria

and grime if they are a lot of time to

dwell you guys know I always talk about

dwell time enzymes are kind of like

cleaning fairy dust I’ve seen them melt

away very stubborn grease and grime

they’ve removed stains they’ve dealt

with cat pee accidents and vomit and

parents of young kids they know enzymes

are a lifesaver when it comes to poop

explosions on your baby’s favorite stuff

and that is something I am preparing for

which is why I have an arsenal of enzyme

cleaners at the ready we started using

enzymes with clean my space my service

company years ago and our staff and

clients love them they make cleaning so

easy now the challenges they’re not so

common so when you do find a brand that

you like you have to stick with it and I

promise you anyone whom I’ve turned on

to the power of enzyme cleaners they

have not turned back because I know you

guys are gonna ask I will tell you the

enzyme cleaner that we are using right

now is back out by bio clean now this is

not a sponsored video but I have tested

several different enzyme clears this one

works really really well and it is the

one that we are currently frequenting

because Paisley has a raging bladder

infection it doesn’t like her medication

so things are coming out of all

directions and there’s a lot of cleanup

that needs to happen back out has been

saving the day legit so I’ll put links

to this down

let me read to you about back out really

quickly our unique blend of live enzyme

producing cultures and lime peel

extracts eliminates the toughest stains

and odors and they’re returned and

that’s what’s so cool about enzyme

cleaners they use fruits and vegetables

they’re they’re very very organic base

if you will and they’re incredible

cleaners all right here’s how to use

enzymes spray a surface liberally with

the cleaner and allow it to sit the

product dries up it won’t work so more

is better in this case and I should say

remove anything from the surface before

you actually treat it so if there’s cat

pee or vomit or something like that you

want to scrape up or blot up as much as

you can and then you can treat it now

leave it to sit for five to ten minutes

or so and remember more is more in the

case of enzyme cleaners if you use less

and the product dries up it actually

won’t work so in this case you really

want to be liberal and dose that surface

now the worse the mash the longer you

want to leave it so let’s say you leave

it for five to ten minutes and you feel

that it’s all good you can wipe the

surface clean oftentimes they’ll find

that enzyme cleaners just melt away

things like soap scum and grease and

other heavy seams that you thought would

take a very long time to clean otherwise

they really reduce the amount of scrub

time the cool thing about enzymes is

that they have the ability to

essentially eat whatever is on the

surface so while many companies won’t go

through the whole rigmarole of getting a

disinfectant designation many of the

products are often effective at killing

and removing bacteria so just keep that

in the back of your mind the enzymes are

hungry little buggers and they won’t let

a meal go on eatin as long as they have

enough time at the dining room table you

guys get what I’m saying here make sure

that you’re not just spraying and wiping

enzymes really need time to work but

when they do you will be impressed I

can’t stress enough how helpful enzyme

cleaners have been in my home not only

do I use them around the kitchen when

they’re specifically greasy grimy areas

that I’m Frank

a little bit too lazy to scrub but I

have to say when it comes to dealing

with pet stains they are lifesavers I

have yet to meet a stain that cannot be

solved with an enzyme cleaner so that

brings me to this week’s comment

question which is what is the worst

stain that you have encountered and how

did you get rid of it whether it’s a pet

stain or a baby stain which I will

definitely be experiencing myself very

soon or any other kind of stain let me

know in those comments I am curious

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