TOP 10 RULES for a Cleaner Home!

Over the years we’ve made hundreds of cleaning videos, and in those videos, we’ve provided you with a ton of tips and tricks on decluttering, organizing and how to clean almost everything in your home. In this video, we wanted to revisit 10 of our very best cleaning tips—tips that if followed, will most certainly result in a cleaner, more peaceful, home.

we didn’t want to start the year off

with a new year new you cleaning video

but I know a lot of you have probably

resolved to live a cleaner life this

year and in the future so it is my job

to help you get there and over the years

we have shared so many different

cleaning tips and rules and ideas ways

for you to keep your space cleaner but

what I figured we would do in this video

is give you ten concrete but very simple

rules to keep your space clean this year

we’ve talked about many of these before

but this is just a way that we can take

the best of the best and encourage you

to keep your space clean this year and

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clean my space channel and give this

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one new year’s resolution the simple 90

second act of making your bed each and

every day has a huge impact on the way

you feel about your room about your

space and about going to sleep each

night it is often said that not only

making your bed is a great way for you

to become more motivated throughout the

day because you get one little task done

and it looks really good it takes a

short amount of time right at the

beginning of your day so you feel like

you can seize the rest of your day with

ease but it also allows you to come home

and feel relaxed and when you get into

your bedroom you don’t feel a sense of

disarray or you don’t feel that it’s

scattered it looks beautiful

and that’s a really great way to go to

bed each night if I were to write a

Bible my first line in the Bible would

be mess begets mess and it’s something

to keep in mind when you’re at home if

you make a big mess whether it’s

clothing on your floor or you just came

in and you have a storm full of bags and

all kinds of stuff leaving it out only

attracts more of a mess so the idea here

is whenever you make a mess you want to

clean it up as quickly as possible right

away is ideal that way you never have a

messy space and if your space is clean

you’re more encouraged to keep it clean

but if you see a mess a little bit more

here there doesn’t make such a

difference and then before you know it

you have a giant pile of a mess that you

have to deal with now if you take that

down a notch and you’re in a small space

like your bath

and you get a little toothpaste in your

sink yes you could leave it but

toothpaste also dries it becomes crusty

it attracts hair it looks gross so the

other thing you can do even when you see

a small mess like something on the floor

or you’ve spilled some juice or

toothpaste in the sink you can just wipe

it up quickly and move on and that will

help keep your space cleaner for longer

especially with a new member of our

family coming very soon keeping our

house as klara free as possible has been

an increasingly important priority

around here Chad and I have had a

Waystation in our home where we take

anything that we don’t really need

anymore and we put that item in the

weigh station in the bin and we just

leave it there if we need it we’ll go

back we’ll get it but pretty much every

time we don’t need that item so it just

stays in the weigh station and then when

it fills up we take that bin and we

donate it that has been such a good and

freeing practice and I will say on the

flip side of that it makes us really

consider anything that we decide to

purchase and bring into our home we say

is it worth the money is it gonna end up

in that weigh station are we basically

just gonna buy this thing to donate it

in a year so that’s also been really

helpful in terms of reducing the amount

of stuff that we bring into the house I

consider the kitchen to be one of my Mis

or most important areas which is why

keeping it clean is a priority in this

house if the kitchen looks gross I don’t

want to cook in it and I don’t really

want to eat anything out of the kitchen

so the idea here is to keep the kitchen

as clean as possible and that means

wiping up after each use

so whether it’s just a few crumbs on a

counter and giving it a quick wipe with

a microfiber cloth or if it means a

full-on scrub down dishes pots pans

splatters on the backsplash whatever it

takes making sure that the kitchen looks

good after I use it is really important

and I found that when my kitchen looks

clean my house feels so much better so

if a messy kitchen has been a thing for

you whether it’s a big meal or a small

thing make sure that you clean it after

each use everything has a place and if

it doesn’t have a place it means that

you probably don’t need it so

decluttering is a really important thing

to do at home

we talked about this quite a bit if you

notice that there’s something that’s

homeless in your house perhaps it means

you don’t need it anymore so find those

homeless items really consider whether

you need it or not if you do find a home

for it make sure it stays there and if

you don’t stick it in the donation bin

clearly you’re not going to ask your

three-year-old to load and unload the

dishwasher but each family member should

be participating in taking care of the

home to the best of their abilities now

if you haven’t had this conversation

with everyone in your house yet or

you’re struggling to try and figure out

a way to get everyone involved people

are busy these ones are too small or

whatever the issue is we have videos on

this and I also do talk about it in my

book I’ll link the videos for you down

below this is a really important

conversation to have not only in terms

of figuring out scheduling and timelines

and age-appropriate tasks but also it

has to do with everyone living in the

home everyone feeling better about their

space and setting common goals so make

sure that everybody in the family is

participating in keeping the space clean

the responsibility does not fall on one

person’s shoulders if you live in the

house it’s your responsibility to take

good care of it too we’re in the throes

of a crazy winter storm right now it is

so cold and so snowy and our house is

being hit significantly by that mess

case in point

when you come into our front hall

there’s salt there’s dirt and as best as

we try to contain it it does start to

get everywhere so I have been spending

my time cleaning the floors for about

ten minutes each day on the main floor

of the house that has been making a big

difference here and while there are

other things that need to be done around

the house I’m just focusing on what’s

most important the idea here is to spend

10 minutes a day cleaning decluttering

or organizing anything that really needs

attention because if you can give even

that small amount of time to something

that really needs that attention it will

keep your space looking cleaner and more

beautiful I’ve already mentioned how

important it is to make your bed each

day but let’s take it a step further and

make sure that the bedroom is being

cleaned each and every day this doesn’t


20 minute thing but even if you can

spend I promise you three minutes play

one song a short song give yourself

three minutes just pick things up off

the floor quickly straighten things up

three minutes will make such a big

difference in your bedroom that way when

you go to bed you don’t feel stressed

and when you wake up in the morning you

feel rejuvenated hopefully you’ve had a

great night’s sleep but even if you

haven’t at least you don’t feel stressed

out about the stuff on the floor and on

the table tops the whole minimalist

living thing has definitely been a trend

over the past couple of years and while

Chad and I aren’t on the end of the

scale where we have four things in each

room we have definitely managed to pare

things down in our house and I can tell

you it does feel a lot better to live

this way now we do have videos on this

topic I will link those for you down

below as well in these videos we teach

you how to figure out living with less

without going to that extreme so I think

that could be a really great way to ease

yourself into this mentality but either

way if you have less at home it means

less clutter less things to clean and

you can really enjoy the items that you

have and use them and that’s what’s most

important because if you buy something

and you only use it once or twice and

then it sits there there’s really no

point of it taking up valuable real

estate in your home 365 days is a long

span of time we’re having a kid this

year you better believe our cleaning

routine is going to change seasons also

change so what makes sense to clean in

the winter like our front entryway does

not make sense to clean in the summer

like our backyard entrance that gets a

lot Messier so we are always looking for

ways to sort of change things up as it

makes sense for our family and our knees

given the situation and you should do

the same thing so really consider who’s

coming in and out of my house what

season is it and what other needs do I

have in this space that have to be

considered and then you can change up

your cleaning routine accordingly and it

will make sense really spinning your

wheels cleaning is like the biggest

waste of time so if you’re going to

clean condense your time and make sure

it counts and that brings me to this

week’s comment question which is what is

your number

one cleaning commandment or cleaving

rule let me know in the comments down

below I’m really curious to see what you

prioritize in your space even though

2018 is well underway we all wanted to

wish you a happy and healthy year and we

all hope that you achieve your goals

whether they are cleaning related or not

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